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MREA | Medical Real Estate Advisors


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Medical Real Estate Advisors is a healthcare real estate firm heaquartered in Houston, Texas.

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MREA | Medical Real Estate Advisors

  1. 1. WELCOME TO MREA Medical Real Estate Advisors Healthcare Real Estate SolutionsMREA | Medical Real Estate Advisors 1200 Smith Drive, Suite 1600 11200 Broadway, Suite 2350 www.mreausa.comHealthcare Real Estate Decisions Houston, TX 77002 Pearland, TX 77584
  2. 2. 1 ABOUT MREA PAG E Precision in Focus MREA believes that the success of our organization is predicated on the persistent development and effective management of a strategically built network of healthcare and real estate professionals to provide our clients with the most comprehensive solutions for business and real estate investment decisions. The ability to connect a growing network of physicians, investors, hospital systems and owners with real estate opportunities For more info visit our website: distinguishes MREA from general commercial real estate practitioners and organizations. www.mreausa.com How we bridge the gap between the two industries, while sharpening our awareness of the recurrent regulatory complexities of both, provides MREA with a distinct, competitive advantage within the real estate profession.MREA 713.701.7900 www.mreausa.comMedical Real Estate Advisors
  3. 3. 2 OUR SERVICES PAGE Healthcare Real Estate SITE SELECTION & LEASING & ASSET & ACQUISITION BROKERAGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MREA conducts MREA attracts healthcare MREA manages built and to- routine, selective evaluations providers through its be-built projects by fostering on facilities and land that may strategically built real estate close relationships within the be leased or purchased for the platform. We will manage any medical and real estate purposes of medical opportunity by exposing it to industries. MREA leads with investment or use. the most likely candidates. decisiveness and diligence. FINANCING & CONSULTING & INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT VALUATIONS PARTNERSHIP With experience that spans MREA provides thorough Our company founders include decades, our leadership will business and real estate professional business and advise and direct clients with examinations for accounting professionals that experience and confidence for lenders, healthcare providers are competent in healthcare any capital structuring, and owners. These services real estate joint partnership or facility need. parallel our professionalism. ventures, investments and partnerships.MREA 713.701.7900 www.mreausa.comMedical Real Estate Advisors
  4. 4. 3 OUR TEAM LEADER PAGE Commitment to Excellence Robert S. “Bob” Lowery is the Managing Partner of MREA Medical Real Estate Advisors. Mr. Lowery has experience in various aspects of commercial and healthcare real estate including appraisal, development, management and brokerage within the Greater Houston area since 1998. Robert S. “Bob” Lowery Managing Partner Mr. Lowery’s passionate decision to create MREA was based on foundational experience within 3 of the top 5 leading general • 13+ Years of Commercial commercial real estate brokerage firms nationally. Most recently within & Healthcare Real Estate his company, Mr. Lowery was the top healthcare real estate specialist Experience among 40+ associates in a challenging transactional marketplace. His extensive client list and daily interactions with healthcare decision- • Over $1 Billion in makers and investors has set MREA out with a creative, yet clear vision. Leasing, Management and Disposition Duties Mr. Lowery’s dedication to his craft, in which he demonstrates a tremendous appetite for knowledge regarding the Greater Houston and • A Texas Healthcare Real Texas medical communities is precisely how he controls the detailed Estate & Medical Summit components and negotiations essential to a successful deal-making. Leading Speaker Mr. Lowery is currently spearheading several initiatives to promote the • Houstonian Since 1985 company’s position within all of Texas’ major metropolitan cities.MREA 713.701.7900 www.mreausa.comMedical Real Estate Advisors
  5. 5. 4 OUR ACTIVITY PAGE Exclusive Assignments & Closings Site Selection / Acquisition 7 Texas Medical Center Land, Medical Office Projects in 4Q 2011 Building, Surgery Center Land, Shopping Center 4 Leasing / Brokerage 2 Medical Office Buildings For Lease, Medical 3 Building For Sale, 3 Tenant 1 Representation, Sublease 0 1 Asset / Property Management Medical Facility Consulting / Valuations Investment Entity, Physician Group, 2 Broker Opinion of Value (Lender) Investment / Partnership Facility Joint VentureMREA 713.701.7900 www.mreausa.comMedical Real Estate Advisors
