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More Rights and Counterculture


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Published in: Education
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More Rights and Counterculture

  1. 1. Goal 11
  2. 2. A. César Chavez: Leader in the Latino rights movement.
  3. 3. B. American Indian Movement (AIM): fought for treaty rights and better conditions/opportunitie s for Native Americans.
  4. 4. C. Environmental Protection Agency: enforced the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.
  5. 5. D. Betty Friedan : author of The Feminine Mystique which told housewives it was ok to yearn for more than their accepted role as a wife and mother.
  6. 6. E. National Organization for Women (NOW): fought for fair pay and equal opportunities for women.
  7. 7. F. Gloria Steinem: a women’s rights advocate who started Ms. Magazine
  8. 8. G. Phyllis Schlafly: oppose the women’s movement.
  9. 9. H. Equal Rights Amendment: would have made discrimination based on sex illegal, but was never ratified.
  10. 10. I. Roe v. Wade (1973): legalized abortion.
  11. 11. J. Counterculture: movement by young people who wanted to resist the mainstream of dominant culture. This included changing music – rock & roll.
  12. 12. K. Haight-Ashbury: district of San Francisco which was a popular place for hippies to live.