Book reviews y7 to 9


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Book reviews y7 to 9

  1. 1. I’d Tell You I Love You But The I’d Have To Kill You by Ally Carter. This book is about an academy called Gallagher Academy. Instead of being a school for geniuses, it is for spies. Cammie is the headmistress’ daughter and when she is out on a mission, she falls for a ordinary boy. She can’t let him find out that she is really a spy. • By Abbi Yule
  2. 2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Diary of a wimpy kid is my favourite book because it is very interesting and makes you want to read more about the story. Also, my favourite part to the story is when he has to perform on the stage and be a tree, as well as when Rowley and his mum start dancing at the end .The book is funny and makes you want to read more and it also makes you want to read all of the other books. The book has some pictures to make it look like a real diary and to make it more interesting to the reader. I would recommend this book to children around the ages of 8- 13 it is a brilliant book for children to read, however, also adults could find this book funny and interesting. I would recommend this book to a lot of people mostly children and also the films which Ive also watched but the books are great to read and enjoy. They’re one of those books that you couldn’t get bored of. It is my favourite book and I really enjoy reading it. By Rebecca Case
  3. 3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Dog Days My book is called Diary of a wimpy kid Dog Days. I am enjoying this book because it is not boring like most books and it has some amusing pictures. I have read all of the other books in the series but I liked this book the best. I would recommend this book to people who don’t like long books. By Liam Goodwin
  4. 4. Jack Stalwart: Secret Agent I found this book to be very interesting, this is because it is about a young boy who is of a similar age to me and he is a part time spy for the GPF (Global Protection Force). He gets sent to investigate the theft of very valuable paintings at the museum in France. He gets to travel around the world using gadgets like a portable pen map in order to help him solve crimes. He does all of this while in school and keeping it a secret from his mum, dad and two brothers. I also like this book because he gets in to tight situations and always finds a way out which makes it exiting and makes me want to read more. By Louis Nodwell
  5. 5. The Hobbit by J.J.R Tolkien other side of the misty mountains.I have currently started reading the Hobbit While in the deep caverns of the mistywhich of course I have decided to review mountains he finds a magical ring that is thedue to its 75th anniversary and the new film centrepiece of The Lord of the Rings booksdue to come out this year. and this very ring allows Bilbo to escape hisThe Hobbit is a book full of adventure, goblin captor’s hands because it allows theheroism and laughter. The plot of the wearer to become invisible.Hobbit is about Bilbo Baggins who is asked From what I have read so far I thought theby Gandalf and 13 dwarves to go on a Hobbit is an amazing fantasy book with“Treasure hunt” up to take back the unexpected turns (mostly for the worst) buttreasure of the dwarves from the evil I cannot say too much of what happensdragon Smaug who resides on the lonely because it will ruin the excitement ofmountain. Their journey will lead them reading it but If you are a fan of the fantasythrough the misty mountains and Mirkwood genre then I defiantly suggest this is a mustand they will come across many people and read book.creatures but they will also make alliesduring their journey including the giant By Ben Stringfelloweagles that hunt in the forest below the
  6. 6. Twilight is a breathtaking love romance. Ichose Twilight because I had saw the moviesand I thought it would be a good idea to readthe books as well. The most enjoyable partof the book was when Edward and Bella firstmet, and then Bellas close childhood friendJacob takes a disliking to Edward. I haverated this book as a five star.By Chloe Evans
  7. 7. Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryCharlie and the chocolate factory is abrilliant book and really appeals toyoung audiences which makes thebook more exciting to young people.This story is a vividly told wild ride withamusing, cartoon-like sketches thatwill keep them excited and laughing.Various forms of bad behaviour aredemonstrated -- but the punishmentsperfectly fit the crimes. The maincharacter also lives a life of povertythats portrayed as bleak anddepressing, although the love betweenhim and his family makes their day-to-day struggles more bearable.By Michael Graham
  8. 8. Point BlankThis book review is on a bookcalled Point Blank the graphicnovel written by AnthonyHorowitz. When I read the bookI thought that it was aninteresting book to read packedwith exciting action. I have readanother book written byAnthony Horowitz who hasinspired me to read because Idid not read at all. I will hope toread the whole of the AlexRider collection.By Ben Edwards
  9. 9. Harry Potter & The Deathly HallowsI loved this book because I am a MASSIVE fan of harrypotter. I have read all seven books but this is myfavourite because, it has a lot of scenes that are not inthe two films.Also I love the way JK Rowling uses lots of descriptionto tell the story and help set the scene for any battlesor romances between characters. For example theromance between Ron and Lavender and the battlebetween Harry and Voldemort.By Sophie Blair
  10. 10. Gangsta Granny Gangsta granny is a novel about a granny who hears her grandson talking about how boring he thought she was and how he wanted to come home. So Granny decided to go out and buy fake jewellery to act as if she is a criminal mastermind and tells him made up stories and then tries to rob the crown jewels in the Tower of London... By Connor Garry-Madden
