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Erasmus+ group 3


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Erasmus+ group 3

Published in: Education
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Erasmus+ group 3

  1. 1. Alice Tucci (I) Laetitia Attikou (F) Arminas Ciuras (LT) Patryk Kikosicki (PL) Joana Dantas (P) Rocìo Solìs Contalejo (E) Multidisciplinary Flipped Learning with ICT 2015-2017
  2. 2. Cyberbullying is when people harrass, embarrass others using technologies.
  3. 3. He usually uses offensive language Makes fun of you Makes you feel bad Insults you
  4. 4. Traumatized Youth don’t want to come back in school Victims start to think about depressive thoughts Victims are nervous, afraid of other people Get victims isolated
  5. 5. Don’t respond to text messages Save the evidence, for the police report Protect your accounts Search for help
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