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10 things you need to know this week (w/c 14th May 2018)


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Journalism student wins Pulitzer, Israel, Brands and Alexa, Quoting Enough Women, Microsoft's new $22,000 mega-tablet, Instagram addiction, Charlie Rose and #MeToo, Facebook's “Bad” Content Report, Staged Lambos, Google News' plans to pop your filter bubble

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10 things you need to know this week (w/c 14th May 2018)

  1. 1. Week 7, Spring 2018 J408/508: Demystifying the Media 10 things you need to know this week
  2. 2. Meet the journalism student who found out she won a Pulitzer in class • Mariel Padilla, 23, master’s student at Columbia Journalism School • She worked with more 59 journalists in a 7-day intense chronicle about the Cincinnati's heroin crisis. Here’s the Inquirer's story. • “Seven days of heroin” by The Cincinnati Enquirer • The staff from The Cincinnati Enquirer won the prize on local reporting • As intern, she was in the right place, at the right time • But, she made the difference. In her own initiative, she developed a database for all the reporters. There, she documented the time, location and the nature of every opioid-related arrest. • “She knows exactly how to find a story out of data and ask the right questions; that’s one of the most important skills.”
  3. 3. Israel on Split Screen Summary + cite Industry Source you found this in • Under the Trump Admin, the U.S. has moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem • Monday was supposed to be a big media win for the Trump Administration. The networks were all primed to provide ample coverage -- Big media win for Palestine • An awkward split screen played out in the media when many died during the protests • The smiling faces of dignitaries (Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu) airing on one side contrasted greatly with the scenes of violence and chaos in Gaza. What surprised you/why this matters • Liberal and conservative outlets, including FOX, were quick to cover the chaos in Gaza and success/celebration in Jerusalem • Additionally, the decision hinders any positive movement of a peace agreement or a two state solution in the near future Julia Teitelbaum
  4. 4. How brands can keep their identity while using Alexa’s voice Summary + cite Industry Source you found this in: • Amazon Alexa has grown dramatically since its birth in 2017 with over 50 billion searches. • Brands are retaining their identity and personality by creating key phrases. • For example: • Domino’s AI personality, Dom, is on hand to respond to customer questions with a quirky and fun tone of voice that reflects Domino’s brand. • Although, Dom will not speak in his own voice, he still has to use Alexa's. What surprised you/why this matters: • With the way tech is constantly growing and our ability to produce AI, I was surprised how difficult and how strong of barriers there are to create a new voice. • Why aren't they able to produce different voices such as male, female, accents and etc.? • Why this matters is because it shows how evolved our world has become/is becoming with AI technology as well as the strong emergence of voice, but it also highlights the laziness of the new public (need a code or can just order freely? Kids..) Lauren Terry
  5. 5. I’m Not Quoting Enough Women by David Leonhardt Summary • Adrienne LaFrance was a freelance journalist who decided to explore the gender breakdown of the people she was quoting. What she expected was different than the results. Only 25 % of her quoted sources were women--similar to the overall share in media. • Since LaFrance’s work, the underrepresentation of women's voices has been recognized and addressed. -For example, Ed Young (The Atlantic) wrote a piece on how he was working to quote more women. • David Leonhardt addressed the skepticism that some people had about efforts to quote more women: “The problem isn’t journalism or panels, and it’s silly to pretend otherwise. Many fields remain dominated by men. Of course their voices are more prominent. Let’s work on the pipeline, not some kind of quotation quota.” -The pipeline: making sure men and women have equal opportunities to serve in government, run organizations and become experts. -Journalists and organizers aren’t going to solve the gender imbalance by themselves. • “All of which means that journalists aren’t being neutral if they just go about their business and pretend to ignore gender. They are allowing sexism to help dictate their sources — and are perpetuating the problem. • What surprised you/why this matters -Women in several professional fields have got together to create female-expert lists. -Brookings Institution will launch a database of female experts in technology. -Hundreds of men have signed a petition to not accept a position on an all-male panel. -Website ‘Gender Avenger ‘ keep statistical data on panales and guest appearances -Tumblr called “Congrats you have an all male panel” → manels Emily Poole
  6. 6. Microsoft is launching a new version of its $22,000 mega-tablet - and it looks super futuristic Summary • Microsoft unveiled the Surface Hub 2, a mega-sized 50.5-inch Windows 10 tablet for conference rooms (launches 2019). • Users will have the power to switch the tablet from portrait to landscape orientation due to an incorporated hinge on the back. • Can combine multiple Surface Hub 2s and converge them into one big screen. • Thinner and lighter then the Surface Hub 1 (83 inches). • What surprised you/why this matters • I found this interesting because of the push for more interactive technology combining physical space and user interaction. • Could lead to more practical uses such as incorporating this idea in homes, schools, etc. (Made me think of sci-fi movies where everything is touchscreen). • Implication: price isn’t practical - limits the target market. Charlie Walton
  7. 7. Instagram will soon show you just how addicted you are to the app Summary + cite Industry Source you found this in: • Instagram is planning a new feature that will show people how much time they spend on the app. • The new feature was uncovered by computer scientist Jane Manchun Wong, and confirmed by Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. • More tech companies are trying to introduce time management features to fend off criticism that they encourage people to spend too much time on their phones. What surprised you/why this matters • This matters because our addiction to social media tends to be excessive, and we never know when to stop using social media platforms like Instagram. • Hopefully, features like this will bring self-awareness to all of us about how much time we spend on social media and why we should manage our time on social media platforms. • Features like this should bring awareness to tech companies, as well, to deliver better usage controls to devices for children. Kaulana Dilliner
  8. 8. Charlie Rose accuser: Don’t call him a villian Summary • Kyle Godfrey Ryan says people are multifaceted and Charlie Rose is brilliant and a predator • People should reflect on themselves • What surprised you/why this matters • Recent events, #metoo trend • Opposite viewpoint • Personally unsure Hannah Lee CNN’s Reliable Sources ( rs.cnn/video/playlists/reliable-sources-highlights/)
  9. 9. Facebook “Bad” Content Report Summary( • Facebook released it first internal study on “bad” content • Out of 21 million posts, 96% managed to be taken down before viewed • Facebook users do not associate ads with surrounding content • uses AI to find posts - harder for things like hate speech • What surprised you/why this matters • Facebook continues to be transparent • impressed by numbers • slightly skeptical of motive • AI on the rise Elise Lee
  10. 10. Lamborghinis lined the street outside a massive NYC cryptocurrency conference, but it turns out they were only staged rentals Summary- -A cryptocurrency exchange used expensive Lamborghinis as a way to entice consumers to invest. The cars were not owned by anyone who attended the convention in New York City… they were rented for a hefty price -What surprised you/why this matters • This shows false advertising at its finest… because they’re implying that investing in cryptocurrency is a great idea when in reality it’s risky • This shows how people want to acquire wealth and status. BitMex, the company that staged the cars knew how to target their audience to used the cars as a way to get more money in their pocket. Maddie Groh
  11. 11. Google News has a new feature that may just pop your filter bubble Summary • Google launched their AI Google News app called “Full Coverage” • new-feature-that-may-just-pop-your-filter-bubble/ • What surprised you/why this matters • Unlike most other news app, “Full Coverage” shows differing opinions • Algorithms have limited the amount of viewpoints we consume in media and this app removes algorithms entirely so you can view stories that you normally would not be exposed to. Savanna Puccinelli