English language and literature explained


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English language and literature explained

  1. 1. English Language• Unit 3: Understanding textsa) Of Mice and Men - /30 (15%)b) Creative writing (both pieces) /30 (15%)c) Spoken vs online writing /20 (10%) of markUnit 2: Speaking and listening:3 tasks out of 15 – total out of 45 (20%)Unit 1: Understanding and producing non-fictionTuesday’s exam (40%)
  2. 2. English Literature• Unit 1: Exploring modern texts (40%) EXAM• Looking at a modern play (I haven’t picked oneyet!) for Section A and Of Mice and Men inSection B• Unit 2: Poetry across time (35%) EXAM• Work through poetry anthology in preparationfor the exam• Unit 3: Shakespeare and English Heritage (25%)• 2000 words Controlled Assessment• Compare how characters are represented in aShakespeare play (Othello) and a couple ofRobert Browning poems.
  3. 3. Controlled Assessment title• Explore the way disturbedcharacters are presented inOthello and Robert Browning’smonologue poems.To be completed by the end of this term, sothat we can focus on the two other Literaturemodules next year PLUS any do-overs ofEnglish Language units from this year.