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BEE AWARE! #CCD #Bees #Honeybee


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BeeAware! "If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live…" - Albert Einstein. The honey bee needs our help!

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BEE AWARE! #CCD #Bees #Honeybee

  1. BEEaware! Ea !
  2. This is a HONEY BEE.
  3. To us humans, little creatures, PESKY they can bee
  4. that can and HURT STING you,
  5. YUMMYhoney! but also make
  6. In reality, they are the HARDEST in the world’s agriculture production. W RKERS
  7. HONEY BEES In fact, contribute over...
  8. dollars to the value of U.S. crop production. FOURTEEN BEELI N
  9. Many of the world’s crops would not exist without the little’ol H NEY BEE.
  10. Things like... heavily rely on honey bee pollination.
  11. Those are the foods that give us FLAVOR NUTRITION.and
  12. of all the food we eat is derived from honey bee pollination. ONE-THIRD
  13. But something is happening to our little workers...
  14. of colonies are disappearing every year. PERCENT F RTY nearly
  15. Posing aTHREAT world’s entire food chain. to the
  16. The call for hives has continued to increase.
  17. If losses continue, it could threaten the bee pollination industry,
  18. Making the cost of pollination services to rise, $ $$$
  19. and increased costs means much higher food costs. $ $$$
  20. But why are our little workers disappearing?
  22. The main causes are: CCD
  23. VARR A MITES, a virus-transmitting parasite of honey bees,
  24. a bacterial disease, EUR PEAN FOULBROOD,
  25. including CHEMICALS. PESTICIDES, and the use of NEUR ACTIVE
  26. Honey bee colonies has decreased from in the 1940s... 5 MILLION
  27. 2.5 MILLION to only today!
  28. If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, -Albert Einstein man would have no more than four years to live... “ ”
  29. We must ACTI N! TAKE
  31. AVOID and applying pesticides during mid- day hours...
  32. when honey bees are out foraging for NECTAR and POLLEN.
  33. P LLINAT R -FRIENDLY plants. Plant
  34. Such as RED CLOVER,
  36. BEE BALM,
  37. JOE-PYE WEED.and
  38. R&D of healthy beehive practices like... SUPP RT PROMOTEand
  39. Supports the education of student beekeepers.
  40. promotes R&D of healthy beehive practices.
  41. educates the public about the vital role that honey bees play in sustaining agriculture.
  44. you see a honey bee... And the next time
  45. BEEaware E
  46. TODAY! Adopt-a-Beehive click above:
  47. Do you have a cause that needs awareness?
  48. Designed by: “B”ritney EMPOWERED!BEE
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