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Tips for Making Your Household More Energy Efficient


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Are you looking for tips to make your household more energy efficient? Read this helpful guide to understand how to conserve natural resources efficiently and intelligently. For more information, please visit Mr. Electric at their website

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Tips for Making Your Household More Energy Efficient

  1. 1. BY MR. ELECTRIC Tips for making your household more energy efficient
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Owning a home can get quite expensive. You always have to worry about upcoming bills, mortgage payments, grocery expenses and a lot more. Being able to cut down costs and save more is always good news. One way of saving money is by cutting down the energy consumption in your household. Being energy efficient is both environmentally friendly and cost effective. This presentation presents tips to saving energy in your household.
  3. 3. ENERGY EFFICIENT APPLIANCES A good way to save energy is by using energy savings appliances. Nowadays, more and more energy efficient products are being introduced in the market. There are a variety of choices and options available to customers to choose from. Look for products with Energy Star label.
  4. 4. LIGHTING A major way to save energy is to use less lighting or an energy efficient light bulb. Turn off the light in rooms that are not in use. You can also roll up the curtains or blinds during the day and attract the natural sunlight into the room.
  5. 5. MAINTENANCE Most things in live always need to be replaced or maintained regularly. Always do checkups and cleanings on your products in order to be more efficient. The proper result of maintenance is the key to energy efficiency. Installing and maintaining proper insulation, windows, ducts, heating and cooling systems can also help keep these energy costs down.
  6. 6. SUBSTITUTE Another way to cut down energy cost is by decreasing the usage or substituting the energy consuming items with other alternatives. For example, a fireplace can be substituted for heating, lighting and cooking. Explore other means that may be cost and energy efficient.
  7. 7. CONSULT AN ENERGY AUDIT Sometimes, it is easier to consult professionals in order to get the most accurate advice and results. Another way to conserve energy is by simply asking a Professional. In this case, an Energy Audit would be the most suitable individual to consult. There primary duty is to evaluate and identify opportunities in your household to reduce energy consumption. Sometimes, consulting Professionals in that field can help you gain product knowledge and come across facts that you were never aware of.
  8. 8. SOLAR ENERGY Investing in a solar energy system cuts down your household costs dramatically. It is also environmental friendly. With so many products being produced with solar energy, it is becoming more and more popular. A great way to cut down your energy consumption and cost is by using solar energy products. Initial prices of buying a solar energy product may be higher due to its demand than regular energy appliances. However, in the long run solar energy items are more efficient with its durability to last longer.
  9. 9. EXTRAS Here are some extra tips to keep in mind. Unplug items that are not in use to save energy. It helps cut down costs and conserve energy. If you are not using certain appliances, unplug it. Fore example, place heaters or air conditioners only in rooms that are occupied.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION Saving energy is beneficial to everyone. It cuts down the resources needed and provides a more environmental friendly option. With technology advancing, it has become more easier to become energy efficient. Every consumers nowadays target customers with the price tag as a factor. This presentation presented many ways to cut down energy and become more energy efficient.
  11. 11. For more information please visit Mr. Electric 2446 Bank St Ottawa, ON K1V 1A8 (613) 232-0800