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Dominic matter:energy


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Published in: Science
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Dominic matter:energy

  1. 1. Matter & Energy By:Dominic Boye
  2. 2. Kinetic/Potential energy • Kinetic energy- The energy of motion. The faster an object the more kinetic energy it has. • Potential energy- The amount of useable energy within a body at rest. • Airplane Question-When an airplane takes off it will start rising as it gets higher the potential energy will increase and the kinetic energy will also increase. Now lets say something different if it goes down the potential energy will decrease and the kinetic energy will also decrease.
  3. 3. Physical/Chemical properties • Physical property- Properties that don’t change the chemical of matter. • Chemical property- Properties that do change the chemical of matter.
  4. 4. Heat transfer • Conduction- The transfer of heat from one substance to another by direct contact. • Radiation- The transfer of heat in the form of rays or waves. • Convection- The transfer of heat through a fluid caused by molecular motion.
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