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Internet marketing final ppt

  1. 1. The D vi neEqui ne Bl og iFi nal R ecom endat i ons mPow Poi nt Pr esent at i on erht t p://di vi neequi ogspot .ca/ Humber Internet Marketing Final Project Submitted By Michelle Redel BFA - April 24/2012
  2. 2. Perspective  Marketing through the Internet has many benefits: lesser marketing costs and wide exposure are the basic advantages of internet marketing.  There are many ways through which a company can promote its product and services in the internet- For instance through- various websites, emails, forums, blogs and articles. Internet marketing is a very effective tool for advertising and promotion due to audio-visual features.  Through online marketing, you can reach to masses. It focuses
  3. 3. Internet Users and PotentialReach
  4. 4. Internet Users World Wide
  5. 5. Internet Marketing as a Tool Internet Marketing as a tool can have many benefits. If you have a quick look at the previous 2 slides you can see by the statistics that the internet is a powerful tool because so many people use it and rely on it worldwide on a daily basis and continues to grow. This gives it an abundance of potential now and unlimited potential as we progress into the future as well. Even for small businesses who have a small budget for advertising and marketing can utilize internet marketing and reach as many as those big businesses who have bigger budgets to work with. This makes internet marketing user friendly and proves that you don’t have to be a genius to capitalize on the use and benefit from it, there are no boundaries.
  6. 6. OverviewList of all social media sites••!/DivineEquine1•••
  7. 7. Blog Topic - DivineEquine  My blog named DivineEquine is a personal blog dedicated to Equestrian Topics and discussions from The History on the evolution of the horse to current events in the Horse world. Posts may also include Horses related topics such as Horses in Art, Tips on Training, Nutrition, Breeding, Horses in Sports and Racing, Horse Vacations, or anything that I find current in the world of Horses.  I chose this topic because I have a lifelong passion for horses and thought it would be a topic that I would have plenty of resources to write and blog about. Its targeting audience is for people like myself who are Equine enthusiasts, whether it be through history and art, or perhaps as a rider, owner or breeder on a small scale.
  8. 8. Blog Persona The typical persona profile for my blog would be mostly females from those who see themselves as Equine Divas, to those who are more focused on horses as a hobby or own them for pleasure riding, etc. They are aged 20-50 years old, have some formal education and are employed in order to supplement what can be a costly venture even as a small time horse owner and equine enthusiast.
  9. 9. Target Market  Geographic and locations for this profile may include both town and country residents living in North America, Europe, Australia, and Central America.  Psychographics for this profile may include people who value Horses and outdoor activities, like to spend their extra time and money on horses as a hobby, or as amateur to advanced equine enthusiast.  Behaviouristics for this profile may include those who are looking for entertainment and information related to horses and the Equine industry, from those who have simple interest to those who are more informed formally by education.
  10. 10. Blog Post Title List forDivineEquine1. Eclipse and the DNA of a Champion - April 10/20122. Monterosso provided Godolphin with first Win since 2006 – April 4/20123. Horse Vacation Destinations – March 28/20124. Equine Vet Technologies Used Today – March 21/20125. OLG Proposes Redirection of Racetrack Subsidies – March 13/20126. Jockey Club sets up Racehorse Injury Reporting website – March 8/20127. Threats to Horse Racing Subsidy Sends Industry People to Defend their Turf – February 22/20128. Black Caviar Undefeated Queen Sprinter World Wide of Thoroughbred Racing as of 2012 – February 13/20129. A Horse , a Horse my kingdom for a Horse – February 7/201210. Children as Activists for The Million Dollar Horse March – February 1/201211. Muybridge and the Discovery of Four of the Floor – January 23/201212. Van Goghs Earlobe 2011 – January 20/2012
  11. 11. Summary of Performance Total Facebook Likes now 48 Pinterest 15 following & 15 followers Blog visits Pageviews to date is 572 Twitter 151 Tweets, 34 following, 18 Followers YouTube 7 Total subscribers HubSpot Grader 59
  12. 12. Business Review ofDivineEquine Blog: Besides using Google analytics I have also added tools directly onto my blog as shown above here. They are informative and add details for the viewer to see and the blog writer to show off. I like the clustr maps because it shows you exactly when and where the visitors came from. For Google analytics from Feb 1 – April 23 the totals are as follows:
  13. 13. Business Review ofDivineEquine 2Twitter: Total to date is 151 Tweets, 34 following and 18 Followers. I thinktwitter is my least favorite method of social media used. Basically most oftweets were streamed from my Facebook page. So I put the least amount ofeffort into it and the results basically reflect that. I’m personally not into“tweeting” because I feel no need to know tidbits of useless information every30 seconds and its not enough detail to really grab my attention. I really find itmore annoying then anything else really, so I would probably have slim to nouse for twitter for future use either personally or professionally. In summary, Iam not a sheep therefore I find no need to Tweet!Facebook: Currently is Total 48 Likes, Friends of Fans 17,887, weekly Totalreach 225 and 1 talking about this. As we already know that this informationchanges and varies from week to week as has been recorded in the metrics. Ifind facebook relatively user friendly and find doing daily posts is not aproblem as long as there is some relevant information to post. So I wouldpersonally and professionally continue to use facebook as long as it staysrelatively streamlined. I may not have the most likes but pushing 50 isfabulous for now considering it is still fairly new page.