  6. 6. 5 HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT PAG E SPECIALIZED platforms, our associates will SERVICE PLATFORM assist in core healthcare real MREA is a full-service capable, medical estate services focused real estate firm that works with such as leasing, healthcare providers to augment existing acquisition, disposition, management, as business plans and strategies for well as the dynamic needs of site growth, stability or consolidation of their selection, development, financing and real estate portfolio. business consulting. Our firm will provide comprehensive real As healthcare real estate service estate solutions at any stage of the formal providers, MREA will represent its clients planning or implementation by facilitating the special requirements of process. Utilizing our prior experience each particular medical assignment with within generally focused brokerage creativity, sincerity and professionalism.MREA 713.701.7900 www.mreausa.comMedical Real Estate Advisors
  7. 7. 6 HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT PAG E SPECIALIZED and package it to span both industries; healthcare and real estate. While most MARKET RESEARCH traditional brokerage companies rely on third party research that is not located Typically, real estate is the second or third within their marketplace, nor retain largest expense for healthcare service specialists within medical real estate to providers. Pair this with fact that real estate provide directional assistance, MREA has is one of the most cyclical sectors and is the unique advantage to retain and advise extremely dependent upon outside factors our clients with far greater information including interest rates, employment than that of our competitors. rates, new construction, global growth, as well as stable lending and credit markets. Currently, our market research team is identifying and qualifying medical market Because of these relative leads that extend past unreliable online uncertainties, MREA feels it is of paramount sources. Our coverage is not only greater importance to retrieve the most current in volume, but abundantly more reliable. Texas market dataMREA 713.701.7900 www.mreausa.comMedical Real Estate Advisors
  8. 8. 7 HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT PAGE SPECIALIZED arena. With a professional history that spans two decades, our leadership has RELATIONSHIPS developed these essential relationships within the Greater Houston medical Utilizing third-party brokerage, development community. Our growing list of real estate and management services for healthcare knowledge leaders and resources includes real estate can preserve capital resources for lenders, appraisers, attorneys, architects, acute care needs and investments in cpas and construction firms. Relationships technology. It can also result in more are not competitive lease rates and mitigate only potential conflicts in the landlord & tenant important, relationship. To ensure that our clients they are receive the greatest potential opportunities vital to our that the market has to offer, we rely on our clients real growing network of health care estate relationships, inside and out of the medical needs.MREA 713.701.7900 www.mreausa.comMedical Real Estate Advisors
  9. 9. 8 PARTNER WITH MREA PAGE 10 Ways We Can Help 1. Partner in physician alignment for 6. Partner in monetization of assets to creation of ambulatory center with or reinvest proceeds into existing without hospital system operations or other ventures 2. Partner for ownership and operation of 7. Partner in marketing of a medical medical facility facility for shared vision 3. Partner in redevelopment of medical 8. Partner in financing projects that office space to accompany larger users require physician collaboration 4. Partner in rehabilitation of land or 9. Partner in redesign of medical space to building to serve community interests serve professionals and patients 5. Partner in structuring lease packages 10. Partner in business valuation for competitively to attract physicians merger or acquisition needsMREA 713.701.7900 www.mreausa.comMedical Real Estate Advisors
  10. 10. 9 CONTACT US PAGE MREA | Medical Real Estate Advisors Our Business Office Address: 1200 Smith, Ste 1600, Houston, TX 77002 Phone: + 1 713 701 7900 E-mail: office@mreausa.com Website: www.mreausa.com Social networks: Robert Lowery’s Private Office wordpress.com/ourblog Address: 11200 Broadway, Pearland, TX 77584 Phone: + 1 832 275 6514 linkedin.com/robertlowery E-mail: rlowery@mreausa.com linkedin.com/mrea Website: www.mreausa.com twitter.com/mreatexasMREA 713.701.7900 www.mreausa.comMedical Real Estate Advisors
  11. 11. THANK YOU For This Opportunity!MREA | Medical Real Estate Advisors 1200 Smith Drive, Suite 1600 11200 Broadway, Suite 2350 www.mreausa.comHealthcare Real Estate Decisions Houston, TX 77002 Pearland, TX 77584