Gcse english unit 1


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Gcse english unit 1

  1. 1. GCSE English LanguageUnit 1 ExamDon’tpanic!Prepare yourselfwith this helpfulguide 
  2. 2. Step one: read the questions, thenthe items.• As soon as possible, please invest in ahighlighter or even better a pack ofthem !– use them to mark key points,interesting uses of language etc as youread the items so you can find themquickly later!• This should take you about fifteen minutes• Begin answering question 1 only whenyou have read the lot!
  3. 3. Question 1• The examiner wants to see that you have fullyunderstood the whole text.• Start your answer with the most importantpoints.• Then add lots of detail, using BREADCRUMBQUOTES.• You should include some inference too, eg thereader can tell she enjoyed it, he was nervous…• DON’T analyse use of language• X3 SPEED 12 MINS.
  4. 4. Question 2• Explain why heading, subheading & picture areeffective AND how EACH of them link to themain text.• This will entail some stating of the obvious, egthe heading mentions ‘new life’ which the maintext explains is newly-discovered species.• You may point out effective language use.• You MUST refer to (quote from?) the main text –don’t discuss the headline, sub head and picturein isolation!• X3 SPEED 12 MINS
  5. 5. Question 3• The examiner wants to see that you caninfer (read between the lines) what themain person in item 3 is thinking andfeeling.• Use quotes – SPEED structure is fine.• Try to cover the whole of item 3• X3 SPEED 12 MINS
  6. 6. Question 4• Compare use of language – hopefully, you willhave already highlighted a few interestingfeatures (short sentences, technical language,informality, imagery…)• SPEED back & forth between your 2 chosenitems – link with comparison connectives.• How are the items similar & how different?• Your answer should show you understand thatthe language differs with PURPOSE &AUDIENCE.• X6 SPEED 24 MINS
  7. 7. Question 5• Writing to INFORM, EXPLAIN, DESCRIBE• .,:;””!?-/…()• PLAN 3 or 4 paras, order and LINK them• SHOW OFF as much as you can from the veryfirst sentence!• Use a variety of sentence structures.• -LY and –ING openers• Engage your readers!!• BAG OF FULL STOPS
  8. 8. Question 6• Writing to ARGUE or PERSUADE• .,!””()?:;…• SHOW OFF as much as you can from the very firstsentence!• Use a variety of sentence structures.• Anecdote• Pivot paragraph• Magic sentence: 1; 2; 3.• 1• 2• 3• Anecdote
  9. 9. Check youranswers.
  10. 10. Timing• 15 mins reading• 1h for qs1,2,3 & 4» Q1 – 12 mins» Q2 – 12 mins» Q3 – 12 mins» Q4 – 24 mins• 1h for qs 5 & 6» Q5 – 25 mins» Q6 – 35 mins