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Pioneer Childs Chores


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Reading comprehension for WebQuest entitled, "A Day in the Life of a Pioneer".

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Pioneer Childs Chores

  1. 1. Life in the Pioneer Times Early in the morning, while it was still dark, pioneer children arose to do chores. Some of the chores for which they were responsible were done even before the children had breakfast. Chores children worked at depended upon the season, the area they lived in, and how many people were in a family to help out. Some of the more common chores children worked at were feeding and milking the cows in the morning and evening, cleaning out pens, and gathering eggs. In many homes, the girls helped out with chores within the home, like cooking, cleaning, caring for younger children, and laundry. Girls and boys gathered food from gardens, helped with the crops, and helped to cut and pile wood for the winter. Children were expected to work hard during pioneer times. The jobs they were responsible for doing were important to the survival of their families.