Skills development x0096 digital technology


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Skills development x0096 digital technology

  1. 1. Skills development – DigitalTechnology• Describe and evaluate your skills development over the course of yourproduction work from Foundation Portfolio to Advanced Production.Digital technology• Start with the preliminary exercise. Describe what you learnt to doFINISH FOR PREP & POST ON ITS OWN PAGEMove to the Foundation Production. State clearly what the brief was (newmusic magazine) and what digital technologies you used THROUGHOUTthe whole process (digital SLR movie camera; digital stills camera; iMovie,all the effects that you used like sound, transitions, importing stills;PhotoShop to manipulate photos; internet for research and planning; awide spread of different technologies to present information such asPowerPoint, videos, voiceovers). You may have used YouTube forfeedback. You created your own channel on YouTube. You may have usedFaceBook for feedback. You learned to use layers on Photoshop
  2. 2. Skills development – DigitalTechnology• As you go, EVALUATE how you did. Say how difficult it was /how successful you were / what you managed to do / whatwas challenging / how long it took / what mistakes youmade.• Move on to the Advanced Production. Describe what newdigital technologies you mastered. State how much moreyou used digital technologies, for example in your blogwhere you used Prezi, Slideshare, .................etc.. This time,you used many more sophisticated effects such as forcontinuity editing such as colour correction, slowmo, stopframe animation, .......You were really pleased with your......You used iMovie to create....... You used YouTube forfeedback again but this time round, you were moreefficient.
  3. 3. Skills development – DigitalTechnology• TIPS:• Identify ALL digital technologies• Describe how you used them with examples from yourwork• Describe what was hard / went wrong with an exampledescribe your challenges and successes with examplesone or two sentences in conclusion: I must have spentmore than 30 hours editing and I think my skills weretested to the limit mastering continuity editing.• I am pleased that I have acquired completely new skillsin digital technology, such as...