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  • Source: AMR
  • Over 12,000 organisations across the globe use Sage CRM every day to manage and maximise the performance of their businessWith customers located in over 70 countries worldwide, Sage CRM is fully supported in English, French, German, Spanish and simplified Chinese. (Sage business partners have localised the product in several other languages)Sage CRM is a full suite CRM solution comprising sales, marketing and customer service automation – within these areas it offers deep functionality across a broad feature-setUnlike most CRM applications, Sage CRM integrates out-of-the-box with Sage ERP applications providing you with a 360 degree view across your businessSage CRM is easy-to-use with a choice of intuitive interfaces and on-screen coaching throughout to drive user adoption across your organisation Sage CRM is easy for users to customise to their own preferences, delivering a rich and personalised user experienceSage CRM boosts productivity by providing employees with an interactive dashboard from where they can manage all their daily tasks while delivering management with at-a-glance insight into overall business performanceSage CRM is fast to deploy – users can be up and running quickly increasing productivity, reducing administrative overhead and delivering rapid RoISage E-marketing for Sage CRM enables marketing users to communicate with prospects and existing customers in a compelling and timely manner using a bank of pre-designed quality templatesSage CRM is easy to customise – it provides extensive business process automation across the entire organisation and can be quickly adapted to capture new processes or modify existing onesBecause it can be deployed quickly and easily by Sage-certified Business Partners, it offers a low TCO which is ideal for SMBs in the current economic climateSage CRM is an award-winning solution and as has been listed by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation since 2003
  • Comprehensive list of benefits:Improves transparency in the sales pipelineEnhances sales forecast accuracyMonitors progress against quotaEnables quarterly sales performance monitoringLeads to improved win/loss ratioLeads to shortened sales cyclesIncreases prospect-to-customer conversion rateDelivers metrics on most valuable customersImproves consistency across the sales organisationEnables more effective identification of new market opportunitiesMaximises cross and up-sell opportunitiesReduces sales training costsEliminates manual/duplicated sales processesImproves team collaboration on opportunitiesDecreases time spent on administrative tasksImproves prospect targetingProvides visibility on sales team performance including identifying sales opportunities and pipeline potentialIncreases visibility on customer interaction across departments and activitiesAutomates proposal and quotation processesLeverages financial information from the back-office systemReduces time spent in the office on sales administration (more time on sales calls)Increases sales effectiveness through the ability to access and download customer information remotelyBoosts sales team productivity by delivering a single view of leads, opportunities, tasks and activities on the interactive dashboard
  • Comprehensive list of benefits:Offers highly competitive total cost of ownership• Requires minimum configurationout-of-the-box• Lowers administration and deployment costs• Easy to integrate with third-party applications• Easy to integrate with on-demand services• Offers integration with leading Sage ERP systems• Leverages previous investments in back-office solutions and internet technologies• Avoids “rip and replace” in the future• Scalable solution to accommodate growth and change• Offers flexibility to adapt to unique business processes• Supports mobile staff• Empowers end-users to be self-reliant around reporting requirements• Delivers enhanced security and privacy of customer and corporate data• Enables decreased administration associated with regulatory compliancy• Enables IT to spend more time on strategic projects rather than day-to-day issue resolution• Enables quick and easy batch import of users from a Windows® network with standard logons, increasing IT productivity and eliminating administrative overhead• Administrators benefit from a single point of entry from where they can manage existing Exchange users and add new users for ease-of-administration• Drives revenue growth• Improves profitability• Provides improved support for strategic decision-making• Enables real-time corporate performance management• Drives productivity across the entire organisation• Improves business/shareholder value• Reduces margin erosion• Reduces cost-of-sale• Reduces customer attrition• Reduces administration cost• Eliminates process bottlenecks• Reduces budget and performance variance• Delivers at-a-glance business insight via the interactive dashboard
  • – Extends conversations and collaboration with prospects and customersto social media channels– Enables users to identify how online conversations are affectingtheir brand– Helps organisations to identify their biggest online championsand influencers– Enables users to participate in online conversations with an engagedaudience without ever having to leave Sage CRM– Helps organisations to build and strengthen relationships with theircommunity of customers and prospects– Provides marketing teams with the ability to extend and link marketingcampaigns to social media channels– Enables users to easily manage and track competitors by monitoring theirpublic online conversations and blog articles
