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The future of video games


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The future of video games from friv games

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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The future of video games

  1. 1. The Future of Video Games
  2. 2. The only thing he thought of video games, which can happen in the future. I hope to work in thegaming industry, a day after I completed my university, I wondered for a long time. What I wantto happen in the future? Can not be too many answers right now, but I came up with some ideasthat I can go “play” in the near.First, forget about virtual reality as we know it. They tried VR goggles and they made manypatients do. Obviously does not work well with this form. It’s still there, you can buy them yet,but does not seem to really take off. It may take more to get people totally immersed andinvolved in new forms of play. Threatened to lose contact with the outside world and thosearound you do not appreciate much. Sci-fi neural implants are also so much, is unlikely to beaccepted by most people without heavy marketing of luck. I’m not going to have surgery just toget your PC connected to my head. In fact I do not want anyone to be able to suit me.Technology brought to me with an emotional anchor in “local time Science Technology Centers”(kind of museum of science, science aims to laugh young children and adults like yours truly) is“augmented reality.” Augmented reality is a virtual reality overlay of real world items, like a pairof transparent glasses to see some of the elements of what is really there. agree with the presenterthat can be for some incredible potential. Forget all the useful applications, such as socialOfficers can view underground pipes before digging and I think from the perspective of thegame. This technology can offer players the ability to run like complete idiots fire does not existin real life things, and can not One can see, just like the movie “Alive!” Make it would be fun.Create a group from the University of South Australia ARQuake project, “the combination of theclassic Quake shooter with augmented reality technology. Again, this technology may not bevery popular, but that would be fun to play with.The technology has brought the industry to play a lot of time with new games always trying tostay one step ahead of the competition. It started way back in the early technology even today.
  3. 3. 2D graphics gave way to 3D and 3D have become better and better. Graphics begin to lose theability to influence as they did before. Step between Quake 2 and 3 are amazing, but Doom 3,and visually very impressive is not leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors in the same waynew games first. 2D graphics is facing similar problems, to reach a point where you can not domuch more with graphics technology. This is a change from painting to pursue this technology tobe art. I hope that they will start to move away from display technology, which is due to playgames and make great entertainment. Games like Zelda: Wind Waker or the Sims, and try toshow more depth of characters through simplifying the game enough to describe the feelings thatwe hope will become more common (and more fun … but this is only the prospect one person…). Technology plays an important role in the process some emotion and history, but verydifficult to focus on all at once. When technology is easier and less important than the sale of thegame expecting to see an increase in games throws an impression.Unfortunately, to some extent, the emergence of “regular player” can lead to more of the gamejust came out. Although I personally would like to see deep into the story, characters, and thereare a large number of players there who wants to get the game for twenty minutes or more, havesome fun, then it will come later. These players are usually less interested in the technology ofhope are more interested in this kind of “fast food” to entertain sick today, despite the lack ofquality or long term effects. Latest and greatest, there are two kinds of peace to exist despite therecent game I’ve seen some developers to reduce the depth of titles designed to accommodatesome casual games and more.As the technology to push the boundaries forward late in the damaged system. We saw a fewyears ago, of course, can be Bleemcast Playstation games on Dreamcast, and PC can run justabout anything that can be simulated software. Unit can simulate keyboards and other deviceshas announced a new feature to play computer games. 2 Xbox and our models in planning camein the case of personal computers and the ability to run both PC software and Xbox software.Macs can emulate the programs of Windows, and vice versa. You will probably see a bigdifference between consoles and computers, where the price of technology continues to decline,and devices continue to become more powerful and able to compete with more expensivecomputers. Ideally see a single platform comes on top, so you can run everything without buyingdifferent hardware redundant, although it has shortcomings to be able to create a monopoly forone company in particular.Low price of technology, and increase energy in portable devices more powerful than ever. Realgame, not just a simple game is now available for mobile phones. He began the emergence ofPDAs and mobile phones have the ability to play games to raise awareness of mobile games,new competitors to enter the area previously controlled the first game of a child’s Nintendo.Gp32 is a new product, an emulator that can work differently and therefore, many different gamesystems (including some games PC).Play Friv Game online now!