Interaction and Fusion


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Presentation at DeSForM 2013 by Xiaoyou He

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Interaction and Fusion

  1. 1. “ 交互”与“交融” “ Interaction” & “Fusion” 演讲者:南京艺术学院 何晓佑 Speaker: Dr. & Prof. He Xiaoyou, Nanjing University of Arts 时间: 2013 年 9 月 24 日 Date: Sep.25th, 2013
  2. 2. 今天我的演讲 ,不是在讨论 一个技术问题 ,而是想讨论 一 个认识 问题 。 Not a technical issue, but a question of understanding 而这 个问题还仅仅 是一个 概念,既没有构 建逻辑关 系, 也没有搭建理论构 架,仅仅 是 提出这 个问题 ,希望引起思考 。 Just a concept to attract the attention of all of you here, neither a logical thinking in structure, nor a theoretical framework to be proposed 我今天的题 目是:“交互” 与“交融”。 “Interaction” & “Fusion” 题目:叠泉壶 设计:何晓佑(南京艺术学院教师) 制作:胡永全(江苏省工艺美术大师) 时间: 2012 年
  3. 3. 2013 年杭州 · 中国交互设计体验周 自 IDEO 的比尔 · 莫格里奇 1990 年正式提出“交互 设计 ”的概念以来,交互设计 逐渐 成为 当前我国设计 界热 不可及的设计 思想与方法。 交互设计 引入我国,正好对应 了信息时 代的特征和 整个国家强调转 型的契机,受到国内设计 界的热 捧。 013 China’s Interactive Design Experience Week in Hangzhou Since Bill Moggridge of IDEO formally proposed the concept of “interaction design” in 1990, it has become a hot topic in design thinking and methods. The introduction of interactive design in China has correspond to the characteristics of the information age and favored by domestic design community for its nature of transition for this country.
  4. 4. 虚拟养 老院服务设计 Concept System Map 交互设计强调 用户 与产 品系统 的交互行为 、支持行 为 的功能和技术 以及交互双 方的信息表达 方式和情感体 验 等,是直接影响产 品最终 用户 的设计 方法。 Interaction design emphasized on the interactive behaviors between product system and end-users, on the technical support to realize the defined functions and emotional communication between both interactive sides. 发送 用药 禁忌 视频 大事 播报 老伙伴 一呼 即应 新闻 政策 预约 服务 子女 虚拟 随行 老友 老友 视频 医生 电话 遥控器 移动摄 像头 Samsung Smart TV Project: Service Design Research for Chinese Families Client: Samsung Electronics (China) R&D Center Designed by Team from School of Industrial Design, NUA Date: 2011-2012 接收 虚拟养 老院 老当 益壮 家庭 急救 线 下活动 召集令 Samsung Smart TV 天气 预报 老伙伴 手机 亲友 会话 温馨提醒 照片分享 子女 维修工 项目:面向中国家庭的服务设计研究 委托:三星电子(中国)研发中心 设计:南京艺术学院工业设计学院 时间: 2011-2012
  5. 5. 中国家庭厨房 项目:面向中国家庭的服务设计研究 委托:三星电子(中国)研发中心 设计:南京艺术学院工业设计学院 时间: 2011-2012 Project: Service Design Research for Chinese Families Client: Samsung Electronics (China) R&D Center Designed by Team from School of Industrial Design, NUA Date: 2011-2012
  6. 6. 项目:中国式厨房用品设计 委托:博西(中国)设计研发中心 设计:南京艺术学院工业设计学院 时间: 2010 年 Project: Home Appliances Design Research for Chinese Kitchen Client: Bosch & Simens Home Appliances Co. Ltd. Designed by Team from School of Industrial Design, NUA Date: 2010
  7. 7. 我们支持这种设计思想的变 化和设计设计方法的发展。它 不再关注具体的“物”而更关注 一个服务的“系统”。 We have no doubt on the development of this concept as well as the changes it has caused. It concentrates not only on specific physical products, but on the service system based on them. 但是如果我们 仔细 分析,交 互设计 仍然是强调 “这 个”和“ 那个”的交互,它还 是两 个 ( 或 多个)个体之间 的“连 接”关 系 。 Interaction design, is still emphasized on the interaction between ‘this’ and ‘that’. According to this, it is the interaction of two individuals.
  8. 8. 如果我们 将认识 提升到不是设计 “人以外”的问题 ,而就 是设计 “人本身”的问题 ,情况又该 是怎样呢 ? If we can change another way to think, if the problem we are going to solve is not the problem between ‘product ‘and ‘people’, it is the problem of ‘people themselves’, what it is now? 这 里,我想提出一个“交融”的概念,“交融设计 ”。 注意:这 个概念不是说 把芯片植入人的身体而使人成为 成 机器人。 交融:事物的交汇 融合。 So, here I would like to propose the concept of “Fusion Design” It does not equal to putting a chip into men’s body and producing robots. Fusion=Things mixed together.
  9. 9. 中国传统 思想中的“天人合一” Chinese Traditional Thinking of ‘man is an integral part of nature’ 中国传统的思想反对将人类与自然分离、反对仅仅把自然物当作人类生 活“环境”的二元论。中国哲学主张“天人合一”、“万物生死相依”的生态整体 观,人的出现是天道变化所产生的结果,因此,人和自然是生命的共同体 ,不能二分。 Chinese traditional thinking objects to the separation of humans and nature and disagrees the the dualism of regarding natural world merely as "environment“ for living. Chinese philosophy advocates the the eco-holistic view that “man is an integral part of nature", "all things depend on each other in life and death“. The emergence of Human beings is th result of the changes of the Heaven, therefore, it is a vital to know that man and nature can not be explored through dichotomy, they are the whole. 中国是一个传统农业大国,大家知道农业社会是春种冬收,在这个过程 中人们期望的是风调雨顺,人的农事活动要与自然相联系,又种又收的思 维方式,使我们的民族认识到“天人合一”的思想。 China is a traditional agricultural country, which the seeds in spring can be collected in winter. During this process, people expect good weather, because their farming activities are directly linked with nature. This way of farming leads to the thinking of ‘man is an integral part of nature.
