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Learn more about guns and gun control through studies, statistics, and published facts.

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  • All of these discussions are a waste of space! There are several hundred million assorted firearms in the hands of people living in the United States. Less than 1 percent are in any way registered as being owned by 'someone' who is traceable to a home address. Not knowing who has them, or where they are, makes it impossible to trace them. Given that, how many with them are prepared to register as owning them? Knowing that, the discussion ends. In the UK a few years back, all ownership of handguns was virtually banned, and the weapons were either handed in and purchased by the government or exported. That meant that only the Police and criminals had handguns!!!! That cannot happen here, as there is no fiream registration here. And no form of voulantary registration would happen or work here. The thought of only criminals and the police having guns in the US is 'amusing' as I can hear my neighbours now...."From my cold dead hands..."
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  • @hbaezandino Gracias por comentar usted! Realmente apreciamos tomarse el tiempo de compartir su punto de vista aunque sea en español! :)
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  • ¡Excelente presentación! Una forma sencilla, con datos estadísticos de cómo afecta el uso de las armas en la sociedad. Ante la falta de control legal de parte del gobierno federal seguiremos sufriendo las consecuencias de la criminalidad. Legalizar las armas o controlarlas no es el problema. El problema es la enfermedad mental que padece la sociedad. Enfrentan la solución de sus problemas a través del uso de las fuerzas con el apoyo de un arma de fuego.
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  • @mikefendt Mahalo! : )
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  • @BarbaraHaddow Thanks for the feedback! That is one wild story for sure! : )
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  1. #guncontrol by @empoweredpres
  2. US Citizens love their guns. So much in fact...
  3. There are 300,000,000 guns held by civilians;
  4. roughly 9 out of 10 people
  5. and 40% of the worlds firearms.
  6. shooting sprees are not rare in the united states;
  7. 15 of the 25 worst mass shootings took place here.
  8. Every public shooting spree has taken place where carryingguns was not allowed.
  9. From East, Sandy hook shooting Newtown, CT.,
  10. to West, xerox massacre Honolulu, HI
  11. Majority of killers obtain their weapons legally.
  12. Like ex-police officers who’ve used their own weapons.
  13. Why do we carry guns?
  14. 3 reasons: Protection ,Target Shooting, Hunting
  15. Protection
  16. Civilians use guns to protect themselves 1,000,000 times ayear.
  17. and many feel the need to defend themselves againstcriminals. In fact...
  18. 34% of felons were shot at or captured by an armedvictim, and
  19. 40% of felons decided not ot commit a crime because theyknew the victim was carrying a gun.
  20. Target Shooting
  21. Approximately 34 million americans participate in shootingsports. For example:
  22. Target practicing may run in the family.
  23. Teens may want to gain a college scholarship.
  24. But, most people say its a form of relaxation.
  25. Hunting
  26. One of the oldest activities on the planet.
  27. People hunt for various reasons:
  28. To gather food for themselves.
  29. to get better at shooting,
  30. or to trade for other goods.
  31. Although there seems to be a lot of gun usage...
  32. Gun ownership in the U.S. is declining overall
  33. and violent crime has decreased by 65%
  34. And, there’s still over 100,000 gun-related emergency roomprocedures in the U.S. every year.
  35. So why not just ban guns?
  36. Because banning guns is unconstitutional. (according to theconstitution)
  37. The assassination of John F. Kennedy inspired majorrevision to federal gun laws.
  38. and there’s been debates about gun laws ever since.
  39. 90% of people say no guns equal no crime.
  40. but that also means No guns; no civilian protection.
  41. It could also mean a new black market; leaving civiliansmore defenseless.
  42. Guns can be used by accident or ignorance,
  43. but reasonable gun control education can be implemented.
  44. Here’s what the public thinks:
  45. Less Strict 54% More strict 44%
  46. With the public supporting gun control policies,
  47. there is still so much gun violence going on...
  48. How many casualties will it take?
  49. How do we stop our violent madness with gun control?
  50. By standing up and saying “Enough is Enough.”
  51. “If we’re going to change things, it’s going to take a wave ofamericans.” - Barack Obama
  52. Created by: Jairus
  53. We use guns for target shooting with the Hawaii DefenseFoundation
  54. Join us and shoot bad ppt slides!
  55. Now bite the bullet and EMPOWER your presentations!
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