Sage Saleslogix customer successes presentation - english


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International Sage SalesLogix Customers

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Sage Saleslogix customer successes presentation - english

  1. 1. Sage SalesLogix Customer Successes [Michael Reischer – CEO m-Computers]
  2. 2. Sage SalesLogix Customer Successes <ul><li>Distribution </li></ul><ul><li>Big River Telephone </li></ul><ul><li>Code 3 Collectibles </li></ul><ul><li>Headland Machinery </li></ul><ul><li>Gantt Aviation </li></ul><ul><li>Evident Dental </li></ul><ul><li>Mantinga </li></ul><ul><li>Cowley Design </li></ul><ul><li>Leisure </li></ul><ul><li>LEGOLAND </li></ul><ul><li>Winged Victory </li></ul><ul><li>Eurotunnel </li></ul><ul><li>Northumberland </li></ul><ul><li>National Park </li></ul><ul><li>Manufacturing </li></ul><ul><li>Cabot Corporation </li></ul><ul><li>Pilkington Australia </li></ul><ul><li>Watlow Electric </li></ul><ul><li>Philmac </li></ul><ul><li>Sliderobes </li></ul><ul><li>Ermenegildo Zegna </li></ul><ul><li>Financial Services </li></ul><ul><li>CNL Investment </li></ul><ul><li>Grant Thornton </li></ul><ul><li>Harbor Capital </li></ul><ul><li>SEI Investments </li></ul><ul><li>Alfa Bank </li></ul><ul><li>Automotive </li></ul><ul><li>ABC Bus Companies </li></ul><ul><li>Nissan Motor Company </li></ul><ul><li>MAN Trucks & Bus </li></ul><ul><li>Windsor Motors </li></ul><ul><li>Mannai Auto Division </li></ul><ul><li>Services </li></ul><ul><li>Experient </li></ul><ul><li>Youd Andrews </li></ul><ul><li>ESS Ltd </li></ul><ul><li>Healthcare </li></ul><ul><li>BCBS Tennessee </li></ul><ul><li>Lifeline Systems </li></ul><ul><li>Legal </li></ul><ul><li>Sam Maguire </li></ul><ul><li>Irwin Mitchell </li></ul><ul><li>Electronics </li></ul><ul><li>Avnet </li></ul><ul><li>Samsung </li></ul><ul><li>Al-Alamiah </li></ul><ul><li>Steljes </li></ul><ul><li>Life Sciences </li></ul><ul><li>Genzyme </li></ul><ul><li>Keenan </li></ul><ul><li>NRCC </li></ul><ul><li>Software </li></ul><ul><li>Kalahari </li></ul><ul><li>Aspyra </li></ul><ul><li>Tarantella </li></ul><ul><li>Kommunicate </li></ul><ul><li>Version One </li></ul><ul><li>Publishing </li></ul><ul><li>Seattle Times </li></ul><ul><li>LibraPharm </li></ul><ul><li>Construction </li></ul><ul><li>ABC </li></ul><ul><li>Heritage Log </li></ul><ul><li>Consulting </li></ul><ul><li>LSI </li></ul><ul><li>PMK </li></ul><ul><li>USCO </li></ul><ul><li>Leadent </li></ul>
  3. 3. Services
  4. 4. Sage SalesLogix Web Client Helps Experient Grow &quot;Sage SalesLogix has become part of our daily sales process and is a critical tool for our future growth. Every time we’re in a strategic planning session, our thought process immediately turns to integration into Sage SalesLogix.“ David Peckinpaugh, VP of Sales Experient Company Overview: Experient – Event planning Challenge: Experient was using an outdated system to track its sales, opportunities and customers; it needed a CRM solution with strong opportunity management and the ability to integrate with existing software Solution: Sage SalesLogix, Sage SalesLogix Dynalink, and Sage MAS 90 Results: Experient has seen more efficient and effective reporting, forecasting and planning throughout their internal and external sales teams so they could maintain their double-digit growth rates USA
  5. 5. When Salespeople Demand, SalesLogix Delivers for Youd Andrews Company Overview: Youd Andrews – IT sales training Challenge: Despite valuable sales intelligence and a bulging contact book, there was no effective way of leveraging information; significant customization was required to meet the requirements for a central and universally accessible CRM system Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: A central repository for all of its mission-critical information, ensuring data passed to clients is as commercially profitable as possible; dramatically improved productivity; information is shared faster and there is no duplication of effort UK &quot;SalesLogix gives us the power to develop applications that support all of our vital business processes” Don Andrews, Joint Managing Partner Youd Andrews
  6. 6. ESS Growth Supported by Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: ESS Ltd – An out-sourcing services company specializing in industrial maintenance Challenge: ESS needed a total CRM solution to increase efficiency of its work processes and deal with growing needs; documentation and client files needed to be shared and easily accessible Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: All client history activity can be shared between all users quickly and easily; SalesLogix allows account managers to keep up to date with client progress and gain rapid access to all correspondence; better tracking of projects Ireland “ There were a lot of inefficiencies in what we were trying to do. SalesLogix eliminates that. The functionality is excellent. It is the best package we could find for our business in ESS.'' PatrickGreene, Business Development & Technical Manager, ESS Ltd
  7. 7. Automotive
  8. 8. Sage SalesLogix Configuration Engine Smoothes Ride for ABC Bus Company Overview: ABC Bus Companies, Inc. – Motorcoach sales, leasing, and service Challenge: ABC needed to replace a manual, paper-based quoting and ordering system that was error prone and inefficient Solution: Sage SalesLogix and Configuration Engine Results: With Sage SalesLogix, ABC has eliminated costly quoting errors and cut quoting times from one week to only moments, while automating their entire sales cycle USA &quot;The quotes could be tied to the opportunities we already tracked in Sage SalesLogix...That means we know what’s happening with that customer all the way through the entire process.” Jim Morrison, Executive VP of Sales ABC Bus Companies, Inc.