  14. 14. Business Review ofDivineEquine 3YouTube: Although I did post regular weekly videos, I only ended up with 7 YouTube Subscribers. I’m not sure if its average or not but feel as the YouTube is really secondary to the blog itself and facebook and also harder to market in getting people to join it. I’m on the fence with it as a marketing tool and really depends on what your marketing and how much you want to put into a tool that may not give much back in terms of results or metrics from it.Pinterest: 15 followers and following. As for Repins I lost count because it does not automatically tally and save those results for you, but I did have many repins, it’s true. Again what you put in is what you get out of it, the more pins you add the more people take notice and repin, and join you - simple.Social bookmarks: The only bookmark I joined was Reddit, which notified me that in the category of horses that one is not allowed to post personal blog or website info, which I did anyways and managed to drive some traffic from it to my blog. StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious I did not have a chance to really touch upon or use them at this point but would in the future for business traffic.
  15. 15. Business Review & IndicatedActionsKey Learnings and Suggestions:What I learned with Internet marketing is that what you put in is what you get out of it. It is a very time consuming activity and depending on your chosen subject can determine how much traffic your site can drive to itself without any additional help vs. how much you need to work on optimizing your sites by using the various channels and methods of optimizing your site and driving traffic to it with tools to help make the site popular and savvy on the world wide web.If I was doing this as an actual business or to even make money personally then I would have to increase my efforts in order to maintain all of the elements that were created along with additional efforts to streamline and navigate additional traffic to the blogs and social media sites, in order to maximize its full potential. Such as joining more social book marking sites, joining more relevant social media sites and increase number of posted blog posts topics, etc.
  16. 16. Recommendationso Website : No I don’t plan on having a web-site at this point. If I were creating an actual business then most likely I would also plan to implement some type of E-commerce web-site in conjunction of what has already been started or suitable for a real Equine business on the Internet.o Blog: I am quite happy with my blog the way it is. I like the design and content I have created for it and will try to continue it even if it is just for personal use. Again if it were or does become a business, that in hopes to profit I would add more elements and put more time into it then I would be just for an assignment as it is now.o SEO: Strategies to improve search rankings could include joining more relevant social media sites, joining more social media book marking sites. Add a sitemap, as it lists all your site content on one, easy-to-use page which is great for visitors and search engine crawlers alike. Also try to target a few relevant, good-quality sites and directories that are full of useful info and that rank well on the search engines, and try to get a link back from them these web- sites. Web site usability and link development go hand in hand. People tend to link to sites whose content they find useful and informative.
  17. 17. Recommendations: PPC &Mobile o PPC: I only created one PPC and had someMobile Web technical issues as well. Key words could beApp Horses, Health, Equine, Nutrition, History, News,Creation Sports and Pedigree for starters. The competition is anyone in the equine industry with a blog, website or even print media campaign. The average cost per click could be 2.50 per click to start, again without having any budget information it is hard to even project an average cost for this type of Ad. o Mobile marketing: I find that this program is somewhat buggy as well. I would try to include all the relevant links from the social media section; Twitter, YouTube and the Blog to be included with the mobile marketing web application. Custom content could be used for specific stories or marketing of special products and sales, etc.
  18. 18. Top Ten Websites for AdDisplay List of Top 10 websites for Ad display: This would be more precise if there was an actual chosen product or service. However here is the List I have chosen for this category. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  19. 19. RecommendationsContinuedo Social media: For this section I thought that the efforts we had been doing is a social media campaign already and again I don’t have a specific product or service as it is general equine info and would need to establish this first to proceed with an actual campaigno Affiliate marketing: does not apply to my business at this time because the business needs to be clarified first. Also I would rather introduce affiliate marketing later after the business and marketing efforts have become almost exhausted with current efforts in order to keep most of the profits internally, rather then giving a commission at this point.o PR: As I’m not impressed with Pitch engine because I was unable to properly upload my intended press release, I highly doubt that I would use it again. If there is a better softwear to use then I’m full of ideas to write and release, until then scrap press releases done on Pitch Engine.
  20. 20. Email Marketing Recommendations Email Marketing: My sample Email newsletter is shown here to the right. For instance I would currently choose to write a newsletter around the issues facing the Horseracing industry with OLG and OHRIA currently:OHRIA Budget 2012 Action Update Last month, just after the Ontario budget was announced, we asked you to phone NDP MPPs and help make the case for protecting Ontarios horse racing industry. Together we mobilized thousands of people and were able to get our industry included as part of the NDP negotiations with the Liberals over the budget.On Tuesday, MPPs will vote on the budget for the first time. It is one of two votes that will happen in the next little while on the budget that could defeat the government.With the stakes so high it is critical that you phone NDP MPPs again to remind them how important Ontarios horse racing industry is to our economy. It is important that everyone in our industry share our stories with the NDP. We need the NDP to understand the serious degree of impact here.I have been impressed by the NDPs commitment to stand up and fight for our industry, and it is important in the coming days and weeks, we solidify that by making our concerns part of their negotiation.This presents an incredible opportunity, but one that will only be realized if we all stand together and everyone picks up the phone
  21. 21. RationaleWhy? Because I did it my way . . .Well not exactly I’m just trying to fulfill the course outline obligations by learning and trying to adapt to the ever changing technology available to marketers and those using the internet in the hopes of making it a profitable venture with whatever business happens to be the topic or target subject. So in part I would be using my own imagination and creative juices to maximize the flow of potential customers to my web- site. The other part would be more on a technical level as in how to follow directions given and implement new ones of my own that have potential to increase traffic and profits simultaneously.Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say, as it is somewhat by trial and error and the rest is up to the universe to deliver and respond to those actions and seeds that are put out there in hopes of achieving the desired response of the Marketing piece being produced.
  22. 22. DivineEquine for All the Equine Enthusiastson EarthHope you enjoyed the presentation. The End