TaskCentre for Sage SalesLogix - What is Business Process Management (BPM)?


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TaskCentre for Sage SalesLogix - What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

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TaskCentre for Sage SalesLogix - What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

  1. 1. taskcentreFOR SalesLogix
  2. 2. taskcentre SalesLogix FOR
  3. 3. Contents 2 What is Business Process Management (BPM) Software? 4 The Business Benefits of BPM Software 5 How Does BPM Software Work? 6 Advanced Business Alerts 7 Workflow 8 Document Automation 9 Web Content Publishing 10 Subscriptions and Requests 11 Data Services & Integration 12 Sage Software 13 Orbis Software Page 01
  4. 4. What is Business Process Management (BPM)?Business Process TaskCentre for SalesLogix Data Services and WorkflowManagement in broad terms offers a unique state-of- requirements because of itsis the automation of those the-art Business Process easy-to-use drag and dropemployee activities that cost Management (BPM) Suite user interface and proventhe company valuable time for the market leading reputation for delivering aand money. All businesses SalesLogix solution; enabling high ROI from day one of itstoday are dependent on organisations to cost deployment.people extracting, formatting effectively build, operateand distributing business and maintain any number of TaskCentre for SalesLogixinformation from business automated processes. offers a state-of-the-applications. Yet, people art Business Processhave physical limitations, The TaskCentre BPM Suite Management (BPM) Suitethey are prone to illness leverages the powerful enabling organisations toand unfortunately make capabilities of SalesLogix cost effectively build, operatemistakes. to bring people, systems and maintain any number of and information together automated processes.Business Process within an organisationManagement technology is through the acquisition, TaskCentre for SalesLogixthe IT industry’s response manipulation, dissemination brings people, organisations,to the problems created and integration of information; systems and informationby employee-dependant offering a generic approach together through theapplications. Directors, to automated processes acquisition, manipulation,managers, suppliers and specifically designed to dissemination and integrationcustomers expect instant meet precise business of information, offeringresponses to real-time requirements. a generic approach tocommercial interactions automated processesand business process Organisations running specifically designed to meetmanagement technology SalesLogix use the globally precise requirements.leverages all the organisation’s recognised TaskCentre forI.T. systems by creating a real- SalesLogix BPM Suite totime, responsive infrastructure. address complex Integration,Page 02
  5. 5. Solutions Examples of UseAdvanced KPI’s, approaching support call activities, sales opportunities with no activities setBusiness Alerts or contact details not correctly entered. Product discount approvals, customer surveys, contact information alterationWorkflow approvals and support call reassignment approvals.Document Statements, contract renewals, welcome packs, end of line product specials andAutomation internal sales reports.Web Content Publishing of KPI’s, customer portals, customer support league tables, salesPublishing scoreboards and web site updates.Subscriptions and Account details, support call status, product details, transaction history andRequests delivery status.Data Services & Integration with credit referencing providers or other database applications e.g.Integration ERP, MRP, SCM, or e-commerce. Page 03
  6. 6. The Business Benefits of BPM SoftwareBusiness Process Through automating repetitive more cost-effective activitiesManagement Software, as manual business processes, that will contribute to youra technology, can deliver such as report creation and ongoing business success.endless benefits to any- the distribution, monitoring orsized organisation but more reporting on company KPI’s,importantly these benefits TaskCentre reduces yourwill be unique to your operational costs and frees-upcompany. employees to concentrate onA small sample of the common business benefits that our customers cite include: Business Benefits • Stronger Revenue Streams • Higher Customer Satisfaction Levels • Operational Savings • Freeing-up of Employee Time • Reduction in the Administration involved with • Eradication of Data Entry Errors Compliance and ISO Activities • Critical Failure Avoidance • Greater Company AgilityPage 04
  7. 7. How does BPM Software work?Business Process business processes can be through its intuitive and logicalManagement Software configured and re-configured Graphical User Interfaceworks by ‘loosely coupling’ without having to alter the (GUI). This GUI enables anwith a company’s existing underlying configuration of administrator to automateapplications which enables a company’s applications. common employee-drivenit to monitor, extract, format TaskCentre merely uses these processes, such as creatingand distribute information applications as information and sending end-of-weekto systems and people; in services and workflow trigger sales reports, by simplyline with business events or points. dragging and dropping Toolsrules. into a sequence that emulates Creating or re-creating an the employee process, i.e.By leveraging the processes automated business process Schedule Tool, ODBC Tool,and information of existing is achieved via any PC on Run Crystal Tool and Sendapplications, automated which TaskCentre is installed SMTP Tool. Page 05
