Sage CRM Customer Successes<br />
Sage CRM Customer Successes<br />Services<br /><ul><li> Digitell
 Source Technologies
 Vedere Partners
 Asbestway Abatement</li></ul>Sport and Leisure<br /><ul><li> Buffalo Sabres
 Club One</li></ul>Banking and Finance<br /><ul><li> ifs School of Finance
Alliance and Leicester
 BDO Simpson Xavier
 Tilney Wealth Management
 Insight Investment
 First Active</li></ul>Manufacturing<br /><ul><li> Kayserberg Plastics
 Horizon</li></ul>IT<br /><ul><li> IONA
 Nexus Solutions</li></ul>Government<br /><ul><li>Louisiana Economic Development
Thai Ministry of Commerce</li></ul>Automotive<br /><ul><li> Avis
 Stapletons Tyre Services
 Acme</li></ul>Life Sciences<br /><ul><li> Metrohm-Peak
 Scientific and   Chemicals
 Inortech</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />
Digitell Uses to Maximise Sales Opportunities<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Digitell Inc, multimedia conference educ...
Source Technologies Improves Forecasting with Integrated Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Source Technologies, printing so...
Vendere Partners Improves Staff Communication with<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Vendere Partners, business sales so...
Mediaweave Strengthens Client Relationships with Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Mediaweave, marketing, communications an...
Asbestway Cleans up Customer-Facing Processes with Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Asbestway Abatement<br />Who:<br />Asbestway Aba...
Government<br />
Louisiana Economic Development Weathers the Storm with Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who: <br />Louisiana Economic Development, s...
Thai Ministry of Commerce Drives Customer Service Excellence with Sage CRM<br />Thailand<br />Who:<br />International Busi...
IT<br />
IONA Improves Decision Making with Sage CRM<br />Ireland<br />Who:<br />IONA, IT integration products and services <br />R...
ITG Benefits From Better Productivity with Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Information Technology Group Inc, IT consultin...
ITM Group Delivers Superior Customer Service with Sage CRM<br />UK<br />Who: <br />The ITM Group, communications infrastru...
Clear Direction for Nexus Solutions with Sage CRM<br />Hong Kong<br />Who:<br />Nexus Solutions Limited, integrated networ...
Sport and Leisure<br />
Buffalo Sabres Serves Fans Better with Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Buffalo Sabres, North American Hockey League team ...
Club One Improves Health with Integrated Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Club One, large fitness clubs <br />Requirement:...
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Sage CRM Customer Successes Presentation - english


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Sage Saleslogix customer successes presentation - english

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Sage CRM Customer Successes Presentation - english

  1. 1. Sage CRM Customer Successes<br />
  2. 2. Sage CRM Customer Successes<br />Services<br /><ul><li> Digitell
  3. 3. Source Technologies
  4. 4. Vedere Partners
  5. 5. Mediaweave
  6. 6. Asbestway Abatement</li></ul>Sport and Leisure<br /><ul><li> Buffalo Sabres
  7. 7. Club One</li></ul>Banking and Finance<br /><ul><li> ifs School of Finance
  8. 8. Alliance and Leicester
  9. 9. BDO Simpson Xavier
  10. 10. Tilney Wealth Management
  11. 11. Insight Investment
  12. 12. First Active</li></ul>Manufacturing<br /><ul><li> Kayserberg Plastics
  13. 13. YoCream
  14. 14. Sirromet
  15. 15. Precision
  16. 16. Tensar
  17. 17. Horizon</li></ul>IT<br /><ul><li> IONA
  18. 18. ITG
  19. 19. ITM
  20. 20. Nexus Solutions</li></ul>Government<br /><ul><li>Louisiana Economic Development
  21. 21. Thai Ministry of Commerce</li></ul>Automotive<br /><ul><li> Avis
  22. 22. Stapletons Tyre Services
  23. 23. Acme</li></ul>Life Sciences<br /><ul><li> Metrohm-Peak
  24. 24. Scientific and Chemicals
  25. 25. Inortech</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />
  26. 26. Digitell Uses to Maximise Sales Opportunities<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Digitell Inc, multimedia conference education, recording and marketing <br />Requirement:<br />Burdened by an inefficient, manual system, <br />Digitell struggled to manage a rapidly <br />expanding customer database and a <br />burgeoning sales / marketing pipeline<br />Solution:<br /><br />Benefits:<br />Digitell can now better manage its pipeline, <br />provide enhanced customer service, optimise sales opportunities, and manage marketing activities with confidence<br />“Timely contact with prospects and clients has helped us land new accounts. Even though we invested in primarily to manage our sales and marketing efforts, it has served as a great overall solution.”<br />Steve Parker, Vice President<br />Digitell<br />
