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#MyStartupStory of Empowered Presentations! By @coryjim @yanceyu


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We had not thought about our Company as a "Startup". It's just what's inline with our TALENTS, SKILLSETS, PASSIONS! We bootstrapped it to where it is today. We have a passionate team of designers who love what they do! We don't make millions, but help others EMPOWER their PRESENTATIONS, RAISE CAPITAL, and IMPACT the WORLD!

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#MyStartupStory of Empowered Presentations! By @coryjim @yanceyu

  1. Presenting #MyStartupStory of EMPOWEREDEMPOWERED PRESENTATIONS!PRESENTATIONS! @coryjim @yanceyu
  2. Let’s enter this contest on slideshare! Hey Cory! Nah! I don’t think I’m good enough. Slideshare!? What is that? It’s the Worlds Best Presentation Contest!
  3. Aww come on! What is the worstthat can happen? Checking slideshare... Okay fine then. What should we do it on? Let’s see what everyone else is doing it on:
  4. 2007 2008 2009 Let’s see who the past winners were... 2010 These are pretty cool!
  5. I have an Idea! How about Smoking! Smoking?! Let’s do what everyone else is NOT DOING… and since my father died of lung cancer. This can make a HUGE impact! Okay... let me look up some stats.
  6. We are in the TOP 3!!! *holding breath
  7. (Waiting for winners to be announced) REALLY!WE WON! REALLY! WE WON! kidding. Nah just kidding. Nah just
  8. WE WON! WE WON. kidding. Nah just NO REALLY... WE WON! Yea right! Don’t bulls*** me! (Still waiting…)
  9. What do we do now? Okay, What should... ...we call it? Empower points? Prezentation? Power decks? Prezinate? Deck Design? Pimp your slides? Powerdeck? Deck it up? Powered points? Deckology? SlideShed? Slides R Us? Designed points?Power slides? Let’s start a company!
  11. Fast Forward six months...
  12. Let’s open an office!? Where should we open it? There is a great location down the street! Let’s go check it out! This place is perfect!
  13. YES! But our office is not open yet! That’s okay! I’ll wait... SARIAH: HI! Are you guys hiring? I heard a lot about you guys and the AMAZING work you do!
  14. Now what? Let’s do some PR!
  15. Can you teach a workshop? we could use your help with TEDxHonolulu? Can you speak on my stage? Will you be our keynote speaker! Can you speak at Ignite? Want to help us launch a church?
  16. Konichiwa! Please teach us a workshop in Japan? SURE...! We can do that! Aloha Garr!
  17. We need to bring on more people ASAP…! Okay, okay. put an ad on Craigslist. TREY: I can help you guys! Aloha! I’m TIANI Sup... I’m JEFF HI! I’m KAILI
  18. Now what? I don’t know?!! Have them all create a VISUAL RESUME or something!?!
  19. Hey, can you guys do an iPhone app? Sorry, we don’t do that. How about social media!? No, not that either. Okay, okay, what about Website design? NO!!!
  20. We EMPOWER your Presentations! Design Workshops CoachingConsulting Seminars MarketingWebinars RetreatsEvents
  21. Just like WE did for them!
  22. HI Say HI everyone!
  23. #MyStartupStory... Do what you love... with great people... *If not, why do it in the first place! *Keep only those that want to be there. ONE TWO Keep moving forward! *Or find yourself moving back. THREE The Moral of
  24. Now what? LET’S WRITE A BOOK!!! What should we call it?
  25. Presentation... Pidgin...
  26. *Thanks Tiny Tadani! Pidgin... I know! How about... GINTA PRESENTATIONS SIMPLIFIED Presentation... TM TIONPID
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  29. *Created in *Pictures taken with an *Elements from *Brought to you by EP Comic Division (not really) to the team then...and now.Special Mahalo’s We couldn’t do it without you! iphone Keynote