  9. 9. Nissan Improves Sales and Customer Experience with Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: Nissan Motor Company – Automotive Challenge: With no automated management system in place, Nissan’s Australian dealer network faced challenges in effectively tracking, funneling and managing leads Solution: Recruited marketing group, The Fuel Agency, who responded with Sage SalesLogix Results: Robust solution improves management of its pipeline, boost sales, and delivers measurable marketing results; automated test drive management system increases productivity and improves relationships with potential customer Australia “ Its customer-friendliness is proven by its uptake: despite not being overtly promoted, one in 20 to 25 leads are now coming in via the website thanks to the draw card of the SalesLogix-based test drive management system. This is helping to cut the cost per sale while driving growth.” Tim Kidman, CEO The Fuel Agency
  10. 10. Sage SalesLogix Deployment Helps MAN Drive Sales Effectiveness Company Overview: MAN Trucks & Bus UK Ltd. – Commercial vehicle manufacturer Challenge: With the ambitious goal of raising its share of an intensely competitive market, MAN needed a way to better target its sales and marketing efforts and build upon the loyalty of existing customers Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: With significant customizations, timely customer information through a centralized synchronization server, sales forecasting, and buying behavior models built in SalesLogix, MAN is firmly on track to fulfill its sales ambitions UK “ SalesLogix was the most proven SFA and CRM solution in the marketplace and it had that built-in flexibility to be tailored to our specific requirements - plus we loved its user-friendliness.” Mark Marshall, Sales Operations Manager MAN
  11. 11. Sage SalesLogix Puts Windsor Motors in the Driving Seat Company Overview: Windsor Motors – Ireland’s largest motor retailer Challenge: With an ever-changing market, Windsor Motors needed a CRM solution to co-ordinate and manage the growing amount of customer information and that would be easily adoptable by a sales team resistant to change Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: An easy to use, flexible, and centralized system meets the company’s changing needs; Windsor improved selling practices and marketing campaigns are more focused and targeted Ireland “ We knew that sharing information held in many databases and truly leveraging it, would give us a strong competitive edge and greatly improve our efficiency. This key requirement eliminated many of the more popular contact managers in use in Ireland, as they would not be able to deliver on this vital area.” Robert O’Neill, Group IT Manager Windsor Motors
  12. 12. Mannai Auto Division Goes Live on SalesLogix Company overview: Mannai Auto Division – Represents leading brands including GMC, Cadillac, Opel, Hummer and Subaru Challenge: The company needed help to improve staff efficiency and boost customer satisfaction Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Details about prospects, such as model preference, finance options and contact details are recorded in SalesLogix; the system improves communication by reminding sales staff to follow up on prospects regularly Qatar “ SalesLogix helps the sales team proactively follow up prospects. Information stored within SalesLogix is shared across the division allowing sales people easy access to all relevant prospect information.” Ivor D’Cunha, Manager Mannai Auto Division
  13. 13. Manufacturing
  14. 14. Cabot Corporation Turns to Sage SalesLogix for Single Customer View Company Overview: Cabot Corporation – Specialty chemicals Challenge: Integrate the company’s disparate databases to provide one view of customers in all four company regions: South America, North America, Europe, and Asia; achieve complete user acceptance Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: A single Sage SalesLogix database provides one view of the company’s customers; standardized reports on opportunities, sales and shipments can now be generated and distributed to managers USA “ SalesLogix allows us to review orders from customers all over the world on a daily basis. Because of employee buy-in and the flexibility of the Sage SalesLogix software, the roll-out went very smoothly. Kedar Murthy, Director of Global Sales and Technical Service, Cabot Corporation
  15. 15. Sage SalesLogix Provides Increased Efficiency for Pilkington Australia Ltd. Company Overview: Pilkington Australia Ltd. – Large-scale manufacturer of glass and glazing solutions for the building, automotive and technical markets Challenge: Pilkington’s marketplace is increasingly competitive and it needed a CRM solution to better communicate and support its customer relationships Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: With Sage SalesLogix, Pilkington has seen its sales teams become more efficient and effective in their communications and relationships with customers &quot;On a day-to-day basis, the sales teams are more efficient and effective when dealing with customers and have greater accessibility to customer records.&quot; Sarah Cox, Commercial Sales Pilkington Australia Ltd. Australia
  16. 16. Watlow Electric Sees a 15 Percent Revenue Boost with Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: Watlow Electric – Leading manufacturer of heaters, sensors, temperature, power and process controls, and control software Challenge: Watlow Electric was experiencing rapid growth, but still operating with outdated, manual sales processes Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Watlow Electric experienced revenue increases of 15% in the first year; Sage SalesLogix enabled Watlow to re-focus the 360 hours they spent per week on tracking orders to selling USA &quot;We have given our salespeople one place to go to get all information regarding their customers and opportunities.“ Sean Mahon, SFA Project Leader Watlow Electric