  27. 27. Source Technologies Improves Forecasting with Integrated Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Source Technologies, printing solutions<br />Requirement: <br />An up-to-date, scalable accounting and CRM solution that could handle detailed project accounting, complex sales orders, and sales data tracking and management<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM and Accpac ERP<br />Benefits: <br />Earned immediate investment return <br />with improved customer service, forecasting <br />accuracy, and inventory control<br />“We knew that if we could centralize all information, we would increase service levels, optimize sales force efficiency, improve accuracy and inventory control, and streamline just about every other business process.”<br />Tim Baker, Director of Information Systems, Source Technologies<br />
  28. 28. Vendere Partners Improves Staff Communication with<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Vendere Partners, business sales solutions<br />Requirement:<br />Previous CRM tool has limited visibility and hindered the company from implementing its own processes and systems<br />Solution:<br /><br />Benefits:<br />Opening up of communications within the organisation; distribution of leads and opportunities to territories; yielding large ROI<br />“ has exactly what we need. The others only deliver about 50 percent.”<br />Sean O’Neil, Vice President, <br />Vendere Partners<br />
  29. 29. Mediaweave Strengthens Client Relationships with Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Mediaweave, marketing, communications and technology solutions<br />Requirement: <br />With no centralized location for storing sales and marketing information, Mediaweave had trouble managing multiple users and a rapidly expanding database<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />After implementing Sage CRM, Mediaweaverealized an immediate return on investment and significant productivity gains<br />“We’ve been using the software like crazy and loving it! We’re getting an immediate return on investment and realizing big productivity gains, and we continue to tweak the product as needed.”<br />Eric Robichaud, CEO<br />Mediaweave<br />
  30. 30. Asbestway Cleans up Customer-Facing Processes with Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Asbestway Abatement<br />Who:<br />Asbestway Abatement Corporation, asbestos removal <br />Requirement:<br />Replace manual systems with a CRM solution to improve service, facilitate intra-department communication, and streamline labour intensive processes<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Improvements to customer service, communication, and processes enabling Asbestway to grow 40-50% in revenues, without increasing its workforce<br />“We’re able to hire less, even though we’re doing more business because of Sage CRM.”<br />MendyGorodetsky, President <br />Asbestway<br />
  31. 31. Government<br />
  32. 32. Louisiana Economic Development Weathers the Storm with Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who: <br />Louisiana Economic Development, state agency supporting local businesses<br />Requirement:<br />Replace GoldMine® with a morerobust CRM solution, whilemanaging disaster recoveryefforts for businesses struck byhurricanes<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Successfully assisted thousands of businesses, including providing temporary housing to more than 1000 displaced workers; improved marketing and project tracking, and financial accountability<br />“Based on our past experiences, LED assumed all CRM packages would be cumbersome and inflexible. That myth was quickly dispelled when we had to take a crash course on Sage CRM.”<br />Linda Regina, Director of Policy & Planning Louisiana Economic Development<br />
  33. 33. Thai Ministry of Commerce Drives Customer Service Excellence with Sage CRM<br />Thailand<br />Who:<br />International Business Consulting Centre, Ministry of Commerce - Thailand<br />Requirement:<br />Call centre relied on pen and paper to record enquiries made by customers through calls or walk-ins and were unable to leverage customer information across divisions<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Call centre and International Business Consulting Centre has seen immediate return on investment with improved internal operations and customer service<br />“There was minimal impact on our business operations during the implementation process. We did not need a huge budget to maintain and run the system, which saves us money.”<br />Kru Kate, Director<br />Thai Ministry of Commerce<br />
  34. 34. IT<br />
