How to use google plus ?


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How to use Google Plus ? Google+ is about to dominate social media–and a few people who act now will make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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How to use google plus ?

  1. 1. Http:// Written by Brock Predovich & Jocelyn Predovich Creators of You may have heard a lot about Google+lately, and many people in the media,web, and blogosphere are weighing inwhether or not they think Google+ will besuccessful. Even many of the SocialMedia and Marketing Gurus out there areparalyzed, not sure whether to moveforward with Google+ or keep doing whatthey’re doing. The majority of people outthere are sitting, waiting, and watching tosee if they should invest their time andefforts into “another social network.” Unfortunately, the majority of businessowners, marketers, critics, people in the media, web, blogosphere, andeven gurus have fallen prey to one of the biggest mental errors one canmake - they are being deceived by their own minds! If you’re readingthis book, you could count yourself as one of the lucky few, but, the truth is,“luck” has nothing to do with You being HERE! When everyone else issitting on their butts, waiting, criticizing, and complaining....... YOU areHERE reading this book, taking action! If you are reading this book, YOUsee something different in Google+, YOU feel something is different aboutGoogle+. Something in your gut is telling you: Http://
  2. 2. Http://“There’s something HUGE here. This is going to be a big deal, and I needto be apart of it!” This is not luck my friend..... this is genius! Let meexplain.... See, all the gurus, business owners, marketers, critics, people in the media, web, and blogosphere don’t realize they are being lied to by their own minds. In the study of human psychology scientists have discovered an enormous cognitive error (mental error). We can all fall prey to what’s called the Availability Error. An Availability Error happens when we receive new information forthe first time. With new information our brains become confused. We do notknow what to do with the new information we’ve received. Our braininstantly tries to associate the new information it has received withexperiences from our recent past. This is when the availability errorhappens. Your brain makes a decision based upon the availability ofrelevant, recent experiences, rather than evaluating the new informationbased upon its unique and real FACTS. Our brains deceive us and force usto make a decision based on incorrect information.So here’s the mistake the timid business owners, procrastinators, critics,and complainers are making now. They incorrectly think Google+ is asocial network!!! Unlike you, they are comparing Google+ with Facebook,Twitter, and God knows what else. Unfortunately for them, this associationis completely false. If they would take a step back like you have, theywould see Google+ not as a social network, but as something NEW: Asocial platform - Web 3.0!If you take a step back, and really look at Google as a whole, you’ll seethey have all these applications out there: Gmail, Google Docs, Blogger,YouTube, Google Voice, Google Talk, etc, etc. And let’s not forget Search.For years, Google has enriched our lives, made us more productive,efficient, and saved us time. They’ve made award winning applications and Http://
  3. 3. Http://HowToUseGooglePlus.infohave over oneBILLION usersaround the worldusing Google’svarious applicationsand technologies.However, one thinghas been missing thatwould changeEVERYTHING! Onething that would allowGoogle to completelychange the way weuse the Internet.Something that would make our lives simpler, faster, and better online.With all the applications, technologies, and social networking websites thatare available online today, our capabilities have increased a thousand fold;while at the same time our lives online have become incredibly complexand inefficient. Think about how many accounts and passwords you haveonline and how many different websites you visit throughout the day toaccomplish your various objectives. Google saw what no one else couldsee..... Immense inefficiency.... and.... opportunity! What was needed wasa way to unify all of the essential technologies people use online everydayand plug it into a social platform. This social platform combines all theessential online functions we use everyday and creates an onlineenvironment that functions much like our lives offline. It moves and flowswith us as our networks grow, shrink, and move from location to location.What Google has created and continues to develop with Google+ is NOT asocial network. It is something completely new, something amazing,something that takes guts, intuition, and real GENIUS to see before anyoneelse!We’ve all heard hundreds of stories of successful business moguls andentrepreneurial tycoons that somehow saw something, an advantage, anopportunity, that no one else could see. We’ve all heard stories ofsuccessful people, that when everyone was running away, sitting on theirasses, complaining, criticizing, and doing nothing; these “lucky”entrepreneurs saw something else. They felt something else, and charged Http://
  4. 4. Http://HowToUseGooglePlus.infoforward to take advantage and dominate an opportunity that everyone elsefeared. Nope, it WAS NOT luck.... It was Genius! It was that gut feeling.That instinct that they acted on that made these great men and womensuccessful.“Luck” is one part opportunity, two parts courage, 3 parts unwavering commitment to massive action!So, luck didn’t bring you here. Listening to all the pundits, critics,procrastinators, and complainers didn’t bring you here. Something else did. Gut. Intuition. Street Smarts!If you’re reading this book YOU know there’s an opportunity here. You’veshown courage stepping away from the crowd of procrastinators,naysayers, and complainers. Now it’s time to take advantage of thisopportunity. It’s time to take massive action. As you do, you will begin tofully realize the “luck” that your success can bring. Now, without further adieu, YOUR Massive Action Plan! Your 30 Days to Google+ Dominance Plan! Http://
  5. 5. Http://HowToUseGooglePlus.infoDay 1: Get Invited to Google+● You’ll need a Gmail account so you’ll either need to use your currentGmail account or create a new one.● Get an invite to Google+. Ask a friend to send you an invite or you can gohere and we’ll send you an invite 2: Set up your Google+ profile. (for more detail on how to setup an irresistibleprofile for your target audience on Google+ check out chapter 2 of the “Google Plus AttackPlan” eBook)● log-in and start setting up your new Google+ account● Upload a nice professional head-shot of you smiling for your profilepicture. Http://