  17. 17. Philmac Experiences Manufacturing Sales and Customer Service Success with Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: Philmac – Manufacturer and distributer of valves and fittings for pipeline and irrigation systems Challenge: To support substantial business growth, Philmac needed to centralize customer service centers; the existing technology and infrastructure did not support desired business results Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: A centralized service center immediately saved costs and improved consistency in service excellence; a fully integrated CRM solution increased efficiency for both the front line staff and the field sales team across Australia “ The ROI on this project was just astounding, our expectations were for a 100% return on investment inside approximately 3 years, we were happy with that and went ahead with the project on that basis. What we found though was that we had already achieved this inside the first 18 months of implementing the new technology!” Paul Waterman, IT Manager Philmac Australia
  18. 18. Sage SalesLogix fits Sliderobes’ Business, with Space to Expand Company Overview: Sliderobes – Manufactures, designs and fits wardrobes and storage units Challenge: Paper-based systems were struggling to cope with business increase and risking high customer service standards; a centralized database and automating processes were top of mind to minimize errors and reduce overhead costs Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Recording and storing customer information, improved customer service, managing marketing and advertising campaigns; estimated increase in business volumes by over 50%. Ireland “ I don't think there is a part of the system that we are not using. It makes life easier for us all. Every feature is useful, from input, storage and easy retrieval of customer information, to the scheduling of tasks and meetings, and the production of letters and other communications for customers.” Richard McMullan, Managing Director Sliderobes
  19. 19. Ermenegildo Zegna Finds a Stylish Solution for Managing Customer Relationships with SalesLogix Company Overview: Ermenegildo Zegna – World leader in high-end menswear Challenge: With customer information stored on local store databases, the business had no single unified vision of customers; a CRM system was needed to capture and exploit accumulated data to better understand and anticipate buyer behavior Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Ermenegildo Zegna manages all marketing activities and analyses all report information, both at a central and individual store management level in order to plan activities for specific markets Italy “ The system is both centralized and decentralized. All our stores are empowered to capitalize on the information they hold on their own customers. At the same time, central management can access data and information about our world-wide customer base.” Davide Castelvero, CRM Manager Ermenegildo Zegna
  20. 20. Distribution
  21. 21. Big River Telephone Uses Sage SalesLogix To Make Clear Connections With Customers Company Overview: Big River Telephone – Telecommunications Challenge: Rapid growth caused Big River Telephone to outgrow its manual processes and suffer disconnects between back-office and customer-facing processes Solution: Sage SalesLogix, Sage MAS 90, SalesLogix KnowledgeSync, and SalesLogix for Pocket PC Results: A 2005 Gartner CRM Excellence Award, a 2005 Technology ROI Award, and expanded service capacity while maintaining a 98.6% rating for excellence in customer service USA &quot;We looked at other software, but only Sage SalesLogix met our needs.&quot; Kevin Cantwell, President Big River Telephone
  22. 22. Back-Office Integration Cuts Time to Ship by More Than Half Company Overview: Code 3 Collectibles – Retailer of high-quality, realistic and detailed limited-edition collectibles, and an adventurous innovator of superior toys Challenge: Implement a customizable CRM system to tie the front- and back-office systems together, process orders from the Web, maintain and update in-house, and provide access to all employees Solution: Sage SalesLogix and Sage PFW Results: Shipping time reduced 60 percent through back-office integration; order-taking cut to one step; Sage SalesLogix integrates with Web site; Web client ensures access to customer information USA &quot;We now simply supply better service to our customers.&quot; John Meyer, CIO Code 3 Collectibles
  23. 23. Sage SalesLogix Helps Increase Headland Machinery Service Revenue by 25 Percent Company Overview: Headland Machinery – Imports, distributes, installs, and supports specialized high-end capital equipment Challenge: Headland Machinery was using 27 individual customer databases, many with duplicate records; with no centralized database, it was nearly impossible to share customer information across the organization Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Headland Machinery has been able to cut service response time by 65%, while realizing an increase in service revenue of 25% &quot;Sage SalesLogix has made a significant contribution to our business, and we see many opportunities to further leverage the powerful capabilities that Sage SalesLogix offers us.&quot; Angelo Gigliotti, Marketing Manager Headland Machinery Australia
  24. 24. Sage SalesLogix Helps Gantt Aviation Reach New Heights Company Overview: Gantt Aviation – Aircraft sales Challenge: Spreadsheets were no match for the enormous volume and complex interactions of the data Gantt Aviation needs to track and access Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Staff has better access to more complete data, allowing them to provide better service, with a competitive edge; report generation time is cut in half; sales representatives can access Sage SalesLogix using their phones when out of the office USA “ We track hundreds of pieces of information on every plane on the market, plus those we’ve previously bought or sold. Sage SalesLogix gives us the ability to bring all that data together and easily make use of it.” Jo Ellen Lyons, Marketing Manager Gantt Aviation
  25. 25. SalesLogix Helps Evident Dental Develop Efficiency for the Future Company Overview: Evident Dental – Leading supplier of vision products for the dental industry Challenge: To improve profits, Evident needed to replace its inefficient system with a paperless solution to increase efficiency in sales, marketing and support Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Increased profits 10-fold while doubling turnover within three years; reduced paper load from 4,000 pieces a year to zero; achieved total lead management to maximize sales conversions; greater knowledge of marketing effectiveness and better pre-sales and customer support service UK “ We couldn’t have been this successful without SalesLogix. Its worth every penny and I’ve been happy with the decision.” Dr. Stephen Selwyn, Managing Director Evident Dental Ltd.
