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Ppt parrot bizzie and lily


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Published in: Education
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Ppt parrot bizzie and lily

  1. 1. parrots By: Bizzie and Lily
  2. 2. Introduction The parrot lives 25 to 50 years It can grow up to 3 feet long Its latin name is Psittaciformes
  3. 3. Adaptations The parrot has a curved beak for cracking nuts It also has feet for grabbing branches It has wings for flying away from predators
  4. 4. Nutritional Relationship It has parasitism with feather lice It’s food chain is seeds, parrot, and then snake It is with the rainforest food web
  5. 5. environment The parrot lives in Mexico, South, and Central America It likes it humid and warm Loss of habitat, eggs taken, and nest destruction are it’s problems
  6. 6. Parrots must be trained for along time to learn to speak There are so many types of parrots Every color of the rainbow is on parrots all over Fun Facts
  7. 7. Conclusion