  • Sage CRM Presentation 2012

    1. 1. Sage CRM | Sales Presentation
    2. 2. Contents• About The Sage Group • Deployment Choice• Why Sage? • What the Analysts Say• Our Formula For Success • Some of Our Customers• Why CRM? • Sage CRM Features and Benefits by Role• About Sage CRM • Sage CRM and Social Media• Accelerating CRM Success • Why Sage CRM Wins • Next Steps
    3. 3. About The Sage Group plc Sage is a leading supplier of business management software and services to more than 6 million Our vision is to be the customers worldwide. most admired and respected business software and services From small start-ups to larger provider in the world organisations, we make it easier for companies to manage their business processes. 3
    4. 4. Why Sage?• Sage is the leading global supplier of business management software and related products and services for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs)• Formed in 1981, the Sage Group is an innovative leader in CRM with over 3.1 million Sage CRM Solutions users worldwide• Sage is a global company with 6.3 million customers, over 13,400 employees and 30 years experience• Sage is backed by a network of over 30,000 Sage-certified business partners globally, ensuring you get local, on-the-ground support• With a direct presence in 24 countries and over 13,400 employees focused on business applications, Sage is committed to delivering best-in-class business solutions to SMBs globally
    5. 5. Why Sage?We stand apart through:• The breadth and depth of our offering• The flexibility of our solutions• Superior support delivered locally by experts By being local and by who advise customers on technical matters building long-term and critical business issues relevant to their powerful relationships market with customers, we can• Providing services of the highest standard from the best people deliver outstanding service, which weWe aim to: believe is unmatched in• Exceed expectations our industry• Deliver extraordinary customer experiences• Enable our customers to be truly successful
    6. 6. Our Formula For Success • End-to-end business management for a front- to back-office view of the business • Recognised by over 12,000 • Quick to deploy with on-premise, customers as easy to use Award-winning hosted and Cloud-deployment options CRM• Direct presence in over 70 Sage Global countries worldwide Group Partner• Leading provider of CRM for • Over 1,000 partners globally small to medium-sized Plc Base • Easy to customise to meet businesses your business needs• 30 years business software • Experts in rapid deployment experience
    7. 7. Why CRM? Did you know that on average it costs 4 times as much to gain a new customer as it does to retain a new one?CRM Software therefore:• Helps build a great customer experience • Increases sales activity• Helps retain valuable customers • Tracks sales leads at every stage• Enables businesses to deliver an • Gets the right product, to the right exceptional customer experience customer, on time, every time• Delivers a 360 view of your customer
    8. 8. Sage CRMSage CRM is optimised specifically forsmall and medium businesses.Easy to use and quick to deploy in thecloud or on-premise, it delivers arapid return on investment so you seea positive impact on your businessstraight away.
    9. 9. Sage CRM – Global Strength, Local Focus
    10. 10. Sage CRM – Your Rapid Route to SuccessSage CRM offers customers arapid route to success and valuethrough its focus on ease-of-use, ease-of-deployment, ease-of-customisation, ease-of-integration, and ease-of-accessanytime, anywhere.
    11. 11. Accelerating CRM SuccessEase-of-Use Ease-of-Anywhere Ease-of- Business Fast, Flexible Access Customisation Integration Deployment• Easy to use • Fully web-based for • Open architecture for easy • Sage ERP integration • Cloud-based or on-premise anytime, anywhere access customisation deployment• Intuitive user interface • MS Exchange integration • Web access from any • Codeless customisation • Fully web-based for rapid• Easy to navigate mobile device • MS Outlook integration roll-out and ongoing • Fully customisable business administration• Easy to learn and adopt • Bespoke iPhone experience process workflow • Social media integration orchestration • Easy to use for rapid user• Easy to personalise • Real-time synchronisation • Web self-service adoption with MS Exchange • Fully customisable• Roles-based interactive dashboards • Easy integration with third • Rapid ROIdashboards out-of-the- • 24hr access to up-to-date party applicationsbox communications, calendar • Low TCO and contacts regardless of• Graphical workflow device or locationorchestration out-of-the-box
    12. 12. Cloud or On-Premise DeploymentCloud-based CRM • Get up-and-running immediately • Some, but not full, customisation capabilities • Ideal for business with limited or no in-house IT skills or expertise • Don’t need servers to manage, databases to administer, or nightly backups to performOn-Premise CRM • Advanced customisation and integration capabilities • Low total cost of ownership • Ideal for business with an in-house IT resources to manage their CRM solution • Keep control of your data on your own site
    13. 13. Great Features to Support your TeamsAward-winning CRM software to manage critical sales, marketing and customer servicesactivities every day. Sales Marketing Customer ServiceThe only place you’ll need to Generate more leads Manage every element oflook for everything you need through highly targeted your customer relationshipsto know about prospects and campaigns. with ease.customers.