  26. 26. Sage Supports Start-Up Enterprise Mantinga With SalesLogix and the Sage 200 Suite Company Overview: Mantinga (UK) Ltd – Supplier of European bakery products Challenge: As a start-up company in a competitive market, a flexible, scaleable solution was needed to underpin sales processes and promotion Solution: Sage SalesLogix, Sage SalesLogix Mobile, and Sage 200 Financials & Commercials Results: Efficient management of customer orders leading to improved customer service, along with targeted marketing and accurate forecasting; a return on the initial investment within six months of implementation UK “ With some very ambitious growth plans, Mantinga has to get customer service right through efficient order processing and order fulfillment. Our business is all about maintaining good relationships with customers and delivering superior quality products. We believe we have found the right partners in Sage Software and CPiO to help support this.” Steven Mackintosh, Managing Director Mantinga UK Limited
  27. 27. Cowley Designs Streamline Their Business with Sage Line 500 and SalesLogix Company Overview: Cowley Designs – Supplies flowers, gifts and accessories Challenge: After its expansion, the company needed a new system that could cope with ever increasing customer demands, as well as offering flexibility, scalability, and adaptability Solution: Sage SalesLogix and Sage Line 500 Results: Automatic synchronization between finance and CRM systems; instant access to customer information means customer queries can be dealt with more effectively; remote access functionality for out of office sales staff UK “ Our staff's familiarity and comfort with Sage were significant factors in the buying decision, as it meant that actually using the solution was one less aspect to worry about.” Wayne Lawson, Finance Director Cowley Designs
  28. 28. Healthcare
  29. 29. Sage SalesLogix Helps BCBST Cut Sales Quote Development Time in Half Company Overview: BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee – Health care financing Challenge: To replace a homegrown contact manager with a full-featured CRM solution that: could be tailored to meet changing business needs; was affordable; salespeople would use Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Quote development time cut in half; critical sales information now shared; Web-based solution rolling out to brokers statewide; back-office integration phased in USA &quot;When we trained people and they saw what Sage SalesLogix could do for them — the time it could save — they really went for it. We have definitely increased productivity and proficiency, and cut down on manual work.&quot; Andrea Cooling, Marketing Consultant & Project Manager, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
  30. 30. Lifeline Systems Saves Senior's Lives and Helps Caregivers Company Overview: Lifeline Systems, Inc. – Emergency response services Challenge: Lack of centralized customer database hampered direct marketing efforts, limited strategic planning, and prevented streamlined fulfillment of collateral materials on behalf of field representatives Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Market Development Coordinators are at least 25% more effective, and subscriber base growth of several points in first year attributable to the outbound mailing capabilities USA &quot;One of our salespeople had a five percent subscriber growth in her territory this year, primarily because of the mail merges... Sage SalesLogix will help us maintain our leadership position through better knowledge of our referral base and enhanced communication with all of our delivery channels.“ Jonathan Sweig, Manager of Sales Force Automation, Lifeline Systems, Inc.
  31. 31. Banking and Finance
  32. 32. CNL Investment Company: &quot;Vision Creating Value&quot; With Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: CNL Investment Company – Real estate investment and financial services Challenge: Manual contact and sales tracking system offered only rudimentary customer relationship capabilities and made sales management cumbersome Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Sage SalesLogix provided the common infrastructure necessary to manage growth for a sales team that tripled, and a ten-fold increase in sales — bringing revenues to more than $2 billion for the year USA &quot;Over the last several years our sales team tripled and our sales increased ten-fold. With Sage SalesLogix we were able to manage this growth and yet preserve our trademark customer-centric focus.&quot; Constantine Blinkov, Director of Business Infrastructure, CNL Investment Company
  33. 33. Grant Thornton Brings CRM Under Control With Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: Grant Thornton – Accounting and business advisors to middle-market clients, both public and private, in the U.S. and around the world Challenge: Consolidate a variety of heterogeneous CRM functions and integrate a new system with various back-office functions Solution: Sage SalesLogix and Sage SalesLogix KnowledgeSync Results: Sage SalesLogix replaced the various CRM systems and achieved high levels of user satisfaction among the sales force, marketing and management for its ease-of-use and efficiency USA &quot;The sales force likes the fact that Sage SalesLogix allows them to easily see and share information. The back-office accounting and HR teams are able to do their jobs more efficiently, and our IT organization is at the cutting edge of CRM technology.&quot; Shawn Danu, Manager of Marketing and Sales Systems, Grant Thornton
  34. 34. Harbor Capital Advisors Turns the Tide With Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc. – Mutual fund sales and marketing Challenge: New proactive sales and marketing division required a full-featured CRM tool to replace the little-used Profile database Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Sales are up this year, thanks in part to Sage SalesLogix capabilities that include the ability to send mass e-mails using the seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook and customizable reporting USA &quot;We just had the best sales year in our history, increasing net cash inflows by more than 50 percent over last year. I doubt that this would have been possible without our outbound marketing and sales strategy in place, supported by Sage SalesLogix.&quot; Deb Well, Director of E-Business Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc.
