TOP 121 TWEETS ON HOW TO PREACH BETTER @therocketco #preachrocket


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TOP 121 TWEETS from the PREACH BETTER SERMONS Webinar. Learn how some of the world's best speakers prepare and deliver messages.

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TOP 121 TWEETS ON HOW TO PREACH BETTER @therocketco #preachrocket

  2. 2. Dont preach a message that would stillbe true if Christ hadnt died on the cross.@edstetzer
  3. 3. Dont use bad stats to motivate people.@edstetzer
  4. 4. The Bible is always and already relevant,but preaching helps people realize itsrelevant to their lives. @edstetzer
  5. 5. There is a difference in giving adviceand communicating Biblical truth.@edstetzer
  6. 6. Are we preaching from scripture or justusing it as footnotes for our own ideasand points? @edstetzer
  7. 7. Dont exaggerate to motivate.@edstetzer
  8. 8. Be as faithful with the stats you presentand the facts you present whenspeaking. @edstetzer
  9. 9. 87.4% of statistics said in the pulpit aremade up on the spot and not true.@edstetzer
  10. 10. Maximize your study by minimize yoursearching. @edstetzer
  11. 11. Preaching is communicating what theBible has to say. Otherwise, Im just givingadvice. @edstetzer
  12. 12. Be a good steward of the time you’vebeen given to prepare. @edstetzer
  13. 13. To avoid nervousness shift your attentionfrom being impressive, to being ablessing. @stevenfurtick
  14. 14. I allow a team to ask me questions aboutwhats on my heart to preach.@stevenfurtick
  15. 15. Its not about "my" art... Its about thevision! @stevenfurtick
  16. 16. I am not inclined to micromanage businesselements but I am tempted to micromanagethe creative process. @stevenfurtick
  17. 17. Dont be the lid on how good yourcreative team is! @stevenfurtick
  18. 18. Gods will is about "Who?Why? How?"not "What?Where?When?"@stevenfurtick
  19. 19. The game is won and lost duringtransitions. @stevenfurtick
  20. 20. For me, the worship, and sermons are allone thing. I think over the whole serviceand not just my sermon." @stevenfurtick
  21. 21. Preaching & your worship servicecommunicate whatever your values are.@stevenfurtick
  22. 22. It isnt always about the end result, butabout the process. @stevenfurtick
  23. 23. A person can preach no better than hecan pray." @stevenfurtick
  24. 24. Id rather try and fail than not evenaspire. @pastormark
  25. 25. If your people are a flock, not anaudience, you should want to get better.@pastormark
  26. 26. If you listen to one person too much youcease to be a voice and become an echo.@pastormark
  27. 27. Dont become your worst critic, find oneor two things you can improve, then moveon. @pastormark
  28. 28. It needs to be Gods truth in your voice.Dont be a parrot of someone elsesvoice. @pastormark
  29. 29. Dont make people feel stupid, makethem feel invited in. @pastormark
  30. 30. Preaching is Gods truth through myvoice. @pastormark
  31. 31. Anyone who says he has arrived definitelyhasnt arrived. @pastormark
  32. 32. Almost all of our social ills can beexplained by two words "bad dads"@pastormark
  33. 33. Dont make people feel dumb by usinglarge, theological words. @pastormark
  34. 34. If I go to a steakhouse Im looking forsteak. If I go to church, Im looking forBible. @pastormark
  35. 35. Remember what its like to be lost andthen found...have a heart for mission.@pastormark
  36. 36. Acknowledge the odd. @andystanley
  37. 37. Im listening to Jesus who predicted hisown death and resurrection and thenpulled it off. @andystanley
  38. 38. Give your visitors permission not tobelieve. Even the disciples didnt believeon day one. @andystanley
  39. 39. If people only remember our story, ratherthan the scripture, we have failed.@andystanley
  40. 40. The foundation of our faith isnt actuallythe scriptures, but its the person of Jesus!@andystanley
  41. 41. Instead of just citing the Bible, cite theauthors. People connect with People notpages. @andystanley
  42. 42. As a preacher I must "uncover the energyIN the text, so I can bring my energyTOthe text." @andystanley
  43. 43. The foundation of our Faith is bothTheWord &TheWord.You belittle One, youbelittle the Other. @andystanley
  44. 44. If we dont bring the same energy to thetext that we do to our illustrations thenwe fail as communicators. @andystanley
  45. 45. Our goal is to talk about Scripture in away that makes people want to go home& read it & understand. @andystanley
  46. 46. Approach is what makes contentinteresting. @andystanley
  47. 47. Give people room not to believe. Some ofJesus followers didnt believe until afterthe resurrection. @andystanley
  48. 48. "If you dont believe in Adam in Eve, itsokay." @andystanley
  49. 49. When you give them an out, they respondby leaning in @andystanley
  50. 50. Give people the permission to notbelieve." @andystanley
  51. 51. We have unchurched in our service everyweek. So I tell them its the PERFECTweekend for you to be here! @andystanley
  52. 52. Approach is as important as content inany conversation or presentation.@andystanley
  53. 53. Every week we address 2 crowds. Churchpeople and non-church people.@andystanley
  54. 54. Dont ever shoot to be the best preacher,but to become a better preacher.@crawfordloritts
  55. 55. Preaching is vertical; it’s a word from Godto his people. @crawfordloritts
  56. 56. You will never preach better than youare. @crawfordloritts
  57. 57. God is more interested in leaderdevelopment than leadershipdevelopment.@crawfordloritts
  58. 58. The enemy of persuasion is obscurity.@nancyduarte
  59. 59. Storytellers build and release tension.Identify if this pattern is present in yourcommunication. @nancyduarte