  35. 35. IONA Improves Decision Making with Sage CRM<br />Ireland<br />Who:<br />IONA, IT integration products and services <br />Requirement:<br />An automated system for tracking and assigning customer leads and a way to deliver more timely and accurate reports<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Common selling system for all regions, complete picture of customer lifecycle, accurate data for basing product strategy decisions on, ROI analysis of marketing campaigns, real-time view of sales processes, SAP integration<br />“With the aid of Sage CRM’s forecasting tool, we have been able to make strategic decisions. This has helped us to determine how our customers’ business models change, critical to maintaining competitive advantage.”<br />Cormac Ó Foghlú, Worldwide Infrastructure Manager, IONA <br />
  36. 36. ITG Benefits From Better Productivity with Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Information Technology Group Inc, IT consulting firm <br />Requirement:<br />Previously, sales and marketing could not provide adequate reporting functions or remote access to match busy consulting group’s growth<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM <br />Benefits:<br />Cut reporting time in half; sales efficiency went up by 10 percent; sales have risen 15 percent thanks to better information<br />“Sage CRM is a fantastic product. The more we use it, the more we appreciate it. We see it as a critical component of our success for years to come.”<br />Mark Severance, Director of Sales & Marketing, ITG<br />
  37. 37. ITM Group Delivers Superior Customer Service with Sage CRM<br />UK<br />Who: <br />The ITM Group, communications infrastructure provider <br />Requirement:<br />Following a period of growth and acquisition, the ITM Group needed to consolidate disparate systems to improve customer service<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Improved sales process, more targeted campaigns, real-time knowledge, and better data sharing and information retention, resulting in the delivery of superior customer service<br />“We managed a complete exhibition project within Sage CRM, from attaining prospects, tracking leads and enquiries that arose from the exhibition, to evaluating the return on investment and reporting on the overall success of the exhibition.”<br />Neil Curtis, Head of Marketing<br />ITM Group<br />
  38. 38. Clear Direction for Nexus Solutions with Sage CRM<br />Hong Kong<br />Who:<br />Nexus Solutions Limited, integrated network <br />communication, infrastructure and security <br />Requirement:<br />Replacing low-tier solution with a robust multi-region system to manage sales and marketing and standardise workflow to create holistic customer service approach<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Standardised lead processing, coordination between departments, easy tracking for outstanding leads, formulating coherent marketing strategies and events<br />“I have received several comments from clients saying that they are more satisfied with our support service as we respond to their needs faster and in a more efficient manner. In the end, our success comes from the satisfaction of our customers.”<br />Mr. Astley Yip, Sales Manager<br />Nexus<br />
  39. 39. Sport and Leisure<br />
  40. 40. Buffalo Sabres Serves Fans Better with Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Buffalo Sabres, North American Hockey League team <br />Requirement:<br />Combination of customer databases <br />required multiple data entry, prevented <br />strategic sales efforts, and produced errors<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Customer service administration time <br />reduced by 20 percent; detailed activity and demographic reports boosted sales significantly<br />“The greatest thing about Sage CRM is the way it ties everything together for us... This has streamlined our administration by 20 percent — and made our fans much happier.”<br />Tom Matheny, Database Marketing Manager<br />Buffalo Sabres<br />
  41. 41. Club One Improves Health with Integrated Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Club One, large fitness clubs <br />Requirement:<br />Through rapid growth, the need to centralise customer information and integrate to ERP to improve the way the business and customers were managed<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM and Accpac ERP<br />Benefits: <br />A real-time view of cash flow, visibility into the accounts of each business, and its customer base. Productivity has improved by eradicating duplication of effort <br />“We needed one system with a<br />unified reporting structure, that<br />still met the needs of each of<br />the divisions.”<br />Carey White, CFO<br />Club One<br />
  42. 42. Banking and Finance<br />