  35. 35. SEI Investments Sales Productivity Up Almost 300% with Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: SEI Investments – Global technology and investment services Challenge: SEI needed a flexible CRM solution that would support its highly complex sales process Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: With Sage SalesLogix in place, SEI’s salespeople are now capable of handling nearly three times as many opportunities as they were before USA &quot;The implementation came in on-budget and on-time. The most important thing to me, though, is that everyone on my team utilizes and relies on Sage SalesLogix. It’s an essential element of our sales process.&quot; John Yackel, Vice President and Managing Director, SEI Investments
  36. 36. Sage SalesLogix Dramatically Enhances Alfa Bank’s Business Structure Company Overview: Alfa Bank – Russia’s largest private banking group and runs the country’s largest mutual fund Challenge: The lack of a centralized database resulted in a lack of co-ordination and internal competition; Alfa Bank needed a solution to aggregate client data efficiently, enhance the sales tracking process and improve sales forecasting Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: SalesLogix has enhanced business structuring dramatically and improved the whole sales process efficiency; service response time has decreased; sales transparency has increased Russia “ SalesLogix is a powerful and easy to use sales tool which will allow us to keep comprehensive client histories, improve our reporting capabilities and offers a lower cost of ownership in comparison with other similar systems.” Sergey Mednov, IT Deputy Director Alfa Bank
  37. 37. Leisure
  38. 38. LEGOLAND® California Nearly Triples Its Account Base with Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: LEGOLAND® California – Theme park Challenge: Reinvigorate a dormant, year-old Sage SalesLogix solution and recondition salespeople and management to embrace CRM after years of sporadic contact management application usage Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: 100 percent CRM adoption by sales force; more accurate financial tracking and revenue predictability; defined sales methodology that drove growth from 250 to nearly 725 accounts in fewer than three years USA “ Our salespeople know exactly where to direct their attention. They generate a report out of Sage SalesLogix, which clearly identifies prime targets and enables them to be proactive and more efficient in servicing accounts. Our account growth is directly related to use of the solution.” Colin Ross, Sales Manager LEGOLAND® California
  39. 39. Sage SalesLogix Gives Winged Victory an Educational Tour of CRM Company Overview: Winged Victory USA – Educational tours Challenge: Winged Victory needed an affordable and easy-to-use CRM solution to streamline its sales processes Solution: Sage SalesLogix and Sage SalesLogix KnowledgeSync Results: With Sage SalesLogix, Winged Victory has been able to efficiently track customer information and follow up with prospects, thus increasing sales by more than 76 percent USA &quot;Our sales have increased 76 percent compared to the same period last year. Sage SalesLogix is certainly a big part of our success.“ Mike Cleary, President Winged Victory USA
  40. 40. Sage SalesLogix Helps Eurotunnel to Achieve Cross Channel Market Leadership Company Overview: Eurotunnel UK – Company who manage infrastructure of Channel Tunnel Challenge: To better serve customers, Eurotunnel needed to realign their business processes to enable the entire team to access and effectively use customer information from many touch points Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Data consolidation, improved customer service, central information repository, and sales force automation; existing customer business rose by 270%; system has grown with the company and in use for over 8 years UK “ SalesLogix was simple to use, flexible, feature rich, and according to our IT department, it has a very good architecture.” David Anthony, UK and Ireland Business Manager, Eurotunnel
  41. 41. Northumberland National Park Authority Creates Knowledge Reservoir with Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: Northumberland National Park Authority – Conserves the landscape, heritage and wildlife of the park Challenge: The Authority needed a central database of shared information to avoid duplication of effort Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Maintains a single, centralized store of information on contacts and projects and links different sites across the Park; allows information to be shared between departments and supports consistent, efficient communication UK “ Cost is always an issue for any government funded organization and in SalesLogix we found a system offering value for money, with the added advantage of being web-based, so users can access content over a browser from our different sites.” Katherine Topping, Knowledge Infrastructure Officer, NNPA
  42. 42. Legal
  43. 43. Sage SalesLogix Helps Sam Maguire Open More Opportunities with Every Closing Company Overview: The Law Offices of Sam Maguire Jr., P.C. – Real estate closings Challenge: Increase repeat business with thousands of customers through strategically timed contact Solution: Sage SalesLogix and Sage SalesLogix KnowledgeSync Results: Nearly doubled their volume of real estate closings without increasing staff USA &quot;Sage CRM SalesLogix is like having a silent employee working 24-7 on a multitude of humanly impossible functions that are unique to each customer.&quot; Sam Maguire, President The Law Offices of Sam Maguire, Jr., P.C.
