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Europeana Fashion @EVA/Minerva 2014


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Latest developments in the Europeana Fashion project.

Published in: Technology
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Europeana Fashion @EVA/Minerva 2014

  1. 1. EUROPEANA FASHION disclosing European fashion heritage online Achievements and future developments Marco Rendina Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale @eurfashion @mrendina EVA/Minerva XIth Annual International Conference Jerusalem, November 10-11th, 2014 Connected to Co-funded by the European Support Commission within the ICT Policy Programme
  2. 2. EUROPEANA FASHION in a nutshell Objectives and expected outcomes aims and results of the project The Consortium the composition of our project consortium The work done so far the data model, fashion thesaurus, edit-a-thons Next steps semantic enrichment & visual thesaurus The new portal Connected to Co-funded by the European Support Commission within the ICT Policy Programme
  3. 3. Objectives and expected outcomes The main objective of the Europeana Fashion Best Practice Network is to build a thematic aggregator on fashion, putting emphasis on the quality, the variety and granularity of content that will be delivered to Europeana, and producing a significant increase of the fashion related content in it.
  4. 4. Aims and results of the project aggregate 700.000+ digital items of fashion content to Europeana improve interoperability in the fashion community create a specialised access point for fashion content develop case studies for the exploitation of fashion material build consensus and raise awareness on best practices
  5. 5. The composition of our project consortium The Europeana Fashion Best Practice Network will encompass 22 partners from 12 European countries, which represent the leading European institutions and collections in the fashion domain.
  6. 6. The composition of our project consortium
  7. 7. The composition of our project consortium
  8. 8. Europeana Fashion data model (EDM-fp) Main features: • EDM profile • Added fashion-related elements (e.g. color) • Suitable for non-object entities (e.g. exhibition) • Use of specific relationships (e.g. between a dress and an exhibition) • Use of controlled vocabularies
  9. 9. Europeana Fashion Thesaurus The Europeana Fashion project has created a multilingual thesaurus in 11 languages, for fashion and fashion-related concepts. We structured it in a faceted way: Materials, Techniques, Object types and Colors. The thesaurus has been developed: • as an aid for data entry • as a knowledge base (open to internal and external users) • as a search enhancement tool The Europeana Fashion Thesaurus is based on the Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT)
  10. 10. Europeana Fashion Thesaurus Managing Multilingual Terms & Contents SAPATOS DE SALTO ALTO ZAPATO DE SALÓN SALONKE CIPELE DECOLLETÈ ESCARPIN נעלי עקב ΓΌΒΕΣ PUMPS
  11. 11. Data ingestion workflow • Each partner extracts data from his own database • Using an open source ingestion tool (MINT) metadata are uploaded and transformed in a common data model (EDM-fp) • Digital objects are uploaded into the Europeana Fashion repository
  12. 12. Museo del Traje, Madrid
  13. 13. Victoria & Albert Museum, London
  14. 14. Archivio Emilio Pucci, Florence
  15. 15. Sample of an imported record
  16. 16. Europeana Fashion IPR guidelines Rights management underpins everything we wish to achieve for Europeana Fashion. That’s why we developed the IPR best practice guidelines: • Key to achieving project objectives • Clarity for content holders • Clarity for end users
  17. 17. Europeana Fashion IPR guidelines
  18. 18. Fashion edit-a-thons
  19. 19. What is an edit-a-thon An edit-a-thon is “a scheduled time where people edit Wikipedia together, whether offline, online, or a mix of both; typically focused on a specific topic, such as science or women's history” * *
  20. 20. What we have done till now... Eight edit-a-thons organised: 1. Nordiska Museet, Stockholm, 22 March 2013. 2. Centraal Museum Utrecht, 13 May 2013. 3. ModeMuseum Antwerp, 23 September 2013 4. Nordiska Museet, Stockholm, 12 November 2013 5. Museo Rossimoda, Strà, 14 November 2013 6. HIT, Holon, 20 November 2013 7. Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris, 22 March 2014 8. Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade, 18 October 2014
  21. 21. Europeana Fashion content on Wikimedia Commons
  22. 22. Social Media Facebook brings most people to the website (4.500+ friends) Our Twitter community is active and fashion-oriented (over 1.200 followers) Tumblr and Pinterest followers are highly engaged (5.500+ followers) Museums and schools love reading our newsletter (800+ subscribers)
  23. 23. Tumblr Blog A collaboration between the Europeana Foundation and the Europeana Fashion project. Each month, this Tumblr will showcase a different theme curated by experts from the fashion and cultural heritage community.
