U2 d4 the fight for independence


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U2 d4 the fight for independence

  1. 1. The Fight For Independence
  2. 2.  Early on, Patriots struggle – lose all key cities in the Northeast  British Army is better trained and better armed. Many Loyalists fight on side of the Brits…  Britain had a much larger population and the best military in the world. We know America wins, but how?
  3. 3. Battle of Brooklyn July/August 1776 Winner: British British Army takes New York City. Washington and his army narrowly escape being totally defeated. 1
  4. 4. Battle of Trenton December, 1776 Winner: Americans  Washington’s Army has broken up – he now has only 8000 men  Needs a victory to keep them from quitting  Washington crosses the Delaware River in NJ on Christmas Night, surprising a force of drunken Hessian Mercenaries, capturing 918. *Important victory because it boost morale – keeps soldiers fighting
  5. 5. Battle of Saratoga, NY October, 1777 Winner: Americans  Turning point of the war as Americans under General Horatio Gates defeat British force of soldiers, mercenaries, and Mohawk Indians.  Battle proves that Americans could win the war. As a result, France enters into an alliance with America.
  6. 6.  Following Saratoga, Washington’s forces spend brutal winter camped at Valley Forge, PA  20% of troops die from exposure, illness, and hunger, but they persevere  Valley Forge as a sign of determination and Washington’s leadership  Weak central government has trouble sending supplies
  7. 7.  Many foreign officers eagerly joined the Patriot cause  Marquis de Lafayette volunteered and led American troops in battle  Friedrich von Steuben, a Prussian officer, trained American soldiers
  8. 8. Battle of Charleston May, 1780 Winner: British  British take the war to the South, hoping for support from Loyalists.  Charleston is a big victory for ambitious General CORNWALLIS.  British march North, and win another battle at Camden SC  British brutality in the South causes anger and loss of support
  9. 9. Battle of Kings Mountain, Battle of Cowpens, Battle of Guilford Courthouse (late 1780 – Spring 1781) Winner: Split  Patriots win important victories at King Mountain and Cowpens, SC.  British win a costly victory at Guilford Courthouse in Greensboro.  Cornwallis and Brits head north to VA
  10. 10. Battle of Yorktown October, 1781 Winner: Americans  British troops are surrounded by Americans and French naval fleet.  Cornwallis surrenders British army to Washington.  LAST MAJOR BATTLE OF THE WAR!
  11. 11. FOR WOMEN FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS*  War is a struggle for women and children  Women fill roles of men and home and some fight in battles  Inflation and shortages effect everyone  Many fight for the Patriot cause  More joined British for promise of freedom  An estimated 100,000 African Americans * Primary materials and notes on Af. Americans in the war.
  12. 12.  Treaty of Paris – 1783 ends the war  Confirms US Independence and sets national boundaries  Becomes Symbol of Democracy, Equality, and Freedom to The World
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