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Presenters Checklist for Success

  1. klist Chec nter’s Prese For SS CCE SU
  2. Think of the last great presentation you experienced.
  3. ade it so hat m W ful? uccess s
  4. create a want to If you rful, powe asive persu tation, presen
  5. Take a look at this list of tried & true tips every skilled presenter uses.
  6. nk in Thi 3’s
  7. nited States At the 2012 U l Convention, cratic Nationa Demo First Lady lle Obama Miche told a story-
  8. with a great beginning, iddle m nd. nd e a
  9. In her tale of personal struggle, she infused little anecdotes,
  10. inor details and m that many icans could Amer late to. re
  11. our ow y Kn well tent con
  12. Frederick Douglass was an influential author and orator in the Abolitionist M ovement in the United States.
  13. , wrote and onstantly read He c g himself in rned, immersin lea religious and hriving black t ommunities. activist c
  14. By thoroughly researching your material,
  15. ill feel more you w ortable comf nfident & co resenting it. p
  16. ach, Te ther ra sell han t
  17. eader of the L Indian ndependence I Movement, Mahatma Gandhi,
  18. was a humble and authentic orator, who spoke from the heart.
  19. He proved that you don’t have o be loud to t be heard-
  20. you just have to find a message that is meaningful to you and stick to it.
  21. with Open ivity reat c
  22. Actress Tilda Swinton delivered a unique speech at the opening of an art exhibit dedicated to her friend, David Bowie.
  23. as framed as Her speech w ter to him, a personal let engagingn the i minded fans likete manner. ce in a intima audien
  24. The first 60-90 seconds are critical-
  25. for i gettdng an g intaininon. ma ti udience atten a
  26. So how do you know what grabs them? really
  27. stand nder U dience r au you ants ds & w nee
  28. The late great South African revolutionary Nelson Mandela spoke to many different audiences.
  29. He was able to make his m essage connect to each audience b y his customizing words,
  30. what was To match portant im o them. t
  31. Remember: It is always about the audience, never a bout you.
  32. your ead R ience aud
  33. Media personality and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey is known for inspiring people through her words.
  34. values dience, au can tell she You her
  35. expresses as she herself honestly
  36. and uses a tforwwordds h straig r ces and clear senten everyone can that understand.
  37. peak S arly Cle
  38. r Kintal JsRe.ech: he eng p t artin vLeuhe monum M t hts Leader, erican Civil Rig 63, African-Am In 19 ga
  39. “I Have A Dream”
  40. ng message livered a movi He de and o action, call t
  41. with confidence and conviction.
  42. our ind y M body age ngu la
  43. the USA CEO, Girl Scouts of a Maria Ann Chavez
  44. led an innovative campaig n that revitalized the century old institution.
  45. She used estures open g r enthusiasm to convey he
  46. and brought lots of energy! which in turn energized her audience.
  47. Pace rself you
  48. Former First Lady of Argen tina Evita Peron spoke to crowds of adoring people calling ou t her name.
  49. She incorporated climactic pauses to lend drama to her final points,
  50. her and her also giving udience time to a reflect. ink and th
  51. re an als a Visu ent, ncem enha rutch tac no
  52. first American was the o into space. woman to g lly Ride Sa
  53. When she started teaching , one of her most requested speeches was her “Shoot f or the Stars” lecture.
  54. photos from She included that were r space travels he orgeous and g unique-
  55. And made sure each visua make a point. l would
  56. arse ehe R
  57. Eleanor oosevelt R s the longest wa First Lady of serving United States. the
  58. As the first presidential spo use to hold press conferences and speak at a national political conv ention, she was very nervous at f irst!
  59. riting and ense bouts of w But int ed her into an practice turn espected ent andr.r eloqu ke spea
  60. y to Tr rive ar arly e
  61. That way you can get a f eel for the size of the room, visuals check. run a sound/ and
  62. RECAP hink in 3’s T ontent well now your c K than sell ach, rather Te th creativity Open wi audience r erstand youants Und needs & w ur audience Read yo peak Clearly S your body Mind uage lang ace yourself P n als are at, Visu emen enhanc rutch not a c Rehearse rrive early Try to a
  63. stly, La
  64. Have FUN!
  65. g an ducin intro are You rld! wo the ea into id
  66. Need help? Let us EMPOWER that idea for you!
  67. y: Camille Created b
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