  44. 44. Irwin Mitchell Implement Sage SalesLogix to Integrate Client Management and Marketing Automation Company Overview: Irwin Mitchell – Top 20 legal firm in the UK Challenge: Business growth left Irwin Mitchell using disparate client management and marketing systems; a need to share information across the enterprise Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: SalesLogix provided extensive functionality at an affordable cost; a reduction in time to answer customer queries has been achieved; marketing is now able to use multi-level segmentation as a targeting tool UK “ SalesLogix has helped us to substantially reduce the cost of marketing. The marketing operations are now accurately targeted, easily tracked and efficiently executed. We expect this to make a big difference in the future.” Penny Harrison, Marketing Manager Irwin Mitchell
  45. 45. Electronics
  46. 46. Avnet Users Rave Over Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: Avnet – World’s largest distributor of semiconductors; interconnect, passive and electromechanical components; computer products; and embedded systems Challenge: Developing a customer-centric portal for the sales representatives that could scale as the organization grew and integrate with other business management applications Solution: Sage SalesLogix and Sage SalesLogix Web Client Results: Over $2 million in revenue opportunity and 20% time-savings across the board USA “ And, overall, Sage SalesLogix has provided significant improvement in sales rep productivity with a 20 percent across-the-board time savings, as well as 23 hours a week time savings on reporting and forecasting from a business unit!” Greg Stoner, Director of CRM Architecture Avnet
  47. 47. Samsung Communications Employs Sage SalesLogix to Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns and Improve Sales by 30 Per Cent Company Overview: Samsung Communications Centre (SCC) – Electronics Challenge: To differentiate itself in the market, SCC defied the industry trend of call center driven sales and instead adopted a remote sales model; a CRM solution was needed to support this model Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: With the sales personnel no longer desk bound, running the system on laptops, contract rates have doubled; customizations support a new sophisticated marketing initiative and greater targeting of marketing campaigns “ By providing greater visibility into leads and opportunities, we now have a far more accurate understanding of our pipeline, which means we’re far better informed when designing future growth strategies.” Mathew Jameson, General Manager Samsung Communications Centre Australia
  48. 48. Al-Alamiah Implements Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: Al-Alamiah Technology Group – Leading IT solution provider, including brands Dell and Acer Challenge: Al-Alamiah needed to improve customer service and automate its help desk operations; it faced the challenge of providing efficient after-sales support to an expanding customer base due to lack of tracking and sharing information in the company Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Al Alamiah has responded faster to customer requests; SalesLogix stores comprehensive customer information and helps Al Alamiah track profitability of support contracts Saudi Arabia “ We chose Sage SalesLogix because it was cost effective, easy to use and could be implemented quickly. More importantly, we needed a package to suit our requirements and Sage SalesLogix could be easily customized to do that.” Nadir Amin, Executive Director Al Alamiah
  49. 49. With Sage SaleLogix, Steljes Has Greater Visibility and Immediate Access to Management Information Company Overview: The Steljes Group – One of the largest distributors of electronic presentation equipment Challenge: With four disparate divisions, Steljes needed a system that would ensure effective information flow across the company Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: SalesLogix has enabled Sales to accurately identify the discount levels for each and every account; the tight integration between SalesLogix and Sage Enterprise accounting system provides greater visibility and immediate access to information UK “ Sage SalesLogix does everything we had hoped. It is providing the visibility that we required. Our ability to respond to customer issues has improved, and our people are more efficient and productive.” Hennie Stapelberg, Management Accountant, Steljes
  50. 50. Life Sciences
  51. 51. Sage CRM SalesLogix Helps Genzyme Fulfill Its Mission in the Biotechnology Business Company Overview: Genzyme Europe – One of the world's leading biotechnology corporations Challenge: With a different sales strategy in every country and to keep in pace with the latest developments, Genzyme needed a single CRM system for Europe, which was easily adaptable to fit requirements of individual countries Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Synchronized marketing operations, better anticipation of market developments, improved planning and a greater capacity for exchanging information between departments Europe “ Around 140 of our people work with the Sage SalesLogix solution, from business unit managers and customer service, finance, and medical affairs. We use it to report contacts and activities, manage contact information, and coordinate our marketing operations, so the customer is targeted with focused campaigns that maximize our budgets.” Bruno Rioche, IT & Security Manager Genzyme S.A.S. (France)
  52. 52. Sage SalesLogix Enables Keenan To Put Its Customers First Company overview: Keenan – Global leader in livestock nutrition management solutions Challenge: Keenan required database capabilities that enabled accurate tracking and monitoring of critical customer centric information in order to develop intimate customer relationships Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: SalesLogix is installed on all laptops, thus facilitating accurate sales; SalesLogix acts as a single point of customer service and central platform for developing nutrition benchmarks used by the scientific advisory board Ireland “ Sage SalesLogix has allowed us to increase the quality of our service by placing the customer at the very centre of our business. Its flexibility will enable the solution to grow as we grow, and change as we change. Its ease of use increases productivity and accuracy. And its database, drill down, and analytical capabilities facilitate the delivery of the Keenan solution to our global customers.” John McCurdy, Quality and IT Director Richard Keenan & Co
