United utilities radio advert tasks


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United utilities radio advert tasks

  1. 1. United Utilities arelooking for studentproduced radioadverts to promotetheir 3 maincampaigns over thesummer months1. Saving water2. Reservoir and Open Water Safety3. Think before you flushThe winning group will visit a local radiostation to record their winning advert
  2. 2. Consider allthreecampaignsbeforedecidingwhich oneyour groupwill pick foryour advert
  3. 3. 1. Saving Water• TASK 1: Create an advert that will encourage people to bemore water efficient in the home.• We want you to create a radio commercial that lets peopleknow about all the simple things they can do to save waterto explain why this is important.• Saving water can save money as well as natural habitatsand resources. In your everyday life there are easy ways tosave water from turning off the tap when you’re cleaningyour teeth to using a watering can instead of a hosepipe.• You can find other examples on how to save water byvisiting the “Water Efficiency House” on the United Utilitieswebsite at unitedutilities.com• Your commercial should be no more than 60 seconds longand include the web address
  4. 4. 2. Reservoir and Open Water Safety• TASK 2: Create a radio advert that stresses the importance ofreservoir and open water safety, letting people know aboutthe dangers of swimming in open water.• A reservoir may look like a tempting place to cool off on a hotsummers day - but swimming in a reservoir or other openwater can prove fatal.• With its icy waters, steep sides, hidden currents and suddendrops, even the strongest swimmer can quickly findthemselves in serious trouble.• Every year in the UK, someone, somewhere ignores thewarning signs, and takes the plunge, with fatal consequences.• United Utilities hard-hitting video - its not a game (containsgraphic images) shows how easily things can turn tragic. Itshows the dangers of swimming in reservoirs.• Your commercial should be no more than 60 seconds longand include the web address
  5. 5. 2. Reservoir and Open Water Safety•Reservoir Safety•It’s not a game
  6. 6. 3. Think before you flush• Create an advert about thinking before you flush.• Create a radio advert that gets people thinking about what exactly theyflush down the loo!There are many products available to us these days that make our livesmore convenient, but the bad news is these items can cause big problemsfor us. When products like baby wipes, nappies and cotton buds areflushed down the loo, these items dont just disappear down the u-bend, but clump together to block our sewers. When blocked, sewers canflood homes and gardens, causing misery for families. Some of these itemseven end up in our rivers and on our beaches.• Your commercial should be no more than 60 seconds in length andinclude the United Utilities website address - www.unitedutilities.com• If your commercial is chosen as the winner we will arrange for the groupto visit a local radio station to record their commercial professionally. Youradvert will also get played on local radio for thousands of people to hear.