  43. 43. ifs School of Finance Uses Sage CRM to Improve Sales<br />UK<br />Who: <br />ifs School of Finance, educational body for finance professionals <br />Requirement:<br />To counteract a decline in members, a comprehensive, centralised and synchronised <br />store of customer information was needed to support sales teams on the road<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Higher revenue and stronger client relationships with the same sales force, and the ability to measure sales effort precisely against targets<br />“Sage CRM has helped us to open up more sales opportunities through better client management, without further expanding our sales force.”<br />Gary Millner, Corporate Relations and<br />Communications Director<br />ifs School of Finance<br />
  44. 44. Alliance & Leicester Banks on Customer Service with Sage CRM<br />UK<br />Who:<br />Alliance & Leicester, commercial bank<br />Requirement:<br />A number of systems were not delivering a complete customer view across divisions, restricting service, resulting in missed cross and up sell opportunities<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits: <br />Access to information across the organization, targeted marketing, greater call centre accuracy, improved customer service, insight into sales performance, more sales closed, better lead qualification<br />“With the combination of the innate usability of the system and its integration with Outlook™, we have found the feedback from users on the usability of the system to be a key factor in its success so far.”<br />Howard Worthington, Senior Manager Database Development <br />Alliance & Leicester<br />
  45. 45. BDO Uses Sage CRM to Enhance Marketing<br />Ireland<br />Who:<br />BDO Simpson Xavier, accountancy firm and business consultancy<br />Requirement:<br />BDO viewed customers at a department <br />level and wanted a more holistic view to take advantage of cross and up-sell opportunities<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Easier tracking and management of marketing efforts, more targeted campaigns, improved customer service through real-time access to information, increased support for cross-selling and up-selling <br />"There have been a considerable amount of cross-selling opportunities generated. Customers are now automatically informed of other services that are available, ensuring we are making the most of every customer interaction.”<br />Mark O’Connell, Marketing Manager<br />BDO<br />
  46. 46. Sage CRM Opens New Markets for Tilney<br />UK<br />Who:<br />Tilney Private Wealth Management, wealth<br />and asset management firm<br />Requirement:<br />To foster closer relationships with customers and intermediaries using technology <br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Better segmentation, monitoring and control of marketing activities, highly customised solution, on the road access for sales people, full relationship management for their key customers and influencers<br />"There were several reasons why we chose Sage - but the main one was the flexibility of the system. I found Sage CRM a very good implementation - it does exactly what it says on the tin. <br />Lee Wilson, Group Marketing Manager Tilney Private Wealth Management<br />
  47. 47. Insight Investment Sees Customer-Centric Services with Sage CRM<br />UK<br />Who: <br />Insight Investment manages funds for institutional and retail clients including HBOS plc <br />Requirement:<br />As a new organisation, Insight Investment needed a solution flexible enough to adapt to its changing needs<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Improved forecasting, instant analysis, better customer information and improved service through insight into communication between prospects and clients<br />“We wanted to create a company that took its direction from potential customers and investors. The feedback clarified our mission to build a company with CRM at the core of our business functions.”<br />Adam Pope, Sales & Marketing Manager Insight Investment<br />
  48. 48. First Active Builds a Better Bank with Sage CRM<br />Ireland<br />Who:<br />First Active, financial institution specialising in mortgages and loans<br />Requirement:<br />Expand routes to market through phone and Internet banking both for tactical and competitive reasons as new entrants offering phone-only mortgages were establishing foothold in market<br />Solution<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Built a single web-based access method that could be used throughout organisation; enabled First Active to offer mortgage and loan products entirely by phone and online<br />“We needed a solution to achieve our business goal — to offer customers new and easier ways of doing business with us. The Sage approach, customizability and integration, made it a successful choice to rapidly deploy new channels.”<br />Paul O’Neill, General Manager IT<br />First Active<br />
  49. 49. Manufacturing<br />