  8. 8. Advanced Business AlertsReceive real-time alerts of information systems, which The technological superioritycritical events; ensuring inherently possess little or of TaskCentre for SalesLogix’syour organisation is no functionality to generate Advanced Business Alertscompliant and always one notifications based upon data providers organisations with astep ahead. Organisations events or criteria. cost effective and simple waytoday need to ensure that to extend the basic alertingthey are instantly notified of TaskCentre for SalesLogix capabilities.changing situations before provides comprehensiveor as they happen, enabling tools and design capabilities Advanced Business Alertsthem to make better to integrate with SalesLogix can come in the form of HTMLinformed decisions based to provide people with the Emails, SMS Text Messagesupon critical data events. information needed to make or Fax and popular examples timely and accurate decisions; include open opportunities withIn today’s information age, whenever and wherever they no activities set or service callsorganisations now manage are located. approaching due date.an ever increasing array of yD iver, of IT for C ath Ho m e L ea I would say that TaskCentre is the rn perfect complimentary ing C ollege. Kent U solution for SalesLogix as the benefits it delivers are instant. It’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes automating employee K processes very quick and easy.Page 06
  9. 9. WorkflowOptimise employee acceleration of company therefore, the requirementproductivity by intelligently performance and the for intelligent Workflowrouting workflow tasks development of a sustainable functionality is high on the ITto individuals or teams competitive advantage. Yet, to agenda.to gather valuable input date, most traditional Workflowdecisions and response systems are reliant on the Through TaskCentre forfeedback. More than ever, individual to identify and start SalesLogix, organisationsorganisations today are a workflow process rather than are able to add Workflowstriving to achieve efficient, this being dynamic, event- capabilities to SalesLogix,consistent and measurable driven and integrated with their which immediately increasesprocesses as a pre-requisite own systems. productivity, eradicatesto delivering quality to their administrative waste andcustomers. The problems caused by enhances stakeholder traditional approaches to relationships.Workflow enforces consistency Workflow are also exacerbatedin the organisation’s processes by the number of people andand can therefore play a departments that businessfundamental part in the processes can cross and, Page 07
  10. 10. Document AutomationSave time and money by and distribution of document or order acknowledgements,automating the creation & flows, to all the company’s structured and repetitivedistribution of everyday stakeholders and trading documents can becompany documentation partners. automatically generated,and reports. presented and delivered Whether they’re reports, via a variety of formats andThe creation, distribution and letters, support ticket details channels.management of businessdocuments are commonplaceactivities for managementpersonnel and administrativestaff alike. Traditionaldocument concepts still formthe backbone of structuredbusiness communications andtransactions.TaskCentre for SalesLogix’sDocument Automationfunctionality enablescompanies running SalesLogixto automate the generationPage 08
  11. 11. Web Content PublishingKeep your web portals Within an organisation, Using TaskCentre forsynchronised and up-to-date valuable knowledge typically SalesLogix’s Web Contentby automating company web resides in ring-fenced Publishing capabilities,content. Communicating information ‘islands’, often online information can bewith company stakeholders within departmental or automatically generated,and ensuring that they have organisational boundaries. published and updatedaccess to and visibility of according to defined rules.relevant information is vital However, making thisin the current competitive information more widely A popular example for the useenvironment. Cost-effective accessible to employees, of TaskCentre for SalesLogix’scommunication will help to partners, customers and Web Content Publishing woulddevelop long-term beneficial other stakeholders is labour- be the publishing of supportrelationships and contribute intensive and cost prohibitive. call KPI’s to a local intranet.to future organisationalgrowth. Page 9
  12. 12. Subscriptions & RequestsEmpower stakeholders Fuelled by our increasing and not develop an offeringto request and receive reliance upon the internet would be to risk losing out toinformation without and the expansive growth in the competition. For example,employee intervention. mobile devices, information on the speed and accuracy of theToday’s consumers and demand is expected in every response to an initial enquirybusiness partners want dimension. forms the very first impressioninformation on demand. of your organisation. AWe require specific data For any organisation, popular example for the use ofas it becomes relevant and supplying dynamic information TaskCentre for SalesLogix’sdemand that it is sensitive to services places considerable Subscription & Requeststhe channel through which strain on its human resources, capability would be servicewe make the requests. but to ignore these needs history reports. Maguire, IT Dire vid cto Da rf o rM Most manual tasks RV within our business .M process have been assachusetts US automated allowing our employees to focus their efforts on higher level activities. It saves us so much time and effort that we’re able to do more with A less.Page 10
