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Gillian Book Report


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My book report.

Published in: Education
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Gillian Book Report

  1. 1. 1 The Secret of Shadow RanchAuthor: Carolyn Keene Ghost writer: Mildred Writ Benson Genre: Mystery
  2. 2. Main Characters:  Nancy Drew: loves to solve mysteries, close to her dad  Bess: Nancy’s best friend, loves matchmaking  George: Also Nancy’s best friend, tomboy  Alice: Bess and George’s cousin, very caring  Shorty: Cowboy at the ranch, responsible for weird happenings at the ranch
  3. 3. Setting  Shadow Ranch: A horse ranch in the mountains  A meadowmeadow near the ranch: Shorty and his gang have a cabin in the meadow  Time: Modern day Shadow RanchShadow Ranch
  4. 4. Plot Summary  Nancy, Bess, George, and Alice go to Shadow Ranch for a vacation, but they end up trying to solve a mystery instead of relaxing!  Strange things are happening at the ranch, like wind mills being knocked over in the middle of the night and lights randomly coming on.  Nancy figures out that Shorty, a cowboy at the ranch, is behind the strange happenings and tries to catch him and his gang.  Nancy and her friends are captured by Shorty’s gang……..  Read the book to find out how it ends .
  5. 5. theme  Friendship  Family  Courage
  6. 6. Point of view  Third Person
  7. 7. Conflict  Nancy is trying to stop the strange and spooky things from happening at the ranch. VS  Shorty is making more strange things happen at the ranch to run the owners off so he can take control of the ranch.
  8. 8. The End