  60. 60. Put your ideas in a contrasting environment.Identify the gap between what is and whatcould be. @nancyduarte
  61. 61. Cut, craft, edit it, arrange it, take it away,move it around. Don’t be a first-draftspeaker. @nancyduarte
  62. 62. You play a small role, youre not the mainevent. @nancyduarte
  63. 63. People should leave your sermons saying"I got unstuck" @nancyduarte
  64. 64. Congregation should have new skills afterevery Sunday. @nancyduarte
  65. 65. The presenter is not the hero.Theaudience is the hero.They determine theoutcome of ur words. @nancyduarte
  66. 66. Take time to obsess about the life of youraudience. @nancyduarte
  67. 67. The audience determines if you idea livesor dies. @nancyduarte
  68. 68. Most movies that win best picture alsowin awards for editing. Same is true forsermons. @nancyduarte
  69. 69. Dont allow success or failure of yourmessage to be attached to your identity.@pwilson
  70. 70. None of us ever arrive when it comesto preaching.We must be constantlylearning, constantly growing. @pwilson
  71. 71. Its more than entertaining people, we getto be used by God to transform lives.@pwilson
  72. 72. People are listening.This is responsibility.@pwilson
  73. 73. Find your style; refine & work on it untilyou are your best version of you. Dont tryto be somebody else. @louiegiglio
  74. 74. Humility is not a character trait, its abyproduct of spending time with Jesus.@louiegiglio
  75. 75. Lead people to Jesus. Never lead peopleto other people, or preachers, or yourself.@louiegiglio
  76. 76. Humility is a byproduct of being withJesus. @louiegiglio
  77. 77. Never let the successes or failures in yourmessage get attached to your identity.@louiegiglio
  78. 78. You need to find your style ofcommunicating and refine it until you arethe Michelangelo of you. @louiegiglio
  79. 79. You are going to preach the best whenyou preach like you and not someoneelse. @louiegiglio
  80. 80. A sermon is a baby growing in me. Itdevelops over a few months, when it is timeto deliver. It comes quick. @louiegiglio
  81. 81. You have to be faithful to the text; thatsnon-negotiable. @louiegiglio
  82. 82. If you dont have something to say, pleasestop preaching. @louiegiglio
  83. 83. Tell the people whats blowing up in yourheart; & if nothings blowing up in yourheart, tell the people. @louiegiglio
  84. 84. Dont be boring. Nothing worse thancarrying the story of the Gospel andbeing boring. @louiegiglio
  85. 85. Preaching is a craft.Work at it.@louiegiglio
  86. 86. I am led best by the Holy Spirit when Iam prepared best. @louiegiglio
  87. 87. Some people say I want to be led by theHoly Spirit but its an excuse to notprepare. @louiegiglio
  88. 88. Dont be boring. I think you should beput in jail for that. @louiegiglio
  89. 89. Preaching is a funnel.A bunch goes in, adrop comes out.That drop changes peoplemore than 100 messages. @louiegiglio
  90. 90. The daily discipline of sitting down &writing is a must for communicators.@donaldmiller
  91. 91. Manipulation is how we cover shame, andshame is how we cover ourselves.@donaldmiller
  92. 92. “You need to show up." Dont expectinspiration to come when you want it.@donaldmiller
  93. 93. Dont only preach your research withoutpreaching your experiences.@donaldmiller
  94. 94. Great communicators move people fromhere to there. @bradlomenick
  95. 95. Its about inspiration, not just information.@bradlomenick
  96. 96. Put people in places where they will bestretched. @bradlomenick
  97. 97. Humor is one of the most powerful thingsyou can do when youre commuicating.@daveramsey
  98. 98. If an audience doesnt laugh every 7minutes, you lose them. @daveramsey
  99. 99. Build a list of things that are humorous touse in your talks. @daveramsey
  100. 100. For every hour you speak, you have toprep for 3. @daveramsey
  101. 101. The Gospel is a disturbance. If you arentdisturbing people, you arent preachingthe Gospel. @daveramsey
  102. 102. In communication its metaphor,metaphor, metaphor...Jesus told parables.@markbatterson
  103. 103. In order to be a great preacher you mustbe a great prayer warrior.@markbatterson
  104. 104. People have sin; its not a shortcoming, itsnot a mistake… its sin. @darrinpatrick
  105. 105. Would your sermon work if Jesus didntrise from the grave? @darrinpatrick
  106. 106. AS a communicator you speak for tworeasons:To be remembered and repeated.@jonacuff
  107. 107. You have the island of an idea and abridge to the next point. Dont neglect thebridge. @jonacuff
  108. 108. Using props helps relate your message tothe people. @jonacuff
  109. 109. Its no longer about when you were born,its about when you started to live.@jonacuff
  110. 110. It’s time to punch fear in the face. It’stime to do work that matters. It’s timestart. @jonacuff
  111. 111. For communicators one of the greatestfears we have is being honest from astage. @jonacuff
  112. 112. God wont be handcuffed by yourfailures, and released by your successes.@jonacuff
  113. 113. Road to Greatness: Learning 20´s, Editing30´s, Mastering 40´s, Harvesting 50´s,Guiding 60´s @jonacuff
  114. 114. Punch fear in the face! @jonacuff
  115. 115. If I hide my weakness, they wont listen tomy strength. @jonacuff
  116. 116. Being average is easy, all it takes isnothing. @jonacuff
  117. 117. Ego murders an audience like nothingelse. @jonacuff
  118. 118. The greatest way to ruin a speech is tobe the star of your own success story.@jonacuff
  119. 119. As a communicator go first with yourfears & give the audience permission togo 2nd. @jonacuff
  120. 120. Gods glory is not limited by the size ofour platform. @jonacuff
  121. 121. Affirmation and the desire for celebrity isthe worst drug in speaking, especially inChristianity. @jonacuff
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