  24. 24. Press & Clustering Activities Coverage in major publications (New York Times/International Herald Tribune, Vogue) First International Conference (Florence, April 2013) Second International Conference (London, April 2014) Third International Conference (Antwerp, February 2015)
  25. 25. Next Steps • Data semantification • Data linking • Ontology development • Semantic query answering • Integration in the thesaurus of visual concepts
  26. 26. Semantic Data Access Free text descriptions id:VA_T.127-1933 dcterms:type “dress” may be very informative (large text descriptions) low level data-access: keyword-based search Search for “dress” hidden semantics Thesaurus id:VA_T.127-1933 dcterms:type <Dress> <Dress> subClassOf <Main_garment> high-level data access: term-based search Search for <Dress> or <Main_garment> clear semantics Formal ontologies <EveningDress> subClassOf <LongDress> and hasMaterial .<Silk> properties, more complex axioms full semantic data access: concept-based search Search for <EveningDress> rich semantics
  27. 27. Data Semantification Extract thesaurus/ontology concepts from free text descriptions property value dc:type < thesaurus/Parasol> dc:title Parasol dc:description A parasol with handle of composition ivory carved with a lily-of-the-valley design, the canopy of Brussels bobbin lace applied to machine-made net, over black silk taffeta. Lined with white silk taffeta and trimmed with black satin ribbon raced with white satin. Great Britain, 1870-1880. Linen, silk, composition ivory, machine made. dcterms:medium silk taffeta dcterms:medium Brussels lace dcterms:medium artificial ivory dcterms:spatial Great Britain materials: <> <> <> techniques: <> <> <> <> colors: <> <> parts: Handle, Canopy, Ribbon
  28. 28. Data Semantification process 1st step • Retrieve text labels for all thesaurus concepts in each language • Construct a table with a new row for each thesaurus concept • URI • Textual label • Respective EDM-fp property • The set of textual labels play the role of the vocabulary to look for in the free text descriptions
  29. 29. Data Semantification process 2nd step • Lookup the words that appear in the free texts that have been entered as values for the several EDM-fp properties • NLP techniques • String (regular expression) matching • For each match with the vocabulary output a row: • Source EDM-fp metadata property • Matched thesaurus URI • Respective EDM-fp property for the matched URI 3rd step • Export the enriched data
  30. 30. Data Linking • Similar to semantification, but uses external resources. • Some EDM-fp property values may be linked to the Linked Open Data Cloud (e.g. DBpedia) • Names of persons (creators, designers, photographers) • Names of places place: <>
  31. 31. Enriched data The enriched data are currently exported as RDF files • One RDF file for each item • Replaces the original RDF/XML file generated by MINT • Contains the enriched EDM-fp metadata Things to check: • Extension of the thesaurus to cover more concepts • Verification of the enriched data by the providers • Handling of original values (in cases of inconsistent values) • Export to the Fashion portal.
