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11u bio div 02


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11u bio div 02

  1. 1. Diversity of Living Things
  2. 2. Think. Pair. Share.• Where (specifically) can we findlife on Earth?• Is there anywhere on Earth thatlife does not exist?
  3. 3. Mountain Tops: Is There Life?
  4. 4. Hot Springs: Is There Life?
  5. 5. Antarctica: Is There Life?
  6. 6. Geysers : Is There Life?
  7. 7. Digestive Tracts of Other Animals: Is There Life?
  8. 8. Clouds: Is There Life?
  9. 9. Bottom of the Ocean: Is There Life?
  10. 10. Deserts: Is There Life?
  11. 11. Volcanoes: Is There Life?
  12. 12. Lava: Is There Life?
  13. 13. Centre of the Earth: Is There Life?
  14. 14. BiodiversityThere are over 1.7 million classified speciesknown to scientists.It is estimated that there are about 15 million.
  15. 15. What is a species?Biological Species: allmembers of a populationthat can breed undernatural conditions andproduce fertile offspring.(With some exceptions:there are some animals ofdifferent species that canhave fertile offspring)
  16. 16. What is a Example of Hybridization: species? Orange + PomelloHowever, hybridizationand asexual reproductionmake this definitiontenuous. = Grapefruit
  17. 17. BiodiversityFor this reason, speciesare also classified bytheir morphology. A Bonnethead Shark
  18. 18. BiodiversityBiodiversity is the number and variety of species onEarth.Each species also has genetic diversity within itspopulation.
  19. 19. BiodiversityThe number of species in a particular ecosystem iscalled species diversity.
  20. 20. BiodiversityThe physical conditions within an ecosystem mustalso be varied to house these different species. Thisis called structural diversity.
  21. 21. Biodiversity
  22. 22. BiodiversityOften, a species will depend on another species forits own survival (mutualism). There are 6 speciesinteractions:
  23. 23. Biodiversity1 - Food supply Ex. Many species of female mosquitoes must consume blood to prepare for birth.
  24. 24. Biodiversity2 - Protection Ex. Pearlfish live inside sea cucumbers for protection from predators.
  25. 25. Biodiversity3 - Transportation Ex. Burdocks have small hooked spines on their heads that stick to the fur of animals that pass by. This is used for seed dispersal.
  26. 26. Biodiversity4 - Reproduction Ex. Bees transfer pollen between flowers to help the flowers perform sexual reproduction.
  27. 27. Biodiversity5 - Hygiene Ex. The Egyptian plover gets it diet by eating food scraps in the teeth of crocodiles.
  28. 28. Biodiversity6 - Digestion Ex. Termites have bacteria in them that help digest the wood they eat.