  13. 13. Data Services & IntegrationTransform all of your need for complex integration Toolscompany applications into development. By design Tools are arranged into 7one event-driven, service- TaskCentre for SalesLogix distinct classes which are:oriented management delivers and manages Event, Input, Format, Output,solution. Organisations process integration, ensuring Execute General and anow require business that systems ‘play nicely’, specific SalesLogix category.applications that ‘talk to no matter how complex the They expose and consumeeach other’ or that can be requirements. information to and from eachupdated dynamically with other and can be used incredit management, sales Tasks almost limitless combinationsand marketing or property TaskCentre for SalesLogix is and sequences to providedetails from online data based on the central concept for the business processservices. Indeed, data or of the Task, which performs requirement in-hand.application integration part or all of a business orhas never been more technical process triggered Tools are provided as plug-fundamental to the success by one or more Events. and-play components, so thatof today’s business Designed visually in a drag the breadth of functionality ofand the TaskCentre for & drop interface, each Task any implementation can beSalesLogix Business can contain any number of easily expanded as and whenProcess Management (BPM) interrelated and sequenced required.Suite has a proven track Steps, which are createdrecord of addressing these using a wide range of highly- The SalesLogix specificchallenges. functional Tools. tools were produced by an accredited SalesLogixTaskCentre for SalesLogix The range of Tools available development team to ensurebridges the gap between provide pre-built, flexible and tight integration.disparate information systems seamless integration withor online web services, by existing information sources,providing a graphical process applications, technologies,modeller and comprehensive formats and communicationoperating environment that channels, without the need foreither dramatically reduces, complex programming.or totally eliminates the Page 11
  14. 14. Sage SoftwareSage provides business reach it has built its success processes. Whether it besoftware, services and on understanding and meeting financial software enablingsupport to small and the needs of customers in better cash flow management,medium sized businesses. their local markets. Therefore CRM software helping toWhilst its heritage is in the the majority of Sage products build profitable customersmall business market it and services are developed relationships or HR andalso has the experience and and supported locally. This Payroll offerings beingexpertise to meet the needs ensures Sage provide a choice used to improve employeeof specific industries and of high quality products and performance and ensurelarger organisations. services which are relevant legislative compliance, to customers, use the most Sage software and servicesSage is a global company with appropriate technology and equip customers to run5.8 million customers, over are supported by local experts. their businesses more14,500 employees and more effectively and overcome thethan 25 years of experience We provide an extensive challenges of today’s businessworking with small and range of solutions which make environment.medium sized businesses. it easier for our customersHowever, despite its global to manage their businessPage 12
  15. 15. Orbis SoftwareFounded in 1997, UK- More than 4000 customers and customisation of Orbisbased Orbis Software has worldwide already use Orbis TaskCentre®. Our partnerspioneered the development products, ranging from diverse work with each individualof business process global organisations to the customer to ensure thatautomation solutions. small local enterprise and their business processToday, Orbis provides the clients include HSBC, BP, management needs areleading pure-play Business NASDAQ, BUPA, Rolls Royce met and that TaskCentre®Process Management and Lloyds TSB. connects with existingSuite TaskCentre® information systems andenabling organisations Orbis solutions are delivered applications to provide ato drive efficiency and through a worldwide network complete solution.save time, reduce costs, of highly-trained, accreditedgenerate revenue, optimise partners, each of whomrelationships and improve has experience of specificvisibility and agility through vertical markets or applicationcollaborative process systems and expertise in theautomation. installation, implementation Page 13
  16. 16. For more information visit www.orbis-software.comCopyright © Orbis Software Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publicationmay be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system ortranslated into any language in any form by any means without the writtenpermission of Orbis Software Ltd. TaskCentre is a registered trademark ofOrbis Software Ltd. All other company names and product names are theproperty and/or trademarks of their respective owners.