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5 Essential power tips to sell more Kindle books on Amazon.

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Kindlepromotips warriors

  1. 1. 5 Essential Promotion Tips For Selling More Kindle Books On Amazon
  2. 2. Welcome, and thank you for downloading this free report.Writing a Kindle book is only the beginning. The success of your book will depend onthe amount of promotion that you are willing to put into it.Promoting a Kindle book is just like promoting an "offline" book.This short report will share some proven promo techniques and tips with you that willbring your Kindle book more traffic and sales.Before we get started, there are some important things that you should do when yousubmit your book to the Kindle store.Make sure you have a great looking book cover image. People DO judge a book bythe cover. Your book cover should invite people to click on it, so you better make itstand out from the rest.If you dont know how to create a great cover yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you for just $5.Heres a good one: me, a great cover will make a difference for your sales!Ok, lets get started…TIP 1: Always use a proper book description and use the rightkeywords and tags when you submit your book to the AmazonKindle store.Keywords and tags are very important if you want to get your book a top position inthe search listings.Keyword tags help customers, who are doing keyword searches on Amazon, findrelevant books.You can also ask friends and family members to enter tags. Dont forget to add yourbook to the right categories.BOOK TIP: If you need a great guide (at low-cost), I highly recommend you to geta copy of: Working Amazon: The Secrets of Amazon Tags & How to Get the MostOut of Them -for only $3.97. The info inside this guide will pay you back many manytimes.
  3. 3. TIP 2: Setup an author central page.Once you have your book listed for sale on Amazon, setup an author central page,and talk about yourself, your hobbies, your family, etc.Be sure to add your book to your profile page, and tell people why they should get acopy, mention the benefits, how your info can solve their specific problems, etc.You can link to your Amazon book page on your blog, website, Squidoo Page, HubPage, Facebook, Twitter, in your email sig file, etc.TIP: If you promote your Kindle book link, you can earn a little extra on each printand Ebook sale when you sign up for the Amazon Associates affiliate program at: and then use your affiliate link. This way youwill also earn a small commission on every book sale ☺TIP 3: Create a webpage or blog just for downloading a freechapter of your book.You can create a free chapter of your book, and make it available for people todownload your book sample.Theres no need to have your own web site to do this.You can setup a free blog at or a style that suits your books topic, and add some interesting articles thatrelate to your book subject. You can enter a link to your Amazon book (or booksample) below the articles.When creating a sample of your book, use the .pdf format so that your book canread on a any PC, Mac, Kindle reader and iPad.You can promote a preview -or trial- version of your book on Google for free.Making a preview copy of your Ebook available via Google will help you sell a lotmore books if people like the preview.To help people find your book, you need to match the content with user searches.Google Book Search will connect your preview copy with those people who arelooking for your keywords.Learn more at:
  4. 4. TIP 4: Join "Ebook", "Self Publishing" and "Writing" relatedFacebook Fanpages or groups, and interact with other membersand writers.Facebook has many fanpages and groups where you can meet other writers andauthors.You can post your opinion on Facebook pages, or comment on other peoples postsor questions. Just dont be spammy, or you may be banned.Always be polite, and helpful. Other people will start to like you if you act friendly,and follow your links.Here are some Facebook pages related to Ebooks and self-publishing to check out: you have written some useful articles that other members may enjoy, you can posta link to them.Theres no need to write long articles, a few short tips on a specific subject will dofine.As long as your info is relevant, you will be able to get people to click over to yourAmazon book page, main website or blog.Click here to download a (free) report that will help you to write articles fast.TIP 5: Write reviews for other books on Amazon.This technique is very effective.
  5. 5. Buy some books on the subject of your own book, and link the reviews to your ownauthor page, and from there, to your Kindle book(s).You can mention your book in your review if it’s closely related to the one you’rereviewing, but always be subtle about it, or your review can be removed by theauthor.You can write lots of reviews, thereby increasing the number of people who will seeyour name and find your book(s) on Amazon.You can also write an article, reviewing the related book(s) and submit these bookreviews to some of the biggest article directories.This way, people reading your article may visit the original book page on Amazonand when they browse the reviews, they will also see YOUR book link appear.- You can create an Amazon book list on your favourite topic(s) and include yourown books in there. Simply select a few books on your subject that complementrather than compete with your own, and write brief descriptions orrecommendations.Amazon book lists are very popular, and along with your reviews, they can greatlyincrease your visibility and the chances that people will find your book(s).TIP: You can allow anyone to send your articles to their Amazon Kindle, free andconveniently.Get the special code from here:, there you have it. 5 Essential Kindle book promotion tips that will help yourAmazon sales.BOOK TIP: John Locke wrote a great book explaining how he sold 1 Million Ebooksin 5 months. I have it on my Kindle and read it in one rush. It’s good info. Johnsbook is packed with practical tips that can help you sell more books. As an authoryourself, you should grab every tool you can to increase your sales.Each author uses a different marketing method. Find out what can work for you,what you can do a bit differently, and you’ll sell more copies. Period.Writing a book alone does not earn you book readers/buyers. Getting the word out inas many possible ways will.Wishing you all the best with your future book sales!Dirk Dupon
  6. 6. PS: If you want to take the shortcut to promoting your Kindle book, please take aminute to check out my Kindle Book Booster Website.