  11. 11. Twilight Twilight is a mysterious fiction book based on vampires. It is all about a teenage girl named Bella Swan, who moves to Forks in Washington and falls in love with a 104 year old vampire named Edward Cullen. She could never keep him away from her and he kept her guessing what he was. Finally she finds out what he is. But for all she knows she has got herself into a lot of danger. There are not only good vampires but bad ones too who try to harm Bella and she never knows what could happen to her. By Megan Wright
  12. 12. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Diary of a wimpy kid tells you about Greg Heffley’s life at home, out with his friends and in middle school. He hangs round with his best friend Rowley Jefferson. In the beginning Greg faces the biggest challenge of his life, middle school ,but will he smash it or will he trash it? By Michael McClean
  13. 13. The Bad Beginning The Bad Beginning is the first novel of the childrens novel series A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. The novel tells the story of three children, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. The children were orphaned by Count Olaf after a fire at their home. Their family banker Mr Poe tells them about their parents and the children go to live with Mr Poe for a while. Count Olaf soon becomes their guardian. They soon learn that he has only excepted the role to try and gain their fortune. The story contains a lot of dirty jobs for the orphans, a sinister acting troupe and a fake wedding… By Tyler Roper
  14. 14. Monster Republic Monster Republic is a great book with the adrenaline packed moments or the emotional moments. Monster Republic features a boy who has been in a nuclear industrial explosion. He has set out to find his past and present, but it is not that easy. He must find new powers along the way plus robotic monsters and not to mention human robotics. All round, Monster Republic is a brilliant book but we need to ask one question before you read this... HAVE YOU GOT THE GUTS? By Lewis Gillard
  15. 15. The WORRY Website. The book I am writing about is THE WORRY WEBSITE this book is all about children in a school with worries and the teacher Mr. Speed sets up a website instead of having to share it with the class they can just log on and tell him their worries. Also this book is about Holly because her mum has died her dad is single but Holly has a little sister called Hannah, Hannah is in Reception and herteacher is called Miss Morgan, every morning Holly’s dad says that he can’t be late forwork so he drops them off at school and then goes, but recently he has been takingHannah to her classroom and saying Hiya to the teacher. Next week Holly’s andHannah’s dad gets all dressed up and starts going on dates with Miss Morgan. Ihaven’t read on from that bit. So that is one of the worries Holly is going through. By Maisie Peters
  16. 16. Percy Jackson And The Sea Of MonstersPercy is a half blood - he can see strangemonsters like minotaurs and giants. I havePercy Jackson And The Lightning Thief andthe Sea of Monster’s - the chapters arereally long .By Bailey WilkinsonI would rate this book : Stars
  17. 17. StormbreakerStormbreaker was a good children’s bookbecause the characters were individual andit had a lot of action e.g chasing, shootingand fighting. In some parts it was a littleunrealistic but... its only a book. There wereseveral main characters so it would be alittle hard to understand if you missed thebeginning. but who would miss thebeginning of such a great book? But being a12 year old boy I think the best part was thegiant jellyfish. Deadly but cool. The majorityof the people were evil. And only a few goodpeople.By Tom Whalley
  18. 18. CandyflossFloss(Flora)is a young British girl, is in between her divorced parents. She lives with her mother, stepdad and baby half- brother, Tiger, and visits her dad who owns a cafe and works on the weekends. When her mother tells her they are moving to Australia for 6 months, Floss is sad. She doesnt want to leave her dad all alone. Floss was a very sweet character. She was also very sensitive to everyones feelings. She chooses to stay with her dad even though he is not the best at looking after himself much less his daughter.This story expresses loads of feelings and uses very powerful adjectives!By Suzie Billows
  19. 19. This book takes you on an amazing role a coaster ride. It tells you about Alex ,grace, boyfriends and amysterious thing in the mirror. Emotional this describesthis book you feel nervous, scared, joyful and excited. Alex is deeply in love with two people or things but which one will she pick? Read this fabulous and well written book and you will find out. Thames hold thefabulous secret in this book read it and you will unfold them all the bad secrets and the funny secrets. By Becky I give this book
  20. 20. This book is brilliant. I havent read itToro Toro! for a year but I remember it. It’s one of my favourite books. I like the way it’s written from a childs point of view. It’s about a nine year old boy called Antonio who lives in Spain ona farm and one of the cows had a baby bull and he was a fighter bull. He was Antonios best friend they done everything together and he loved him so much......... I give this book a five star its great for 10-16 year olds because they would feel for Antonio and understand why he feels that way. By Chloe Evans
  21. 21. TwilightThis book is one of four books in its saga. the Cullen family back story - hopefullyIt is about an ordinary girl and her family their characters might be developedthat falls in love with a vampire but further in future books. Bella herself isdoesn’t know it at first. I would definitely an interesting and realistic character, shyrecommend this book to people that are and lacking in confidence.into supernatural books. It is the first and By Jack Richis a really enjoyable read. Thedescriptions of Forks leaves you feelinglike you can almost smell the damp airand hear the rain falling on your roof.The story is told from Bella’s point ofview, so the reader only ever know whatshe knows, making Edward and hisfamily a mystery that is slowly unravelledthroughout the book. Even by the end ofthe book I was still interested for more of