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100 Uploads Later - @empoweredpres Case Story

  1. 100::: Case Story ::: uploads later…
  2. 4,285,228 Views on Slideshare (as of 3.18.15)
  3. 134,991 Comments, Embeds (as of 3.18.15)
  4. 108,714 Presentation Downloads (as of 3.18.15)
  5. 27,782 Likes, Tweets, Shares on Social (as of 3.18.15)
  6. 15,850 Leads from Campaigns (as of 3.18.15)
  7. SlideShare We would not be in business if it wasn’t for
  8. business lessons That being said… we’d like to share a few learned along the way…
  9. clients Lessons from
  10. Don’ttake on a client as a referral from their mother. {just don’t do it}
  11. take on a client that can’t make decisions. Don’t {it will waste time going back and forth}
  12. take on a client that does not value what you do. Don’t {no matter how good a job you do it won’t matter to them}
  13. employer Lessons as an
  14. employ people because you have empty seats to fill. Don’t {doing so may result in people sitting around with nothing to do}
  15. employ people who don’t have the right skill set for the job. Don’t {they will not be creative as you may desire them to be}
  16. employ people who do not share the same passion as you. Don’t {passion is crucial in staying ahead of your competition and delivering a quality product}
  17. provider service Lessons as a
  18. laser focused on the services you provide. Be {do not dilute your brand by slipping into other niches just because of clients’ needs}
  19. Solveyour clients’ problems, and if you know you can’t, don’t try. {trying to solve problems that you have no clue how to will leave you further behind}
  20. as much as possible Over Deliver {when you think a project is done, add that extra touch to make it extra special}
  21. money Lessons in
  22. spend more than what comes in. Don’t {this can result in your business shutting it’s doors really quick}
  23. accordingly to the scope of a project. Price {by under-cutting your competition will not hurt them, but hurt yourself}
  24. for a rainy day. Save {set aside emergency funds to cover miscellaneous expenses that will arise}
  25. Lessons in growth
  26. force growth because you want it to. Don’t {let your company grow organically over time with the rise in demand}
  27. Staying small and lean is sometimes better than big and fat. {keeping overhead low is always good}
  28. one block at a time. Build {knowing what your team lacks will help you build a diverse team over time}
  29. strategy Lessons in
  30. put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t {diversify your marketing efforts into multiple platforms and streams}
  31. Lean onthe leaders in your industry for potential insight. {they probably have a better feel of what is happening in your industry}
  32. Change Strategy changes. with it. {always keep your eyes and ears open for new ways of marketing}
  33. social media Lessons in
  34. open profiles on every single social platform. Don’t {not every platform is beneficial to your product or service}
  35. time in the platforms that best serve your company’s growth. Invest {don’t waste time posting on platforms that have no relevance to your product or service}
  36. Share great content all the time. 100/0rule. {some like the 80/20 rule, we like the 100/0 rule. Make people fall in love with your work so much they want to follow, like, and tweet you}
  37. Lessons in being a leader
  38. blame your team for your shortcomings. Don’t {it’s not their fault, it’s yours}
  39. to let go and delegate. Learn {hard for some, but necessary in growing your company}
  40. responsibilityfor the company’s growth or lack of. Take {if it is to be, it is up to you, no one else}
  41. momentum Lessons in
  42. you have it, work even harder to keep it.If {momentum comes and goes, when it comes, don’t take a break, keep going}
  43. you don’t have it, make a plan and execute.If {failing to plan is a plan for failure}
  44. dailyBuild small wins. {celebrate every accomplishment and step forward}
  45. Hope you got value, and take these lessons learned to your own business.*We sure did!
  46. Forward > Moving
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