  53. 53. Sage SalesLogix Creates a Knowledge-Rich Environment for Canada's IRAP Company Overview: National Research Council of Canada (IRAP) – Publicly funded scientific and technology organization, helping small and midsized businesses adopt technology Challenge: To streamline communications, operations and processes related to helping small and medium-sized businesses make full use of NRC-IRAP research and development services Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Innovation promoted through streamlined processes, improved client communications and a knowledge-rich environment for decision making Canada &quot;Sage SalesLogix has helped me make a tremendous difference in the way IRAP delivers service and I believe it has the functionality to do it even better.&quot; Brian Wilson, IT Manager National Research Council of Canada
  54. 54. Software
  55. 55. Kalahari Manages Project Complexity with Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: Kalahari – Provider of software, professional services & strategic consultancy Challenge: Kalahari needed a solution which would capture all the information held across the complete lifecycle of client relationships; one that could encompass call-logging by support teams and provide an efficient sales management solution Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Fully integrated information on projects and clients, collated from all parts of the company and accessible by the global team to support excellent service and responsive support UK &quot;In the drive to service quality, it is easy to overlook the time our teams invest in client projects. With Sage SalesLogix, we can put a true cost to the work we do.” Peter Trenier, Managing Director Kalahari
  56. 56. Aspyra Connects Key Areas of Business to Improve Customer Satisfaction Company Overview: Aspyra, Inc. – Software manufacturer Challenge: Disparate systems had created silos of information and reduced ability to provide highest quality customer service Solution: Sage SalesLogix, Sage MAS 90, SalesLogix KnowledgeSync Results: Streamlined and integrated key business processes in sales, support, finance, and product development departments, resulting in smoother internal communications and increased customer satisfaction USA &quot;We quickly settled on Sage SalesLogix because of breadth of functionality.&quot; James Helms, Chief Operations Officer Aspyra, Inc.
  57. 57. Tarantella Grows Global Sales Utilizing Sage SalesLogix Company Overview: Tarantella, Inc. – Software manufacturer Challenge: Eight disparate databases and home-grown support tracking systems were providing fragmented customer information and inaccurate sales forecasts; accessing these individual systems was difficult Solution: Sage SalesLogix and Sage SalesLogix KnowledgeSync Results: A complete solution, including customer service, marketing, and sales modules, has consolidated Tarantella’s most important databases and automated its lead tracking process USA “ We benefit daily from Sage SalesLogix and its SpeedSearch capabilities... Sage SalesLogix provides us with excellent reporting and grouping capabilities as well, to enhance the quality of our customer service.” Lorie Goudie, Director of Customer Support Tarantella, Inc.
  58. 58. Sage SalesLogix Helps Kommunicate Improve Efficiencies Company Overview: Kommunicate – Distributor of software solutions targeted at large corporate enterprises, central and local government Challenge: Kommunicate needed to upgrade its internal business processes to improve efficiency and raise sales productivity; three disparate systems resulted in duplicate and inconsistent information Solution: Sage SalesLogix and Sage Line 100 Results: Kommunicate gained 35 weeks of productive time for sales and 20% work reduction for Client Services; instant visibility of sales pipeline and forecasts resulted in higher revenue projection UK “ We’ve seen tremendous results from using Sage SalesLogix and we’re looking forward to deploying it as a strategic technology at our sister company Guildsoft.” Graham Reddie, IT Director Kommunicate
  59. 59. Version One Successfully Integrates Sage SalesLogix with Sage Line 200 Company Overview: Version One – Distributer of third party software solutions via a 200 resellers network worldwide Challenge: To cope with continued growth, Version One needed a solution with increased functionality to support multiple contacts per account, detailed reporting, forecasting, opportunity management, and a sophisticated marketing strategy Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Full implementation took only two weeks; a centralized resource gives everyone a single customer view, new methods of customer contact, and a more focused marketing strategy UK “ Sage SalesLogix has the simple look and feel of ACT! by Sage with much more functionality and provides us with the flexibility we need - both now and for the future.&quot; Phillippa Layton, Marketing Manager Version One
  60. 60. Publishing
  61. 61. Sage SalesLogix Helps Seattle Times Keep Advertisers Company Overview: The Seattle Times Co. – Press, advertising, circulation and marketing Challenge: The Seattle Times needed an approachable and intuitive solution that could track customer information, which could then be easily shared with other reps when reps moved sales territories Solution: Sage SalesLogix and Sage SalesLogix KnowledgeSync Results: With Sage SalesLogix, The Seattle Times Co. has been able to increase their advertising sales by maintaining advertisers who previously would have been lost in the system USA &quot;The simple, easy e-mail alerts that we're generating from Sage SalesLogix have been very well received. Reps say, 'It's great. This is just what I need.‘” Brian Jonas, Advertising CRM Administrator The Seattle Times Co.
