Who’s homeless?


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A pack put together by homeless charity Shelter about what constitutes homelessness today.

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Who’s homeless?

  1. 1. Homelessness facts Eleanor andWho’s homeless? Steve Eleanor and Steve are living in a flat they rent from the CouncilHomeless or not homeless? Not homeless
  2. 2. Homelessness factsWho’s homeless? Amy Amy has been sleeping on the sofa at a friend’s place for over a monthHomeless or not homeless? Homeless
  3. 3. Homelessness factsWho’s homeless? Shania Shania and her new born baby are sharing a bedroom with her sister in her parents overcrowded homeHomeless or not homeless? Homeless
  4. 4. Homelessness factsWho’s homeless? Lisa Lisa lives with a boyfriend who is violent towards her and wants to leaveHomeless or not homeless? Homeless
  5. 5. Homelessness factsWho’s homeless? Michael Michael bought his own place and is having to work extra hours to pay the mortgageHomeless or not homeless? Not Homeless
  6. 6. Homelessness factsWho’s homeless? Ben Ben left home after fighting with his parents and is sleeping on the streetsHomeless or not homeless? Homeless
  7. 7. Homelessness facts What counts as being homeless?You don’t have to be sleeping on the streetsto be classed as homeless. You might also belegally homeless if you are: temporarily staying with friends or family staying in a hostel or bed and breakfast living in very overcrowded conditions at risk of violence or abuse in your home living in poor conditions that affect your health living somewhere that you have no legal right to stay in (eg. a squat) living somewhere that you can’t afford to pay for without depriving yourself of basic essentials (like food and clothing) forced to live apart from your family, or someone you would normally live with, because your accommodation isn’t suitable
  8. 8. Homelessness factsWho is typically affected?Homelessness affects a wide variety ofpeople. Some groups of people are morelikely to become homeless because theyhave fewer rights, particular needs or areless able to cope by themselves.These include: young people leaving home for the first time old people people with children people with physical or mental health problems people leaving care ex-prisoners asylum seekers and refugees.
  9. 9. Homelessness facts How do people become homeless?You could become homeless formany different reasons.These could include: being evicted by your landlord losing your job health problems relationship problems a disaster such as fire or flooding
  10. 10. For more information go to:http://england.shelter.org.uk/