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Before You Kick the Bucket List

  1. k  the you  kic efore   B ET CK BU ST LI
  2. . Question. if you knew when you were going to die...
  3. How would you spend YOUR last days? ? ? ?
  4. GO shark iving? d
  5. Get out of town and TRAVEL ?
  6. maybe Or something try zy! c ra e jumping bunge
  8. Do you have a bucket list?
  9. ? ? ? T  is  a WHA ET CK BU T? LIS ? ? ?
  10. list” cket gs you’d A bu “ of thin is a list mplish or to a c c o like you die. b efore xperience e
  11. nates origi ame ERS en Th RISON when P from UNG E  H ER W ET” CK d the “BU an ut ked o s kic der wa un from eet eir f th
  12. BUT you don’t have to be on your DEATH BED to make a ‘bucket list’!
  13. cket lists’ ‘Bu meant to are llengef cha rsel you h you to and pus your live ams. dre
  14. ? ? should t what your Bu put on you ist’? et l ‘buck vels? tra e nces? perie x kills? ew s n ? adventures?
  15. ing! nyth A Everyone’s list is different and personal. learn how to cook
  16. What ests nter i you? you have ha t to d o W a n ted ays w lw have? a never but playing the guitar
  17. It could be learning something new: speaking another language,
  18. taking a ROAD TRIP
  19. to t h e r going o t an d airpor ing a catch dom ran ht lig f
  20. o be for ’ can als .. ket lists ovement. ‘Buc lf impr se time etter b ment nage ma
  21. FINALLY quitting smoking.
  22. do you S o how make a ucket list’? ‘b ?
  23. EP ST it te #1 wri !! ! N W O D
  24. There’s no wrong way to set your goals. But having a written copy can help you visualize those goals.
  25. Go nuts! No goal is too BIG too small or
  26. P E ST 2 # Once you’ve gotten a sizable list, now it’s time to REFINE!
  27. few ck a Pi and ALL SM IG B to als go on. cus fo  
  28. Too many goals can be DISCOURAGING if you are not able to meet them.
  29. Narrowed down your list? Then it’s time to get started!
  30. EP ST #3 IT! AN PL ates Set d goals to r your fo eep you help k ack. on tr
  31. o t way t T he b es r goals each you up a r s to set to i timeline PACE ELF. OURS Y rathon! a run a m
  32. all... your ive it G y to be ’s oka ber it remem BUT le. exib fl
  33. Sometimes your INTERESTS will change. Your GOALS may change as well! Don’t feel STUCK to your goals!
  34. not a list is Your n etitio . c om p ract or a c o n t lp you l to he s a too It i rney of our jou on y L SONA T. PER MEN ELOP DEV
  35. Because setting and meeting REMARKABLE GOALS will lead to a REMARKABLE LIFE.
  36. Okay! view ’s re L et S P he t E ST 3 #1 #2 #3
  37. EP#1 ST write it down STEP#2 refine your list STEP#3 plan it!
  38. what are you So WAITING FOR???
  39. . ort . is sh Life OW! E N LIV 100 consecutive push ups
  40. Created by: Anna climb UJI Mt.F
  41. help you Let us ER OW P EM ntation! t prese ur nex yo before you kick the...
  42. oweredpres @emp
  43. ck these out! Che