    14. 14. Sage CRM for Sales - Features• Opportunity and Pipeline Management• Territory Management• Forecasting and Reporting• Sales Workflow• Lead Management• Quotes and Orders Processing• Calendar Management• Mobile Solution• Powerful networking through Integration• Sage CRM for iPhone
    15. 15. Sage CRM for Sales - Benefits• Ensures transparency in sales pipeline• Leads to better business planning from accurate forecasting “The system has played a significant• Provides visibility on sales performance part in growing sales. To compete in the market you want to have accurate information so you can make quick• Enables cross- and up-selling of opportunities decisions and that is something we have achieved with Sage CRM.”• Decreases time spent on administrative tasks Chakri Wicharn,• Automates proposal and quotation processes Information Manager, Fuji Xerox,• Increases visibility on customer interactions Thailand. across organisation• Leverages financial information from the back-office system
    16. 16. Sage CRM for Marketing - Features• Powerful e-marketing capabilities• Automatic campaign results tracking• Open, click and bounce-rate tracking• Over 90 attention-grabbing templates out-of-the-box• Integrated telesales follow-up• Campaign cloning• Document store and share• In-call data modification• Customer profiling and analysis• Rapid lead to opportunity management
    17. 17. Sage CRM for Marketing - Benefits• Produces highly targeted customer communications• Ensures customers receive the right message at “Sage CRM adds a new level of the right time professionalism to our direct mail, telemarketing and email campaigns. The detailed reports we generate give• Ensures accurate measurement of marketing us immediate results, so we can tweak a campaign RoI campaign for greater effectiveness. Our campaigns are at least 20 per cent more• Enables users to quickly execute e-marketing successful due to Sage CRM.” campaigns using pre-designed email templates Tom Matheny,• Enables marketing budget to be tracked and Database Marketing Manager, managed Buffalo Sabres• Enables users to share best practice with colleagues and execute consistent campaigns
    18. 18. Sage CRM for Customer Service - Features• Case Management• Escalation and notification alerts• Knowledge base• Workflow approval process• Detailed analysis on call volumes and case resolution• Traffic light monitoring• Web self-service• Staff performance monitoring• Bespoke company dashboard to provide tighter account management
    19. 19. Sage CRM for Customer Service - Benefits• Enables customer satisfaction measurement and benchmarking• Increases productivity of customer support representatives “Everyone in the company can• Assists with performance management and now see all the information they motivates staff need about customers so that we can service them better.”• Provides self-service facility to customers around common issues John Goddard, CEO,• Delivers a single view of relevant and Rockend Software comprehensive information on the interactive dashboard• Empowers the customer service team to provide a consistent and excellent service to customers
    20. 20. Sage CRM for IT & Management - Features• Component Manager• Fast, flexible deployment options – on-premise or cloud-based• SData support• MS Exchange Integration• Affordable and scalable• Library Management – get a full overview of your storage limits• Reporting and analytics• Integration to ERP systems• Budget control
    21. 21. Sage CRM for IT & Management - Benefits• Offers highly competitive total cost of ownership• Requires minimum configuration out-of-the-box “Since Sage CRM, Boomerang Media has become more efficient• Easy to integrate with third-party applications than ever. All the information that we process and require for our daily operation is now more• Integrates with Sage ERP for 360 view of customer organised which has really helped improve our business• Drives revenue growth efficiency.” Daniel Martinez,• Improves productivity across entire organisation Product Manager, Boomerang Media• Delivers at-a-glance business insight via the interactive dashboard
    22. 22. Sage CRM & Social MediaSage CRM integrates with key socialmedia applications to enable users toengage with prospects and customers in acollaborative manner in order to generateleads, foster loyalty, build customerretention and increase revenue.
