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Madisons powerpoint final


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Published in: Science, Technology, Business
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Madisons powerpoint final

  1. 1. Matter and energy By: Madison
  2. 2. Intro Matter is anything that takes up space and has mass. Everything around you is matter. There are two types of energy potential and kinetic energy.
  3. 3. Energy There are two types of energy the first one is kinetic and the second one is potential. Kinetic energy- The energy an object has due to motion. Any object thats moving has kinetic energy. Potential energy- Potential energy is energy that is stored because of an objects position.
  4. 4. Chemical and physical properties A chemical property is a material that can’t comeback, for an example; rusty nails can’t comeback, fireworks can’t come back, and matches can’t comeback. A physical property is the opposite of chemical because you can bring back something, for example melting ice can come back, boiling water can come back, and broken glass can come back.
  5. 5. Heat transfer • Radiation- The transfer of heat in the form of electromagnetic waves such as sunlight. • Convection-The flow of heat. WARM air RISES, COOLS, and SINKS.(Ice cooling down your hand) • Conduction-The transfer of heat through two objects touching.
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  7. 7. The End