  62. 62. SalesLogix Provides LibraPharm With a Platform for Efficient Growth Company Overview: LibraPharm Ltd – Independent publishing and communications company, serving the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors Challenge: To achieve the rapid growth strategy of relying on continued development of strong relationships, LibraPharm Ltd needed a solution which would enable it to identify and leverage its multi-level network of readers, clients, authors and agents Solution: Sage SalesLogix and Sage Line 50 Results: Allows company to easily monitor sales trends in each office, give remote access to staff and easily monitor progress on projects UK “ Sage SalesLogix has become a driving force in our business. It's enabled us to create a valuable picture of our clients' buying history and preferences and, therefore, deliver an improved service and generate greater revenues.&quot; Dr Peter L Clarke, Managing Director LibraPharm Ltd
  63. 63. Construction
  64. 64. Sage SalesLogix Means Profit for American Building Contractors Company Overview: American Building Contractors, Inc. – Largest U.S. insurance restoration company Challenge: ABC needed to replace an inefficient and non-integrated production and accounting system with one that can efficiently and accurately track jobs and receivables Solution: Sage SalesLogix, SalesLogix KnowledgeSync, Great Plains Results: Implementation of a highly customized version of Sage SalesLogix with integration capabilities to their accounting solution and notifications to alert team members of account status changes USA &quot;By better managing each job, our production quality has gone up and costs are down. Our users have really bought into the system. Overall, Sage SalesLogix is having a major, positive impact on the company.&quot; Vince Smith, Director of System Integration American Building Contractors, Inc.
  65. 65. Sage SalesLogix Helps Build Heritage Log Homes Sales by 24 Percent Company Overview: Heritage Log Homes – Construction/Real estate Challenge: Heritage Log Homes was losing a potential 15,000 clients because of their inability to follow up on leads; they needed a system capable of integrating data from each department’s database Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Sales increase of 24% due to the streamlined efficiency afforded by the Sage SalesLogix system integration and its exceptional lead management system USA &quot;Sage SalesLogix has brought a lot of prospects to the top and given us a bull’s eye of who we need to focus on to make us successful.“ Craig Bull, General Manager Heritage Log Homes
  66. 66. Consulting and Logistics
  67. 67. Sage SalesLogix Helps LSI Increase Growth by 45 Percent Company Overview: LSI (Logistics Systems Installation) – Installs and manages Management Operating Systems in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Challenge: LSI’s multiple databases made it difficult for sales staff to gain access to customer information and effectively communicate with prospects and clients Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Sage SalesLogix helped LSI gain control over its customer database, thus increasing LSI’s growth by 45% within the first year &quot;Sage SalesLogix was implemented in less than a month. The new Web-based application has been well accepted, and has enabled us to act as one company across Asia.“ Ian Fahy, Managing Director LSI Australia
  68. 68. Sage SalesLogix – A Well-Engineered CRM Solution for PMK Group Company Overview: PMK Group – Engineering and consulting Challenge: The lack of a centralized customer database led to missed opportunities, inconsistent customer communication, and difficulty building cohesive relationships with customers and business partners Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Access to information helps staff build stronger customer relationships; management has full visibility into the opportunity pipeline; and marketing communications are highly targeted--and effective USA &quot;Sage SalesLogix has helped us achieve our goal of a client-centric organization. All of our activities are focused around, and driven by, our client relationships.“ Philip Angarone, Marketing Director PMK Group
  69. 69. USCO and Sage SalesLogix: Distributing Success Company Overview: USCO – Logistics solutions Challenge: USCO Logistics needed a complete view of its customers and prospects for more efficient management and planning Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Critical information is now shared throughout the company; selling and management processes have been simplified and automated, allowing long-range planning using sales pipeline and forecasts USA &quot;Sage SalesLogix has enabled our company to communicate more effectively with current customers and prospects.“ Mary Ann Jacob, Director of New Business Development, USCO
  70. 70. Sage SalesLogix Solution Supports Leadent’s Growth Strategy Company Overview: Leadent – Independent management consultancy Challenge: Leadent needed a complete CRM solution to maintain control so that customer requirements are met in a profitable and professional manner Solution: Sage SalesLogix Results: Comprehensive data store allowing information sharing to improve account management and support; efficient tracking and billing of consultants time, with the ability to view projected revenues; system supports future expansion into new areas of business UK &quot;Our aim is to transform our clients’ businesses, and they look to us for best practice. Sage SalesLogix helps us to satisfy these needs, and exceed their expectations.&quot; Richard Hawthorn, Business Development Director, Leadent
  71. 71. Contact USA: (520) 363-1559 UK: 08709740865 Büro Berlin Lankwitzer Str. 19 12107 Berlin Telefon: +49 (30) 374 900-0 Telefax: +49 (30) 374 900-29 E-Mail: [email_address] Web: Blog: