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09 uni 08


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09 uni 08

  1. 1. Asterisms and Constellations Constellation: a group of stars that seem to form a distinctive pattern in the sky. 88 officially recognized constellationsAsterisms = smaller groups of stars that form patterns within a constellationi.e. the Big Dipper (an asterism) is part of the constellation Ursa Major
  2. 2. Asterisms and Constellations
  3. 3. Asterisms and Constellations
  4. 4. Asterisms and Constellations
  5. 5. Asterisms and Constellations
  6. 6. Asterisms and Constellations
  7. 7. Constellations The constellations you can see depend on your latitude as well as the time of night and time of yearThe images below show the North Sky viewed in the: Spring vs Winter
  8. 8. Spring
  9. 9. Winter