  32. 32. Ontology developmnet The Fashion Thesaurus is just a taxonomy • In a formal ontology axioms interconnecting concepts can be defined • Rich semantics and full semantic data access Classes and Taxonomy: Extension of the Fashion Thesaurus Properties: hasPart, hasTechnique, hasMaterial, hasColor, depicts, ... Axioms: Definitions of common terminology concepts Organza ⊑ SheerFabric ⊓ ∃hasTechnique.TaffetaWeave Sateen ⊑ Textile ⊓ ∃hasTechnique.SatinWeave ⊓ ∃hasMaterial.CottonFiber Brass ⊑ Alloy ⊓ ∃hasMaterial.Copper ⊓ ∃hasMaterial.Zinc Definitions of useful, complex concepts GoldenRing ⊑ Ring ⊓ ∃hasMaterial.Gold SatinDress ⊑ Dress ⊓ ∃hasTechnique.Satin BrownLeatherBelt ⊑ Belt ⊓ ∃hasMaterial.Leather ⊓ ∃hasColor.Brown EveningDress ⊑ ...
  33. 33. Ontology developmnet A mainly manual process • Domain expert • “Complete” description of an entire domain Data-driven automatization • If data are available, use them to get information about the domain. • Very frequently occurring phrases may correspond to useful concepts. Ontology refinement tool • Semi-automatizes the ontology development • Data-driven enrichment of an existing ontology • Process free text descriptions. • Visually explore the actual data. • Define new axioms for frequently occurring complex concepts
  34. 34. Ontology Refinement Tool How the tool works (preliminary steps): • Load an ontology. • Map the ontology concepts to existing instances residing in a database or a triple store. • Declare the instance properties that should be retrieved and the properties whose textual contents should be retrieved and analyzed. • E.g. for the Europeana Fashion data: • Description (analyze) • Materials (retrieve) • Techniques (retrieve) Identifier Class Description Materials Techniques Record_1023_1687_T.93&A-1959 Dress Dress and train of embroidered silk satin, retailed by Russell & Allen, Great Britain, 1898. Embroidered silk satin with pastes, pearl and diamente beads, chiffon, lined with silk, net. silk satin, pearls, chiffon, paste embroidery
  35. 35. Ontology Refinement Tool Ontology Concept Tree Instance Table (for instances of the Dress concept)
  36. 36. Ontology Refinement Tool How the tool works (further steps): • Select a concept from the Ontology Concepts Tree. • The tools retrieves automatically from the database the mapped instances and analyzes their properties. • Performs NLP processing in order to extract frequent noun phrases and adjectives (Terms). • The terms, along with their frequency of appearance statistics, are displayed in the Analysis Results Table. • Define a sub-concept of the selected concept by using the graphical interface of the Ontology Sub-concept Definition Panel. • The instances that match the new definition will be automatically classified as instances of the new sub-concept.
  37. 37. Ontology Refinement Tool Ontology Concept Tree Analysis Results Table ⊑ Dress ⊓ ∃hasMaterial.Silk Drag & Drop a concept from the Ontology Concepts Tree and a term from the Analysis Results Table. Link them by the desired ontology property.
  38. 38. Ontology Refinement Tool Ontology Sub-concept Definition Panel Possibly drag & drop more terms from the Analysis Results Table in order to create a more complex sub-concept. Ontology Concept Tree Analysis Results Table ⊑ Dress ⊓ ∃hasMaterial.Silk ⊓ ∃hasTechnique.Satin
  39. 39. Ontology Refinement Tool Ontology Concept Tree Ontology Sub-concept Definition Panel Analysis Results Table SilkSatinDress ⊑ Dress ⊓ ∃hasMaterial.Silk ⊓ ∃hasTechnique.Satin Name the new sub-concept and add it to the Ontology Concepts Tree.
  40. 40. Work still to be done • Completion of Fashion Ontology • Enrichment with “useful” axioms for user queries • E.g. Evening dark-colored dress, Non-extravagant haute couture dress • Integration of the Fashion Ontology with the Fashion Portal • Query construction interface based on the ontology • Integration of the enriched data • Integration of reasoning service
  41. 41. Thank you! Follow us @eurfashion Visit us at Contact me at