  6. 6. Http://● Upload 5 more pics into your “Scrapbook.” Use a couple moreprofessional shots in your scrapbook, a shot of you with a client orcustomer, a shot of you teaching a class, even a nice casual shot.● Fill out the “About” section completely with, introduction, bragging rights,occupation, employment, education...all of it.● Fill in your links to other websites and networks so people can find you atonline.● Load some more pictures if you’d like or even some videos if you havethem.Day 3: Define your target audience, find key influencers in your market andset up your Circles. (for more detail on how to define your target audience, find keyinfluencers in your market on Google+ check out chapters 1 and 3 of the “Google Plus AttackPlan” eBook)● Define your target audience, who is your market? What are the thingsand people they are interested in? Are there any niches within your marketyou can exploit?● Who are the influencers in your target market? Who does your targetaudience go to for advice? Who are the thought leaders, movers andshakers in your target market? Who can be your best referral sources?Who is connected to a lot of the people you want to be connected to?● Create the following Circles. (leave Google+’s default circles alone fornow and create new ones)○ Target Audience:”your market” - (ex. Homebuyers, make moneyonline, social media for business).○ Influencers – Thought leaders, key connectors, influential people in yourindustry.○ Buyers – People who buy your products or services.○ Interactors – People who consistently interact with you online.○ Raving Fans – People who just freaking love you, they buy yourproducts, they refer you to friends, they blog, tweet, +1, reshare andfackbook about you. Http://
  7. 7. Http://○ High Priority – This is a more temporary group, people can come in andout of this group whenever you see fit. This group is all the people you’retrying to develop are relationship with, or people your just trying to keeptrack of. Basically anyone you want to track for the next month goes inhere.● Find all your influencers in Google+ and place them in your InfluencersCircle (this will help you keep track of them in the future).Day 4: Post and Scrape● Post a couple personal, general topic, news and even educationalarticles, blogs, or messages that you create to your Google+ Stream andshare them all Public. These messages are intended to give your profile anatural look, a baseline of activity. (so you don’t look like a drone). Theymake it look like you do actually talk about other things other thanbusinessy stuff.● Next, create a message that’s specific to your target audience. Sharewith them a tip, information, something of value that makes you look like anexpert. One idea you can implement is to share a report that you wroteabout a particular topic in your industry. The point here isto share something of value that will grab people’s attention when theycheckout your profiles. Something that will allow them to associateimmediate value with you and make them interested enough in you tofollow you in return by placing your into one of their Circles.● Start scraping! Pick one of your industry Influencers you found earlier. Goto the Influencer’s profile and find the section that shows all the people that“Have _Influencer’s Name_ in their circles,” click “View all.” Now simply gothrough the list of people and hover over their names and drop them intoyour Target Audience Circle. Drop (Scrape) at least 200 people into yourTarget Market Circle everyday.● Now sit back and watch as people start placing you into their Circles andyour list starts to grow. Be sure to check in a couple times during the dayand interact with these people you placed into your Target Audience Circleby +1’ing their posts, commenting and resharing their posts. Additionally,you’ll want to check your notifications for people leaving comments on yourposts and make sure to answer any questions. Http://
  8. 8. Http://● As people start to interact with you, buy your products, refer others to youor promote you, or become a high priority person that you need to payextra attention to, add these people to your Interactors, Buyer, RavingFans, High Priority Circles as you see fit.Day 5: Rinse and Repeat● Share a couple general, news worthy, personal messages, articles,videos, etc. to show you’re not a drone.● Create your Target Audience specific message (value message) sharingit with your Target Audience Circle.● Pick your Influencer and Scrape 200 new people that are following him orher.● Sit back and watch the “added you to their circles” messages come in toyour notifications. Interact with the Streams from your Target AudienceCircle and check your notifications for comments on your posts so you caninteract with your new connections.● Add these people to your Interactors, Buyer, Raving Fans, High PriorityCircles as you see fit.Day 6 through 30: Rinse and Repeat Each Day - It’s that simple!At the end of 30 days you should have over 1000 people from your TargetAudience Circle to place you in one of their Circles. Thus, becoming part ofyour list of people you can market to through Google+ on a daily basis.Additionally, you also have several highly targeted Circles of people thatinteract with you on a regular basis (Interactors) people that have boughtfrom you, products or services (Buyers), people that promote you, reshareyour post, refer others to you (Raving Fans), and people that you want tobuild a relationship with, do business with, stay appraised of on a dailybasis (High Priority). Lastly, just realize you also might find people in yourTarget Audience that turn out to be pretty good influencers, so don’t beafraid to add them to your Influencers Circle and scrape their lists too.Now, take the next step in your Google+ dominance and purchase the“Google+ Attack Plan.” If you want to take full advantage of all the functionsand capabilities Google+ has to offer. Learn how to achieve amazingresults even faster using the most up to date, ninja, amazing awesome Http://
  9. 9. Http://HowToUseGooglePlus.infostrategies and techniques that no one else is sharing. The Google+ AttackPlan comes with a comprehensive eBook (15 chapters and over 100 pagesof Google+ mastery information), over 20 step-by-step video tutorials onhow to achieve your Google+ Attack Plan objectives fast, 15 pages ofGoogle+ Cheat Sheets and a expanded 52 Week Action Plan that guidesyou day in and day out to completely Dominate your market with Google+. Go to Http:// Http://