  50. 50. Kaysersberg Plastics Co-ordinates Operations with Sage CRM<br />UK<br />Who:<br />Kaysersberg Plastics, plastics manufacturer<br />Requirement:<br />To build and share knowledge, stored in different manual systems, for tighter management of project pipelines, improved communication across multiple sites, and automated reporting<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Increased sales efficiency, improved communication, 360º view of customers, convenient, low-cost, real-time 24/7 access, easy deployment in new territories with multi-language capabilities<br />“With Sage CRM, the next step is automatically built into the process, so we’re always moving forward to make the most of sales opportunities and build closer customer relationships.”<br />Mark Lightowler, Managing Director Kaysersberg Plastics<br />
  51. 51. YOCREAM Improves Lead Management with Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who: <br />YoCream International, Inc, wholesale <br />food products manufacturing<br />Requirement:<br />Counter-productive sales activity due <br />to lack of consistent communication between field sales reps and managers located all over the U.S.<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Better management of sales leads and <br />increased sales growth due to increased <br />communication among the sales team<br />“It’s been smooth sailing. The biggest gain is the ability to share customer and prospect databases with users. We want to better manage leads and accomplish sales growth, which we are seeing as a result of Sage CRM.”<br />Brad Gaylor, Information Systems Manager, YoCream<br />
  52. 52. Sage CRM Brings Cheers to Sirromet Wines<br />Australia<br />Who: <br />Sirromet Wines, premier winery<br />Requirement:<br />To build a one stop communications centre for sales, distribution and marketing to process orders quickly, respond to customers and plan for strategic growth<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Reduction in paperwork, better customer service through faster ordering, more accurate sales process, enhanced communication between departments and enhanced reporting<br />“It’s not just the wine that needs to flow smoothly when you’re trying to build a great reputation for wine making. A transparent exchange of information between sales, distribution and marketing is just as critical an ingredient for success.”<br />Ian Parker, IT Manager<br />Sirromet Wines<br />
  53. 53. Seamless Workflow for Precision Valve Singapore with Sage CRM<br />Singapore<br />Who:<br />Precision Valve, aerosol valve manufacturer - Singapore<br />Requirement:<br />Improve access to customer information and service across regions, standardise workflow and increase control over sales processes<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Easy handling of multiple currencies and languages, seamless integration and better governing of workflow process, a streamlined workflow and unified database, boosting productivity<br />“By automating workflow and providing a bird’s eye view of our customers, Sage CRM empowers us to take fast actions to make and keep customers happy and satisfied.”<br />Peter Ho, Managing Director<br />Precision Valve Singapore<br />
  54. 54. Tensar International Streamlines Sales Process with Sage CRM<br />UK<br />Who:<br />Tensar International Ltd, manufacturer of reinforcing polymer<br />Requirement:<br />A consolidated resource for tracking, monitoring and evaluating interactions with individuals and content for projects<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Five country system, smooth sales processes – even when individuals are reassigned, improved productivity, error reduction, visible sales process, improved efficiency<br />"Sage CRM was the only solution that addressed our requirements in all three areas – customer database, workflow automation & content management.”<br />Tim Oliver, Group Marketing Manager, Tensar International<br />
  55. 55. Horizon Spa & Pool Parts Makes Big Splash with Sage CRM Integration<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc, wholesale Spa and pool parts<br />Requirement:<br />Automate processing of 500 orders per day, including order entry, financials, warehouse management, and returns<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM and Accpac ERP<br />Benefits:<br />Without Sage software, Horizon would have to hire two people in shipping, three in the warehouse, and could only do 1/7 of its current business volume<br />“Sage CRM is a critical part of our company. If we didn’t have it, we’d be dead meat — and couldn’t even do $1 million a year, rather than the $7 million we do today.” <br />Becky Moore, Controller<br />Horizon Spa & Pool Parts<br />
  56. 56. Automotive<br />
