Design Revolution Sarasota 081020


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future of design

presented by Rex Miller of mindshift and Joe Tankersley of Disney Imagineering

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Design Revolution Sarasota 081020

  1. 1. Digital Native Nation
  2. 2. Digital Immigrants Leading Digital Natives
  3. 3. Medium as Message When the primary means of storing and distributing information changes…
  4. 4. Medium as Worldview …our worldviews change!
  5. 5. Comparing the Mediums Dynamic Linear Fluid Interactive Open-Ended Sequential Fragmented Linked Ephemeral Permanent Transitory Iterative Intimate Abstract Vicarious Virtual Now Historical Future Time-Morph Messenger Content Impression Experience
  6. 6. Symbolic Realistic Conceptual Convergent Hacked/ Moded
  7. 7. Brain Wiring Oral Non-linear, Holistic, Intimate, Relational Print Linear, Sequential, Rational, Concept Broadcast Fluid, Fragmented, Emotional, Image Digital/Interactive Non-linear, Holistic, Systems Thinkers
  8. 8. New media NEW DESIGN New perceptions New culture New worldview New structures New understandings New relationships New psychology New language Then What? Revolution!
  9. 9. Low cost High cost On demand On command Tailored Mass Appeal Interactive One directional Mass amateurization Exclusive Collective enterprises Star products Aha! Ta Da! Active Passive Focus on the whole Focus on a concept/ image
  10. 10. Design Capabilities are a Commodity Design Thinking is a Premium
  11. 11. Modeling vs. Drawing Simulation vs. Analysis Data Rich vs. Concept Only
  12. 12. The Design Subculture is going Mainstream
  13. 13. Rapid Prototyping
  14. 14. Design Economy
  15. 15. 2008
  16. 16. 2018
  17. 17. The Difference is Nature not Nurture Workview and Worldview
  18. 18. Peering into the Digital Future
  19. 19. Maps of unexplored worlds are more about Art than Geography
  20. 20. Where we are NOW
  21. 21. Early Cinema Remediated Theater
  22. 22. Before the dawn of the digital age we presented our brilliantly crafted predictions using a Early digital technology that was born at the turn of the LAST century. remediates multiple communication technologies
  23. 23. The PowerPoint presentation Became the communication medium of choice. With this powerful new tool of the digital age we were able to fill up page after page with •Bullet points •Cutesy clip art •Impossible to read font styles •In too many colors •Indecipherable charts and graphs •And long quotations that we were apt to read verbatim to our audiences.
  24. 24. Midway Mania The Laugh Floor Digitizing the theme park
  25. 25. Our digital playground Innoventions
  26. 26. The limits of remediation
  27. 27. We suffer TECHNOLUST
  28. 28. We are constantly disappointed
  29. 29. The next step Set the new medium free
  30. 30. Digital as medium AND message From: Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information by David Byrne
  31. 31. Looking for digital landmarks
  32. 32. Rearrange & Recombine
  33. 33. Connect
  34. 34. Constant Change
  35. 35. Who are the digital explorers?
  36. 36. Digital Generation 1.1 James Moore: Concept Designer Walt Disney Imagineering Graduate: Ringling & Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
  37. 37. Seeing design through a digital lens
  38. 38. Digital Generation 2.0 Allie Tankersley, age 12 Aspiring Actress Social Networking Queen
  39. 39. Real Digital Babies
  40. 40. How will Digitality change designers?
  41. 41. Digital design is mass mind
  42. 42. To be digital is to be holistic
  43. 43. Digital lives in the future
  44. 44. What will a digitally designed world look like?
  45. 45. Designers will be King
  46. 46. Learning in a design world
  47. 47. Fear of the amateurs
  48. 48. Designers for life
  49. 49. End of zero sum
  50. 50. Welcome to the brave new world!
  51. 51. Joe Tankersley Rex Miller