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  1. 1. October 29, 2010 Mrs. Sanchez 4907 Paredes Line Rd. Brownsville, TX 78526 Dear Mrs. Sanchez: I would like to take this time to introduce myself; my name is Maria Reyna. I am a certified photographer. I would like an opportunity to join your Company. I have the following qualifications: • I photograph persons, subjects, merchandise, and other products. • I review sets of photographs to choose the best shots. • I adjust equipment, subjects, and lighting to achieve desired effects. I have my bachelor’s degree in photography. My background experience and studies includes: • Six years experience in photography with the respectable Paredes Company. o I received introductory training in photography. • Three years experience working with the prestige Vela Company. o Acquiring three level work of photography preparation. • Four years at the honorable Hanna Company. o Four years of field experience. I have attached a copy of my resume. If you need any further information please feel free to contact me at my E-mail address. Sincerely, Maria Reyna 4907 Paredes Line Rd. Brownsville, TX 78526