  57. 57. Avis Enhances Customer Service with Sage CRM<br />UK<br />Who:<br />Avis UK, car hire firm <br />Requirement:<br />A non paper-based system to cope with service centre enquiries and a single integrated method of recording and responding to customer interactions<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits: <br />Centrally stored information, rapid return on investment, effective distribution of workload across customer service teams, reduction of incoming call abandon rate<br />“Our operators have a full service and booking history of callers, so we can build a much deeper impression of the ‘Avis experience’. Call resolution time is down, making it a more satisfying customer experience.” <br />Ann Gallagher, Customer Relations Manager, Avis<br />
  58. 58. StapletonsTyre Services Improves Sales with Sage CRM<br />UK<br />Who: <br />StapletonsTyre Services, tyre wholesalers <br />and retailers - UK<br />Requirement:<br />Stapletons wanted to improve sales forecasting and analysis to design marketing campaigns based on accurate information<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Access for users in multiple locations, integration with existing specialist application, customer service excellence, improved response times, targeted marketing campaigns<br />"In a highly competitive market, you need a sharp edge. Sage helps by creating a centralized repository of data, shared by all our teams – making it as easy as possible for any of the team to pick up and handle customer queries.”<br />Andy Scaplehorn, IT Manager<br />Stapletons<br />
  59. 59. ACME Truck Line Drives Customer Service with Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who:<br />ACME Truck Line Inc, flatbed trucking <br />Requirement:<br />To facilitate operational improvements, a web-based CRM solution capable of delivering a consolidated view of customer activities to every staff member involved with clients was required<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />An integrated framework for applying value-added services and support to new and existing customers. Using Sage CRM, the company was able to simplify many of its procedures<br />“By giving our managers, sales staff, and dispatchers the information they need to address all customer issues, this solution lets us streamline operational overhead and strengthen customer relationships with outstanding service.” <br />Mike Coatney, President<br />ACME Truck Line<br />
  60. 60. Life Sciences<br />
  61. 61. Metrohm-Peak Streamlines Business with Integrated Sage CRM<br />USA<br />Who:<br />Metrohm-Peak, laboratory equipment <br />distribution and services - USA<br />Requirement:<br />Metrohm-Peak needed to implement a <br />streamlined system for company-wide <br />communications and global business processes<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM and Accpac ERP<br />Benefits: <br />Metrohm-Peak is able to increase sales <br />productivity, give remote users access to <br />synchronized data, and support multilingual, <br />multicurrency accounting transactions<br />“By automating and streamlining our business, we are able to provide a higher level of service while reducing our cost of doing business.”<br />Kim Brewer, CFO<br />Metrohm-Peak<br />
  62. 62. Scientific & Chemicals Supplies Finds Growth Formula with Sage CRM<br />UK<br />Who:<br />Scientific & Chemicals Supplies Ltd, supplies local industry with laboratory equipment and chemicals - UK<br />Requirement:<br />A rapidly growing product range meant it needed a more robust system to integrate with an existing Sage ERP solution (Line 500)<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM<br />Benefits:<br />Shared view for customer service teams and sales reps, fast informed responses to customer queries, complete visibility of orders, web access 24/7 for a low cost<br />“Our Sage solution is at the heart of our business in helping us to focus on our customers and to process their orders more efficiently.”<br />Philip Palser, Operations Director Scientific & Chemical Supplies<br />
  63. 63. InortechOptimises Customer Loyalty with Sage CRM Integration<br />Canada<br />Who:<br />Inortech, chemical distribution- Canada<br />Requirement:<br />Inortech needed to speed up collections; enhance the tracking of customer information; improve sales processes; and minimise training time and related costs for new sales representatives.<br />Solution:<br />Sage CRM and Accpac ERP<br />Benefits:<br />Inortech has quicker, more reliable access to information; optimizes staff productivity and customer satisfaction; reduces training time; and closes more sales<br />“With all information readily available, sales representatives can deliver unparalleled customer service and strengthen client relationships. In short, Sage CRM delivers the business management capabilities we need to stay competitive.”<br />Jean-Marc Pigeon, President<br />Inortech<br />