Middle School iPad Parent Night


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  • SAMR Model - Dr. Ruben Puentadura Substituting - tech improves with no functional change (notes) Augmenting - using the tools to enhance the lesson and there is a functional change. (FaceTime audio note) Modification - tech promotes for redesign of tasks. (band on field recording Peak - tech creates new tasks and integration
  • Middle School iPad Parent Night

    1. 1. Middle School Parent Night August 30, 2012
    2. 2. L earning andEngaging throughAccess andAPersonalizationP
    3. 3. EISD District Goal #11. All students achieving higher levels of performance in a safe, supportive, technologically rich environment through a guaranteed and well-rounded curriculum, differentiated instruction, and strategic assessment .
    4. 4. The Eanes Journey Fall 2010Small Pilot with tablet computers at WHS andSpecial Education students Spring 2011Formation of WIFI Pilot at WHS1800 iPads for Seniors, Juniors, and someSophomores Fall 2011-Spring 2012Evaluation by WIFI Vision Committee
    5. 5. The Eanes Journey Fall 2011-Spring 2012 Smaller pilots at HCMS, CCE, BCE with iPadcarts Spring 20121:1 Pilot at 3rd grade Eanes ElementaryLEAP Initiative started for entire district Fall 2012 All HS Students, 8th Grade, and 2 grade levels atelementary
    6. 6. A word from Westlake students...
    7. 7. To Do ListInsuranceLoss/Theft AgreementSept. 5th forms sent homeApple ID AccountsDistribution Sept. 11 - WRMS Sept. 12 - HCMS
    8. 8. Student Orientation video here
    9. 9. Student ExpectationsDiscipline & Responsible Use GuidelinesApple ID set-up (no credit card required)iPad MUST be charged prior to school.Cases remain on iPads at all timesBring iPad to school everydayAny and all content can be viewable by staff
    10. 10. RedefinitionDr. Ruben Puentedura Modification Augmentation Substitution Source: SAMR Model -http://www.hippasus.com/rrpweblog/archives/2012/01/19/SAMR_GuidingDevelopment.pdf
    11. 11. Staff Training 2011-12iPad OrientationAppy HoursLunch n LearnsiPad Immersion
    12. 12. TEXT 27 COURSES OFFERED 1 ONLINE COURSE 775 ATTENDEES 182 AT IPADPALOOZA 4650 HOURSInstructional TechnologySummer 2012
    13. 13. Student & Parent Training Parent TrainingMS Parent NightStudent Video OrientationResponsible Use GuidelinesParent iLearning NightsLessons on Digital Citizenship
    14. 14. Student LessonsDigital LifeFocuses on the role and responsibility of a good digital citizen in the digital culture(e.g. represent yourself honestly online, the responsibility of ethical posting, andrespecting creative works). Digital FootprintsFocuses on awareness of a student’s “digital footprint” (e.g. awareness digitalfootprint & personal info online, discuss the culture of sharing, respecting other’sprivacy online, and online codes of conduct). Connected CultureFocuses on awareness of a student’s “digital footprint” (e.g. online etiquette,cyberbullying, and how to develop positive online communities).
    15. 15. CommonSense.org
    16. 16. QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
    17. 17. Technology ServicesFiltersApp ProvisioningRestrictionsFind my iPadAt-Home tips
    18. 18. Damage/Loss ProcessTurn over to the Genius BarInsurance vs. No InsuranceRe-issued iPad upon payment e ce nc an ra ur su ns e IIn e e 5 Fe 35 F $3 $
    19. 19. LEAPLearning & Engaging through Access & Personalization