George ford mustang ppt


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George ford mustang ppt

  1. 1. Ford Mustang By:George Mac
  2. 2. 19641/2 In March 9,1964 was the first one assembled. 22,000 were ordered the first day.2,600 adds were in newspapers.
  3. 3. today The 2013 Mustang is awesome. It goes 19mpg in the city and goes 29mpg on highway.The price is 22,200-42,200.
  4. 4. Future Ford is going to make a new mustang next year called the GT,it a little like todays.
  5. 5. Who made it? Lee Lacocca was the person who made the mustang for Ford Motor Co.
  6. 6. the end:) Thanks for watching
  7. 7. the end:) Thanks for watching