Travel Tips to Tahiti by @coryjim @paulgauguin


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For those of you who still dream of one day taking a vacation in Tahiti, we've done the work for you so you can save yourself time, money, stress, and experience all of what the beautiful French Polynesia has to offer in the TOP 10 Must do travel tips in Tahiti.

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Travel Tips to Tahiti by @coryjim @paulgauguin

  1. Travel Tips to Tahiti
  2. Tahiti has been on our dream board for years,
  3. and since we were due for a much deserved vacation, off we went on a trip of a lifetime!
  4. we flew from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Papeete,Tahiti,
  5. and hopped aboard an amazing cruise ship,
  6. and that was the beginning of our little adventure that complied our...
  7. TOP TEN Travel Tips
  8. Number One
  9. Forget about checking into a hotel on each island lugging your bags all around.
  10. Travel in luxury on this cruise ship
  11. The Paul Gauguin!
  12. It has luxurious newly renovated rooms and suites.
  13. A sun deck to get your tan on!
  14. Most importantly, all inclusive food and drinks!
  15. SEE!
  16. There was even live cooking demonstrations!
  17. Number TWO
  18. Go and eat at the famous Bloody Marys.
  19. A few famous people have eaten here,
  20. but we forgot to exchange for francs,
  21. and commenced eating our lunch.
  22. Fortunately, most places take credit cards!
  23. Number THREE
  24. Each island has different treasures to discover.
  25. Papeete has an incredible market in town,
  26. Moorea has nice resorts to relax at,
  27. Raiatea has a few historic landmarks,
  28. Tahaa has beautiful reef gardens,
  29. and Bora Bora has amazing diving spots.
  30. Number FOUR
  31. Traveling alone is not much fun.
  32. We met Melanie and Scott from LasVegas,
  33. and got to know Alan and Alice from Hawaii!
  34. If not, who else is going to take pictures of you?
  35. Number FIVE
  36. Take a Hike (so we’ve heard)
  37. Beautiful flowing waterfalls and lush rain forests.
  38. Peaceful streams and rough jagged mountain tops.
  39. Scenic views of the entire island and more waterfalls.
  40. However, we didn’t go on any. (It was raining that day)
  41. Number SIX
  42. Jet Ski around Bora Bora is a must!
  43. It is unlike any place on earth!
  44. You jet ski by all the bungalows,
  45. and makes for one invigorating experience!
  46. Number SEVEN
  47. Go for a snorkel by the reef gardens.
  48. TheVisibility underwater is amazing!
  49. Or you can just jump in and get wet!
  50. Number EIGHT
  51. Every Friday night in Papeete, is a large local food truck gathering.
  52. Discover delicious local foods there you can share.
  53. and is a nice vibe where families and friends sit and eat together.
  54. Number NINE
  55. Soak it all in.
  56. Enjoy your surroundings.
  57. Take some time to reflect, be present, think of the future,
  58. or you can take a paddle board and go.
  59. Number TEN
  60. Clear your mind,
  61. and finish that book you have been writing.
  62. Time moves very slow when there is nowhere to go.
  64. The Papeete airport is small,
  65. and it can get really crowded at times.
  66. The secret is go upstairs to theVIP lounge area.
  67. No one knows about it and is completely empty.
  68. We hope your next vacation is great!
  69. RECAP
  70. Take a cruise Credit Cards OK Visit Other Islands Travel with Friends Go Hiking Go Jet Skiiing Dive/Snorkel Papeete Food Trucks Soak it all in ClearYour Mind
  71. Dreams do come true!
  72. Next stop... India
  73. Maruuru! (Thank you in Tahitian)
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