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10 Life Lessons From The #Simpsons

  1. the Simpsons From Life lessons10
  2. love. do what you Lesson#1
  3. 70of Americans are unsatisfiedwith their job. %
  4. You don't like your job, you don't s trike. You go in every day an d do it really half- assed. That's the American way. -Homer “ ”
  5. Don’t majority. become a part of that
  6. you can be passionate excited& about! Find work that
  7. Lesson The value of objects. intangible #2
  8. fleeting.-Homer Possessions are “ ”
  9. down, when you’re
  10. comfort you.isn’t y our television going to
  11. touch It’s the things that you can’t or see
  12. that get you through hardtimes.
  13. forward. Alwayspush Lesson#3
  14. D’oh! blaming -Homer You can’t keep y ourself. “ ”
  15. D’oh!
  16. D’oh!
  17. Dwelling hinders on the pas t only your growth.
  18. once Just blame yourself & move on. “ ”
  19. world. is overtaking the CommunicationLesson#4
  20. 25.75 hoursOn average, Americans s pend on the Internet per week.
  21. longer That’s than a day! july 2013
  22. problem The Communication... in the world today is “
  23. Too muchcommunication. -Homer ”
  24. great, The Internet is
  25. life.consume but don’t let it your
  26. more one side There’s than to every story. Lesson#5
  27. two Marge, it takes to lie. “
  28. lie, One to
  29. listen. and one to ” -Homer
  30. more perspective. Look at things from than one
  31. Ignorance Lesson#6
  32. knowledge Having a thirs t for is a g reat quality,
  33. everything but sometimes not knowing is the key to happiness.
  34. Lesson outside Think of the box. #7
  35. one-track Having a trapped!mind is like being
  36. Wall Breakingthrough your of comfort...
  37. best is what leads to the ideas!
  38. Lesson believe You can’t everythingthat you hear. #8
  39. Fac ts are meaningless.“
  40. anything You could use facts to prove that’s even remotely true. -Homer”
  41. chooseto take in. cautiousBe about the info that you
  42. Lesson your #9
  43. inputbrain Sometimes a lack of from your
  44. Leads to the answers that you’re for. looking
  45. listen You s hould to your heart, “
  46. voices ...and not the in your head.” -marge
  47. Lesson Familyis the mos t importantthing. #10
  48. what No matter happens,
  49. the end.s tick tog ether in the Simpsons
  50. Marika Made by the newes t Simpson:
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