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The following are the slides for the Eanes ISD Responsible Use Guidelines. View the accompanying video here:

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Responsible use presentation

  1. 1. Responsible Use Guidelines Eanes ISD
  2. 2. • Text Messaging• Electronic Media Blogs• Posts• Tweets• Instant Messaging• email• Video Sharing• Comments posted• Social Network sites• Forums
  3. 3. BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) (Bring Your Own Technology)• Students can bring their own technology to connect.• We don’t support their devices technically• We are not responsible for their data plans as they can connect to our “Eanes Guest” network.• Must comply with the Responsible Use Guidelines
  4. 4. Unacceptable and Irresponsible UseUnauthorized use of copyrighted materials or software licensing agreements
  5. 5. Unacceptable and Irresponsible UseSending or posting of abusive content
  6. 6. Unacceptable and Irresponsible UseUse of technology to encourage illegal behavior or threaten school safety
  7. 7. Unacceptable and Irresponsible UsePersonal and/or political use to advocate for a candidate or political issue.
  8. 8. Unacceptable and Irresponsible Use Attempting to destroy or disable districttechnology equipment, district data, or the data of other users or networks
  9. 9. Unacceptable and Irresponsible UsePosting personal information about yourself or others (such as phone numbers or addresses) for non-school business
  10. 10. Unacceptable and Irresponsible UseForgery of electronic messages (email, posts, etc) or transmission of junk email.
  11. 11. Unacceptable and Irresponsible UseUse of systems for commercial activities or commercial gain.
  12. 12. Unacceptable and Irresponsible UseWasting school resources through improper use of the computer systems.
  13. 13. Unacceptable and Irresponsible UseAny use that violates the employee handbook or is illegal.
  14. 14. Social Media & Cloud Storage• Notify parents prior to use if for a class project• Use of Facebook through a fan page acceptable• Use of all social media during work hours should be professional in nature.
  15. 15. Social Media & Cloud Storage• Cannot use district logo without consent• Keep confidential files off of 3rd party cloud storage sites• Keep personal life and professional life separate on email, social media• Follow the Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators
  16. 16. Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas EducatorsPersonal or Professional electroniccommunication which violates any of thefollowing: •Confidentiality of student records •Confidentiality of health or personnel information concerning colleagues •Confidentiality of district records including evaluations and private email addreses •Harming others by knowingly making false statements about a colleague or the school system.
  17. 17. Responsible Use Guidelines Eanes ISD