6 Week Revision Plan


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6 Week Revision Plan

  1. 1. SubjectMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdayHistory(U.S.A)The impact of the depressionCauses and consequences of the wall street crashAttempts at recovering the New dealOpposition to the new dealSuccess and failures of the new dealImpact of WW1 on the economy and societyMcCarthyism and the ‘red scare’Civil rights in the U.S.A 1941 - 80The new frontier and the great societyProtest movements in the1960’s and 1970’sEXAM QUESTIONS!!!Science(Biology) (B5)Growth and developmentMitosis and meiosisProteinsTest knowledgeBrain and mindNervous systemReflexesStudy of the BrainTest knowledgeGrowth and developmentGrowth in plantsSingle cell developmentTest knowledgeBrain and mindLearning and modifying reflexesBrain development and learningLearning skills and behaviourTest knowledgeOverview on whole topic!!Exam questions!!!English(of mice and men)EventsAttitudesThemesLife on the ranchPeoples authoritiesTest Essay!R.E(Death and the afterlife)Devil – problem of evilHeaven and hell – good and badAfterlifePast lifeResurrectionSpirit lifeImpact of life and what happens to you after deathChristian beliefs in the tradeExam questions!!!Maths(Numbers)Nth termPercentagesratiosAccuracy and estimatingMultiples, decimals and primesMetric and imperial unitsCalculator buttonsTypes of numberSurds and use of pie (3.142)Formula trianglesSpeed, distance and timeRounding numbersConversation tablesLCF and HCMFractionsOverview:Review questions from CGP books<br />Week 1<br />SubjectMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySundayHistory(WW1)The war at seaBritain at war U.S.AOther countriesEffects of the warReview QuestionsScience(Chemistry)Materials in the natural environmentCovalent bonds.Simple bonds.Chemical synthesis.Acids and alkalis.Acids and metals.Compounds.Purity..‘spheres’ of the earthElectrolysismetalsAcids and metals.OverviewCGP book questionsEnglish(An inspector calls)People.Places.Events.Effects.An inspector calls as a play.Test essay.R.E(nature of God)God the creator of the worldBiblical teaching/quotes10 commandmentsOrigins of the worldGod’s teachings on the afterlifeOverviewExam questionsMaths(Data Handling)Probability.Tree diagrams.Mode, Median, Mean and range.Frequency diagrams.Spread of dataHistograms.Time series.Sampling Methods.Mode, Median, Mean and range.Graphs with EquationsExam questions from CGP books<br />Week 2<br />SubjectMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySundayHistory(Vietnam)U.S.A involvementVietcong tacticsU.S.A tacticsReasons why war broke outEnd resultsReview QuestionsScience(Physics)Explaining motion.Speed, distance and time graphs and equationsElectrical circuits.Static electricity.Series/parallel circuits.E/M radiationRadiation waves.Wave propertiesSeries/parallel circuits.OverviewCGP book questionsEnglish(Craft of the writer) - poemsPeople.Places.Events.Effects.Read EDEXCELAnthology booksTest essay.R.E(Medical ethics)Euthanasia(active, voluntary, involuntary)Abortion/IVFmedicineProblem of bereavementShould everyone have The right to die?OverviewExam questionsMaths(Algebra) Simultaneous equations.Growth and decay.(Graphical) inequalities.Powers and roots.Variation.Basic algebraQuadratic formulaTrial and improvementExam questions from CGP books<br />Week 3<br />SubjectMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySundayHistory(China)From the revolution: (1911 – 1916) The warlords (1917 – 1927)The may 4th movementWomen in chinaThe CCP and the GMD in the 1920’s and 1930’sThe extermination campaigns and the long marchThe war with JapanThe Civil war (1945 – 1949)Review QuestionsScience(Ideas in context)Read/annotate source sheetPractise exam questionsRead/annotate other source sheetPractise exam questionsOVERVIEW on topicsChemistry:CGP book questionsEnglish(Craft of the writer) – Short storiesPeople.Places.Events.Effects.Read EDEXCELAnthology booksTest essay.R.E (good and evil)Adam and eveBiblical termsGods word (bible quotes)Right from wrongPraying and church –how does it help a ChristianOverviewExam questionsMaths(Shapes and space)PolygonssymmetryLoci and constructionsArea(circle) geometryTransformationsSurface areaProjectionsOverviewExam questions from CGP books<br />Week 4<br />SubjectMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySundayHistory(EXAM TECHNIQUE)QuestionsAny topics I’m still not sure on!QuestionsRead revision bookletsAnnotate bookletsReview QuestionsScience(OVERVIEW OF SUBJECTS)Biology overviewChemistry overviewPhysics overviewIdeas in context overviewAny topics I’m still not sure on!Chemistry:CGP book questionsEnglish (Writing to ANALYSE, PERSUADE, ADVISE)Practise papersPractise papersPractise papersPractise papersPractise papersPractise papersR.E (Crime and punishment)prisonThe death penaltyWho deserves the death penalty?justiceAre people who commit crimes evil?OverviewExam questionsMaths(overview)algebraShape and spaceData handlingnumbersAny topics I’m still not sure on!Exam questions from CGP books<br />Week 5<br />Week 6<br />SubjectMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySundayHistoryTopic overviewAny sub – topics I’m still not sure on!Topic overviewTopic overviewAny sub – topics I’m still not sure on!Read up on subjects!ScienceAny sub – topics I’m still not sure on!Topic overviewAny sub – topics I’m still not sure on!Topic overviewTopic overviewRead up on subjects!English)Reading – PEELP – pointE – evidenceE – explainReading – PEELP – pointE – evidenceE – explainReading – PEELP – pointE – evidenceE – explainReading – PEELP – pointE – evidenceE – explainReading – PEELP – pointE – evidenceE – explainRead up on subjects!R.E Topic overviewTopic overviewAny sub – topics I’m still not sure on!Topic overviewAny sub – topics I’m still not sure on!Read up on subjects!MathsTopic overviewAny sub – topics I’m still not sure on!Topic overviewAny sub – topics I’m still not sure on!Topic overviewRead up on subjects!<br />Week – by – week revision plan<br />week1234567SubjectR.EDeath and the afterlifeHeaven and hellCrime and punishmentTeachings of godMedical ethicsOverviewEXAMS BEGIN!!!18th may 2010!!!ScienceBiologyChemistryPhysicsIdeas in contextoverviewExam techniqueMathsData HandlingAlgebraShape and spacenumberoverviewPractise papersEnglishOf mice and menAn inspector callsCraft of the writer (poems)Craft of the writer (short stories)Writing to analyse, persuade, adviseReading – PEELP – pointE – evidenceE – explainL - linkHistoryU.S.AWW1VietnamChinaExam techniqueoverview<br />