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#THINGSICARRY - @barackobama Tools for Success


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Priceless Speaking Tools Barack Obama Carries in his everyday tools for success! @empoweredpres

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#THINGSICARRY - @barackobama Tools for Success

  1. THINGS OBAMA CARRIES #thingsicarry @empoweredpresHis everyday speaking tools for success
  2. SIM PLI CI TYThroughout his presidential campaign, Obama kept one main message “Change you can believe in”.
  3. He speeds up his pace and raises the volumeof his voice. At other times he slows it down, lowers his volume, and pauses for impact.
  4. POWER . . . PAUSE Obama uses power pauses to give the impression of composure andthoughtfulness to let his words resonate.
  5. REPETITION REPETITIONREPETITION Obama uses repetition artfully to helpemphasize one idea and make memorable. “I have a dream that one day...”
  6. WIT! Obama’s humor is spontaneous, using linesthat he knows will get laughs. At times reacting to a comment or shout from the crowd.
  7. INSPIRATIONOut of all of his masterful delivery skills, the real power in his speech came ina single clear and inspiring message.
  8. TRANSCENDENCEBy using concrete and tangible language,Obama transports us to another place and paints a portrait in our minds we can see.
  9. HOPE Obama Speaks in the uplifting rhetoric of hope, like John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan,Winston Churchill, and Martin Luther King Jr..
  10. POWER CLOSE"I want to close by reiterating that I cant do this alone... Each of us CAN make adifference,... Lets go change the world."