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[trailer] A2 Media Studies - Inception Analysis by Olufemi Coker


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A presentation analysing Inception screenshots from the trailer.

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[trailer] A2 Media Studies - Inception Analysis by Olufemi Coker

  1. 1. A N A LY S I S ; INCEPTION The use of CGI creating a scenery of a bendy city constructing dark lighting contrasts represents a choice between a Sci-fi and action or adventure film. The strong crisp smooth selection of a clear and bold writing of "Inception" as the title with the colour red emphasizes a dangerous movie. Genre: I believe the Genre is Sci-fi, Action and Adventure because the film consists of an excessive use of CGI, choreographed fight scenes take place, certain props shown in this film are not similar to others in Action & Adventure films like...
  2. 2. A N A LY S I S ;"The Dream Machine" INCEPTION And a gun that shoots bullets and kills the actor but no trace of blood - it wakes them up from their sleep. These representations of the misc-en-scene enables the multi-choice of sub-genres to be Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi. Narrative code: Equilibrium: A specialised thief steals valuable information from peoples sub- conscious i.e. "dreams". Disruption: Dom Cobb meets his last target but offers a deal to meet with his family Resolution: Dom Cobb accepts the deal of Inception and works with his team to complete the deal
  3. 3. A N A LY S I S ; INCEPTION These intertitles represent a quality and action film as Warner Bros are recognised for producing highly criticised films. When viewers see these companies they will know that the film would be spectacular as the reputation for Legendary Pictures and Syncopy are of a really high standard.
  4. 4. A N A LY S I S ;In the blue box numbered 1. this is INCEPTIONthe actors expression as part ofthe misc-en-scene. The location ofthe shot is based in a hotel toresemble the actors dress code.The actor is dressed smartly with asuit, tie and shirt. The actor alsohas neat hair to represent hisstatus as a formal man.A stereotype for a smart lookingneat man is that they wear suits,talk formally, earn a substantialamount of money, good job, wife and kids. However his costume deceives as he specialises instealing valuable information by indulging in peoples subconciousness or should I say "dreams".This shot was taken from a briefing Dom Cobb was listening to and it cuts from the personspeaking to Dom Cobb which is called a Noddy Shot. In the green box numbered 2. this is aclose-up. Close-ups are used to extract the emotions from the actor so that the audience canunderstand the actors point of view. Dom Cobb is expressing a stressed and surprised faced toemphasize his situation being serious to the audience. The colour grading is set to a yellowishtint with the lighting on half of the actors face. This creates a dark and shadow kind-of uneasyresemblance which demonstrates the actors situation
  5. 5. A N A LY S I S ; INCEPTION This is a two-shot to represent Dom Cobb and the disruptors relationship. A two-shot is used to represent the relationship between 2 people. In this shot Dom Cobbs (left) expression with lowering self-esteem dialogue towards Arthur (right) with the non-diegetic background music as a rapid bass-beating extravaganza represents the dramatic tension by Arthurs bad planning which almost had the whole team killed.
  6. 6. A N A LY S I S ; INCEPTION This is a wide shot to show the actors full body and since the lighting is set to a low key this represents a frightening situation to the audience as he has to escape before he is killed. The addiction of rushing non-diegetic makes the audience jump. While Dom Cobb suddenly became stuck between the walls, the non-diegetic background musics tempo increased as the police nearly approached him. This represents a dramatic tension towards the audience.