Bronx Meet Your Waterfront Plan (Part 1 of 3)


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MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning project with community partners like the Harlem River Working Group, Bronx Borough planning office, and the NYC Waterfront planning office to improve access to the Harlem River.

Presented to the public at 851 Grand Concourse, Room 915 in the Bronx, NY on May 18, 2011.

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Bronx Meet Your Waterfront Plan (Part 1 of 3)

  1. 1. BRONX, MEET YOUR WATERFRONTPublic Presentation | May 18 , 2011 th
  2. 2. Agenda 1 History and Future of the Harlem River Waterfront 2 The Overall (Master) Plan 3 Four Priority Site Proposals
  3. 3. History and Future of theHarlem River Waterfront
  4. 4. The Harlem River is an 8-mile stretch of water that connectsthe East River with the Hudson, Manhattan with the Bronx
  5. 5. Most residents in theBronx don’t feel like it’s apart of their neighborhood
  6. 6. Major Deegan ExpresswayThe Bronx has been seen as a thoroughfare
  7. 7. High BridgeA place of superhuman infrastructure built along what was themost open public space – the water
  8. 8. Pedestrian bridge to nowhereDesigned for machines and not humans to access
  9. 9. Mill Pond ParkThe river has been an afterthought
  10. 10. er m Riv 4.5 Roberto miles Harle Clemente Park River Park Towers WashingtonAlexander BridgeHamiltonBridge High Bridge
  11. 11. Existing conditions 4.5 Roberto miles Clemente Park 1 - 3 - Poor - Few Lincoln Avenue
  12. 12. Existing conditions Harlem River 4.5 Roberto Community Rowing miles Clemente Park 1 - 3 - Poor - Few 1 place to get on the water Lincoln Avenue
  13. 13. Existing conditions 4.5 Roberto miles Clemente Park Depot Place (proposed) 1 - 3 - Poor - Few Mill Pond Park Mill Pond Park 3 public open spaces near the water Lincoln Avenue
  14. 14. Existing conditions 4.5 Roberto miles Clemente Park 1 - 3 - Poor - Few Poor pathways from people to existing Lincoln waterfront destinations Avenue
  15. 15. Existing conditions 4.5 Roberto miles Clemente Park 1 - 3 - Poor - Few Few residents who view the Harlem River Lincoln as part of their neighborhood Avenue
  16. 16. It wasn’t always like this Fishing The Harlem River, 1852
  17. 17. Waterfront accessThe Harlem River, 1890
  18. 18. The Harlem River, 1890 The Harlem River, date unknown Working waterfront
  19. 19. The Harlem River, 1902 Community boat race
  20. 20. While we can’t easily undo the past, we can make targeted investments for the futureBRONX, MEET YOURWATERFRONT PLAN
  21. 21. Previous Bronx Harlem River reports We started by building on the work that came before
  22. 22. Students within 1 mile of Lincoln Avenue We collected some data
  23. 23. Harlem River waterfront edge analysis We did some analysis (paralysis)
  24. 24. Stormwater run-off calculation We did some math
  25. 25. Pedestrian bridgeWe did some walking of the community and where possible theWe met with leadersgeneral
  26. 26. Under the Major DeeganWe may have gone to some places perhaps weshouldn’t have gone (to find new possibilities!) leaders We shared sandwiches with community
  27. 27. Boar’s Head in Harlem River Park TowersWe shared sandwiches with community leaders
  28. 28. Drawings on trace paper in the MIT studio Based on what we learned and heard, we did some sketchingWe shared sandwiches with community leaders
  29. 29. MIT Bronx studio. . . and re-imagination
  30. 30. Mid-review meeting with representatives of the Harlem River Working Group in MarchThroughout this process, we tried (as best we could) to workclosely with partners in the community
  31. 31. BRONX,MEETYOUR WATERFRONTPLANTheme 1. Create more obvious paths to destinations alongthe water
  32. 32. Theme 2. Find creative ways to re-use and celebrateexisting infrastructure (like bridges!) BRONX,MEETYOUR WATERFRONTPLAN
  33. 33. Theme 3. Restore the river’s natural ecology by cleaning the water (where possible and appropriate)The Harlem River, 1890 BRONX,MEETYOUR WATERFRONTPLAN
  34. 34. Theme 4. Pop-up events for residents to gather and re-imagine their waterfrontThe Harlem River, 1890 BRONX,MEETYOUR WATERFRONTPLAN
  35. 35. The Overall (Master) Plan
  36. 36. 4.5miles
  37. 37. 4.5miles
  38. 38. 4.5 milesToday
  39. 39. 4.5 milesFuture
  40. 40. 4.5 milesFuture
  41. 41. Four Priority Site Proposals
  42. 42. Priority Areas HB! HIGH BRIDGE & DEPOT PLACE Pedestrian only bridge across Innovative Harlem River with amazing views, opening to public in 2013 entrances to the bridge and to the High Bridge community 4.5 Robertomiles Clemente Park MD! MACOMBS DAM PARK-IT PLACE HB! Significant paved space Low-cost, adjacent to largest regional flexible hard space Depot destination in the area with Place Heritage field opening in 2012 for pop-up food (proposed) and tailgating P5! PIER 5 WATER PARK Largest available soft space Natural patch along the waterfront adjacent to with flexible soft existing amenity (Mill Pond Park) and the 149th St bridge space for mid- MD! scale cultural Mill Pond Park programming P5! LA! LINCOLN AVENUE Direct access to the water Treatment and LA! adjacent to cultural corridor prime access to Lincoln along the South Bronx Avenue the water and arts