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Social Media in MENA during 2013


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These slides, curated and analysed by ictQATAR's Damian Radcliffe and Shahd Dauleh, look back at the key developments and data points in the Middle East's social media scene during the past year.

Key themes include:

1) Some wide variances in usage amongst different age groups and other demographics

2) Increased Social Media penetration and usage across countries, nationalities and age groups,

3) The continued growth of social media activity in Arabic,

4) YouTube's continued growth, especially on mobile, and;

5) The emergence of platforms such as Vine and Keek, and the evolving usage of Instagram and Facebook for eCommerce.

And more!

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Social Media in MENA during 2013

  1. 1. Social Media in the Middle East The Story of 2013 Social Impact Department ictQATAR January 2014
  2. 2. High levels of daily Internet use Booz and Co. report shows that people in the Middle East are well connected to the Internet, across all age groups, although not surprisingly young people (the Arab Digital Generation aged15-35) are more connected than elders. Arab Digital Generation 15-35 Arab Regional Generation 36-48 Arab National Generation 49-65 Booz& Co. Generations A Difference and Similarities across the Arab Generations:
  3. 3. Wide social network reach Northwestern’s Media Use in the Middle East:
  4. 4. High daily usage of social media Bahrain leads GCC countries in terms of daily time spent on social networks, at 4.1 hours. Even at the lower end of the scale, UAE respondents were on social networks for an average of 2.7 hours each day. Northwestern’s Media Use in the Middle East :
  5. 5. Facebook
  6. 6. New data published by Facebook shows: • 56 million active users on Facebook in MENA. • 28 million log on daily, 15 million via mobile. • 33 million access accounts via a phone or tablet each month. Qatar Tribune:
  7. 7. How Youth Use Facebook From Arab Youth Survey:
  8. 8. Arabic Language Thrives On Facebook From 5th Arab Social Media Report:
  9. 9. Leading Social Network Site in MENA From 5th Arab Social Media Report: Question: Which of the following sites do you use? Northwestern’s Media Use in the Middle East:
  10. 10. Egypt Dominates Although Egypt has the largest number of Facebook users… UAE is the country with the highest penetration rate. Number of Facebook Users in the Arab Region between June 2010 and May 2013 (Top 10 Facebook populations). From 5th Arab Social Media Report:
  11. 11. Facebook: A Decline? Some countries continue to have a growing Facebook population. But some countries have seen a decline. 5th Arab Social Media report:
  12. 12. Facebook for Retail • Local businesses using Facebook as a portal for retail, with payment usually on delivery. • Examples: Foulard, Anayah, Fanilla Couture.
  13. 13. Twitter
  14. 14. Twitter at a Glance Total number of active Twitter users in the Arab world reached 3,766,160 users as of March 2013. “Active user” is someone who logs in at least once a month. Estimated number of tweets produced by Twitter users in the Arab world was 5,564,890 tweets per day in March 2013. 5th Arab Social Media Report:
  15. 15. Arabic thriving on Twitter The 5th Arab Social Media report showed the continued growth of Arabic as a % of tweets. Now nearly ¾ of all MENA tweets are in Arabic.
  16. 16. Saudi home to most active Tweeps • The Top 5 tweeting countries are all non -English speaking Source: Image: • Saudi Arabia has the highest Twitter penetration of anywhere in the world.
  17. 17. And dominates MENA volumes • Saudi Arabia alone, produced almost half (47%) of all tweets in the Arab world Tweets in the Arab World 5th Arab Social Media Report: • Egypt produced 12% • UAE produced 11%
  18. 18. Most Followed Twitter Accounts in MENA From Top 100 Arabs Website:
  19. 19. YouTube: MENA Overview • 285 million videos are viewed every day - the second-highest regional consumption in the world. • Across the Middle East, two hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. • Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and UAE lead the number of playbacks. • 50% of all views in KSA are via mobile. In UAE this figure is 40%. 5th Arab Social Media Report:
  20. 20. Saudi Dominates Again Saudi is the #1 country in the world in terms of YouTube viewers. With more than 90 million daily views to YouTube. Al Arabiya: Image:
  21. 21. Some high profile channels and trends
  22. 22. Further examples The Van Damme Volvo ad was spoofed, to create a humorous commentary on financial hardships in Jordan and Gaza.
  23. 23. Emerging Networks & Platforms
  24. 24. Growing LinkedIn Use • 5.8 Million users in 2012 • Grew to 10 million in 2013 Tfour: Wamda:
  25. 25. Vine/ Keek • Arab Vines has 11,004 likes on Facebook • Local vines: Palestinian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Syrian, Sudanese Vines • Arab Keek facebook page 441,342 likes and 58,282 “talking about this”
  26. 26. Instagram • Growing trend of using Instagram by businesses • Local business examples includes: GulfCenter (catering company), 3abella (Abaya sale KSA), Foulard (Hijab sale KSA) ..etc. Digitalks.ME:
  27. 27. Social Media & Society
  28. 28. Trust: Social Media grows as source of news for Youth Arab Youth Survey:
  29. 29. How Social Media Can Help People 86% believe social media empowers entrepreneurs through branding and marketing (90%), tapping into wider markets (86%) and entrepreneurial spirit within the entreprise (84%). 81% agree that having national social media policies would facilitate better use of social media in the workplace. Social media can help youth enter the workforce through job matching (70%), and up-skilling (84%). Social media influences the workplace by triggering more customer satisfaction (85%), increasing trust between co-workers (78%), and boosting intra-agency collaboration.