3 act 1 scene 2


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3 act 1 scene 2

  1. 1. Othello in Act 1 Scene 1 • Throughout the whole scene, nobody has used Othello’s name – although all three men have referred to him several times. • Collect the terms used to describe him and add to your Othello page: State who speaks it and what it says about the speaker Term used Aspect of Othello Spoken by What does it say about the speaker? “the moor” His race Iago Takes away his individuality “thick-lips” His physical features Racist, purposely insulting “the devil”
  2. 2. Act Summaries (Keep this in the back of your Othello exercise books) • A1S1: Iago and Roderigo wake up Brabantio to tell him his daughter Desdemona has run off and married “the moor” Othello. Racist language is used, suggesting that any grandchildren would be half animal!
  3. 3. Swearing by Janus • In 1.2 Line 33, Iago swears “by Janus” • 1. Why do you think it is significant that he swears by Janus during this scene? • 2. What do you think his real thoughts might be during this scene? • Janus: Roman God of beginnings and transitions • Usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past • January takes its name from Janus
  4. 4. Act 1 Scene 2 • Cassio arrives on an urgent mission from the Duke to find Othello. He reports that war is imminent and the Senate urgently needs Othello. Iago tells Cassio of Othello’s marriage. • Brabantio abuses Othello and physically threatens him. He accuses Othello of enchanting Desdemona with bad magic and drugs, and orders his arrest. Othello reacts calmly. • Brabantio is certain that the Duke will decide in his favour. These are the main events of 1.2 – Try to condense these events into 3 sentences max
  5. 5. Act 1 Scene 3 • The Duke and Venetian senators are considering news of the Turkish threats of war on Cyprus, a Venetian colony. • Amid uncertainty about the size of the Turkish fleet, a sailor brings news that it is now sailing towards Rhodes. However, a senator and the Duke agree that the Turks intend to attack Cyprus.. • A messenger from Montano, the governer of Cyprus, brings more news: The Turkish fleet sails towards Cyprus. Discussion of war tactics is interrupted by Brabantio’s and Othello’s arrival
  6. 6. Act 1 Scene 3 • Brabantio publicly accuses Othello of abducting and seducing his daughter. Othello offers to explain what has really happened. • Brabantio accuses Othello of drugging his daughter. The Duke asks for proof. Othello suggests Desdemona is sent for to give her side of the story. Iago goes to fetch her. • Othello tells how he was introduced to Brabantio’s household. He recounts how his relationship with Desdemona began when he entertained her with the story of his life. • Othello completes the story of his courtship just as Desdemona arrives. Brabantio demands to know where her duty lies, and she answers him diplomatically, but makes it clear she now obeys Othello before her father.
  7. 7. Act 1 Scene 3 • Brabantio grudgingly gives up his accusations against Othello. The Duke attempts to cheer him up, but Brabantio refuses comfort. The Duke appoints Othello to supreme charge of the defence of Cyprus. • Othello promises to depart immediately for Cyprus, asking only that Desdemona be provided for. Neither Brabantio nor Desdemona wishes her to return to her father’s house. Desdemona asks if she might accompany Othello. • Othello wishes Desdemona to accompany him, and asserts that she will not distract him from his military duties. The Duke orders that they must depart that very night for Cyprus. Brabantio warns Othello of Desdemona’s deceit.