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Where are we now? UK hyperlocal media and community journalism in 2015

Slides highlighting some of the key findings and recommendations from a new landscape report on the state of hyperlocal publishing in the UK, written for Cardiff University and innovation charity, Nesta.

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Where are we now? UK hyperlocal media and community journalism in 2015

  1. 1. Emerging evidence in the UK Damian Radcliffe, Honorary Research Fellow, JOMEC
  2. 2. Where we were Nesta launches “Here and Now” in 2012 • Accompanies launch of Destination Local programme • Strong on case studies and analysis • Shortage of data and facts We have learned lots since then…
  3. 3. Market Size
  4. 4. Content Analysis
  5. 5. Publisher Survey
  6. 6. Civic, Public and Journalistic value
  7. 7. But challenges remain Sustainability • Financial • Personnel Profile and Recognition • Discoverability • Relationships with traditional media, politicians and regulators • Access to non-financial resources and services
  8. 8. Underpinned by the financial reality
  9. 9. Solutions Research Policy Industry
  10. 10. Research More of the same please = longitudinal analysis
  11. 11. Policy
  12. 12. Industry: Tech
  13. 13. Industry: BBC
  14. 14. Industry: Commercial Media
  15. 15. No silver bullet… Thanks for listening …But collectively can make a difference