    23. 23. Sage CRM and Social Media - BenefitsLinkedIn Integration• Enables sales team to better target prospects and prepare for sales callSage CRM for Twitter• Enables users to update, read and reply to Twitter directly from within Sage CRM• Provides marketing teams with the ability to extend and link marketing campaigns to TwitterInteractive Dashboard Gadget• Provides users with instant access to blogs, websites directly from within Sage CRM
    24. 24. Go Mobile. Take your Sage CRM with youSage CRM’s mobile solution deliversa rich user experience and providessales teams with the ability to workeffectively regardless of theirlocation. Sage CRM is available onthe Apple iPhone, Android andTablet devices.
    25. 25. Sage E-marketing for Sage CRMSage E-marketing for Sage CRMprovides easy to usefunctionality to enable users toexecute high-quality, targetede-marketing campaigns. Usersbenefit from a simple 3-stepwizard to easily create new e-marketing campaigns and achoice of over 90 templates toget started immediately.
    26. 26. Access Sage CRM from the Browser of your ChoiceCross-browser compatibilitywith Firefox, Chrome, andSafari (on Safari OSX) in allMain Menu areas. Supportedbrowsers include InternetExplorer 7, 8 & 9 and the latestversions of Safari, Firefox andChrome.
    27. 27. New Features in Sage CRM v7.1 SP2 (2012) Cross-Browser Document Attachment Mail Merge Library Compatibility Enhancements Enhancements ManagementAccess Sage CRM across all Attach and upload multiple Launching a new server side Manage library storagemodern internet browsers files in a single transaction mail merge solution with no from within Sage CRM andand work efficiently and benefit from a new plug-in requirements plus get a full overview of yourthrough the intuitive drag-and-drop mail merge for custom storage limits.modern, intuitive interface. solution. entities.
    28. 28. What The Analysts Say Strengths include: • End-user usability • Core opportunity management • End-to-end business process support, such as "opportunity to cash" Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation 28 July 2010 The solution’s primary strengths include a low price tag, strong usability, and quick time-to-value. The solution offers an intuitive admin UI, strong performance capabilities, and strong product help functionality. In Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation 28 July 2010 addition, the product integrates well with other Sage back-office software products. Source: The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites For Midsized Organizations, Q2 2010 , Forrester Research, Inc “Sage CRM had the highest vendor score in the small enterprise market primarily driven by its reach and channel strength, and is exemplary for ERP Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation 28 July 2010 integration.” and social media Source: Info-Tech Research Group Mid-Market ERP, Large Enterprise CRM and Small Enterprise CRM vendor evaluations 2012
    29. 29. Customer ROI • “60% efficiency gains have been achieved across the entire business”. Ayda Hornak, Infrastructure and Innovation Manager, Waivestar Group • “…within three to four months of implementing the new system, we were able to achieve fifty per cent growth in the business.” Steve Cumper, Founder, Medshop • ROI on the new system was achieved within 17 months. “Overcoming the account keeping overhead linked with duplication has saved us $55k per year in audit activity.” Ian Lindgren, Chief Executive Officer, PayMe • “The software can take some credit for an 8 per cent improvement in customer satisfaction ratings as well as revenue growth.” Chakri Wicharn, Information Manager, Fuji Xerox, Thailand
    30. 30. Just Some of Our Customers AutomotiveTechnology/ Software Services/ Retail MembershipOrganisationsHealth/Sport /Leisure
    31. 31. Sage CRM is used by over 12,000organisations in 70 countries worldwide
    32. 32. m-Computers Consulting GmbHYour Contact: Michael Reischer Thank you for your CEO Attention +1 (520) 363-1559 +49 (30) 374 900-15
    33. 33. See for yourself the difference Sage CRMcould make to your Sage CRM Sage CRM (Official Group) wwwsagecrmcom wwwsagecrmcom