  10. 10. 中国画家从来不画死鱼 、死鸟 ,中国画家画的花、鸟 、虫、鱼 ,都是活泼泼 的 ,生意盎 然的。中国画家的花鸟 虫鱼 的意象世界,是人与天地万物为 一体的生命 世界,体现 了中国人的生态 意识 。 Chinese traditional painters never draw dead animals and plants. The flowers, birds, insects, fish in Chinese traditional painting are lively and vivid. The imagery world of Chinese painters about the nature such as birds and flowers is usually connected to the thinking of man and universe as the whole, this also indicates Chinese people's ecological consciousness. 中国古代的许 多文学艺术 作品,充满 了对 天地间 一切生命的爱 ,表明人与万物 都属于一个大生命世界,生死与共,休戚相关 。这 就是“生态 美”,也就是“人 与万物一体”之美。 Many ancient Chinese literary and artistic works are full of love for all the life between heaven and earth. It indicates that man and all the things belong to a bigger world of life. This is the so-called "ecological beauty", which is actually the beauty of thinking :"man and all things are the whole".
  11. 11. 中国式的烹调术是用“合二为一”的原理去制造“味” 的,将不同的东西相互融合;中国人的“人情味”也是 用同样的原理产生的。亦即你中有我,我中有你。 Chinese cooking technique is to use the principle of “two is made of one" to create "taste", that is to say, to integrate different things together. Chinese saying of “Human Kindness” is also produced by the same principle, which is to say “you have me, I have you.” 中国人对“人”的定义,是将明确的自我疆界铲除, 这个定义是“仁者,人也”。这是一种“二人”的对应关系 ,包括:君臣、父子、夫妇、兄弟、朋友。这种二人 对应关系就是心意通感。 The definition of “Person" in Chinese has clearly ignored the definition of “Myself”, this is defined as ‘a man of kindness is benevolent people’. This is a one to one relationship for “2 people”, including: monarch and subject, father and son, husband and wife, brotherhood, friend relationship. This one-to-one relationship is the synesthesia in hearts.
  12. 12. 中国古代人民观 察到自然界中各种对 立又相联 的大自然现 象 ,如天地、日月、昼夜、寒暑、男女、上下等,以哲学的思想 方式,归纳 出“阴阳 ”的概念。认识 到事物普遍存在的相互对 立又相依的两种 属性,阴 气阳 气相反相成,互为 作用是事物发 生、发 展、变 化的规 律和根源。 Ancient Chinese people found various opposites phenomena in nature such as the earth and heaven, sun and moon, day and night, summer and winter, male and female, up and down, etc.. And in a philosophical way of thinking, they summed up the concept of "yin and yang". They recognized the two properties of the existence of things: yin and yang opposite while complementary to each other. Mutually reinforcing is the original cause for things to happen, develop, and change in the world. 阴阳 学说 的基本内容包括阴阳 一体、阴阳对 立、阴阳 互根、 阴阳 消长 和阴阳转 化五个方面。 The basic theory of yin and yang includes the facts of one of ying and yang, opposites of yin and yang, mutual rooting of yin and yang, ebb and flow of yin and yang , mutual convertibility of yin-yang.
  13. 13. 现 代洞房 Modern “Bridal Chamber” 设计 :何晓 佑 Design by:He Xiaoyou 中国传统 “洞房” Traditional Chinese “Bridal Chamber”
  14. 14. 植物桌 “Table of Plant” 设计 :何晓 佑 Design by:He Xiaoyou
  15. 15. 中国传统 文化更多地强调 的 不是“你 + 他”,而是“你 中有我,我中有你 ”,这 是 一种 “交融”的状态 ,是一种 “ 和合共生”的精神。 In Chinese traditional culture, ‘you are among us and we are among you’ is much more recommended than ‘you and he’. This describes a ‘fusion’ state which is believed to inherit the spirit of ‘symbiotic harmony’.
  16. 16. 将中国传统 的这种 文化引入到现 代设计 中,我们 可以 侧 重研究人与产 品与环 境的交融问题 ,它的重点不是研究 人与造物的交互关 系,而是研究人与造物的交融关 系, 它不是在设计 物,它是在设计 人,是创 造一种 “大协调 ”的交融精神。 By introducing Chinese traditional culture to modern design, we can focus on research on the ‘fusion state’ of people, product and environment. It will emphasize not on the interactive relations between people and product, but on the ‘fusion state’ of people and creations. All in all, it is not to design an object, but to design ‘people’ in order to create a fusion state of ‘great coordination’. 今天,我只是提出这 个概念,并没有展开 研究,也没 有构 建逻辑关 系和搭建理论构 架,今天这 只是一个引 子 ..... Today, what I have proposed here is only a concept, it has not been a research project yet, and I have not set up any logic theoretical structure for it. It is just a beginning. 项目:商务车设计 委托:江苏德兴汽车改装厂 设计:南京艺术学院何晓佑小组 时间: 2011-2013